Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode 28

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Recap:Abhi leaves for work.

The episode starts with Sarla says dadi,Ji..for wedding my bro ll manage catering work.Dadi smiles n says,Ok..Sarla ji.Peehu says,Day after tmrw the grand wedding event..Abhi the Rockstar wedding I’m so excited abt that.Alia says,Ya u r ryt..Bulbul says,Di..u too excited na?Pragya says,Ofcourse n smiles.Abhi enters the home.Peehu asks him to come n join us..let’s chat abt ur wedding.Abhi says,This wedding couldn’t happen.All shocked.Pragya surprised n smiles at him.Dadi asks Pragya,Arey..beta..How could u smile..Pragya says,Dadi..he is joking n smiles at Abhi.Abhi says,No..Pragya..I’m serious..this Marriage couldn’t happen.All shocked and gets up.Pragya goes near him n holds his hand n says,Suniye..Y u r making prank in this matter..Abhi shouts,I’m not pranking Pragya..I’m serious.Pragya takes her hand from his hand n gets shocked with teary eyes.Dadi asks,Hav u gone mad..Playing with all emotions n dreams.

Sarla asks,Wht happened beta teary eyes.Pragya with teary eyes moves apart from Abhi.Abhi looks on Pragya.Dadi shouts to open his mouth.Abhi says,Dadi..I couldn’t get married now I need some time.Pragya looks on Abhi.Dadi says,We couldn’t understand ur words.Abhi says,Well..Dadi..Today I attended a meeting in that I got many album contract n concerts so its scheduled back to back so..Dadi asks,Why can’t u postpone those dates.Abhi says,Dadi..if i postpone the dates after the wedding then I couldn’t spend time with Pragya n family..U know work ll b back to back..that’s y I thought to postpone this wedding.Dadi says,No..beta its wrong.Sarla says,Ji..

Abhi is ryt.Dadi says,No..Sarla ji..Wedding is more important than work.Abhi says,I too know that but..Pragya says,Dadi..he is ryt..let’s postpone the wedding.All says the same.Dadi says,Ok..Ur wish.

Pragya goes to terrace n thinks, Something is fishy..he couldn’t do like this.Abhi comes thr n says, Pragya..Pragya turned n sees Abhi.Abhi asked,I know u r unhappy with my decision n thanks for supporting my decision infront of everyone.Pragya says,Its OK..n abt to leave.Abhi holds her hand.Pragya says,No need of saying thanks..all ll seek for her n leave me I hav to go.Abhi says,I’m sorry.Pragya says,Y u r asking me sorry..No need of that..I know how u love music ur work..So no need of this n abt to leave.Abhi asks,R u in anger ryt?Pragya says,Yes..its not anger..I’m upset but u don’t mind l ll b ok within sometime n I wanna b alone..U don’t wry..Start ur preparations do well n leaves from there.Abhi just looks on her moving out of the place as she went Abhi says,I know Pragya everything is changed now..I hurted u bt wait for sometime I ll sort out all the worries.

Abhi stands in terrace.Peehu comes thr n asks,U lied ryt?Abhi turned n sees her n says,Haan..Peehu asks,Wht happened?Is he came again?Abhi nods n says,Let’s not discuss anything abt that here..I ll tell U once v reach our home.Peehu nods n leaves.Dadi Abhi n all abt to Leave Sarla’s home.Pragya thinks herself, She should never react like this..its my duty to support him in any situation so I should apologize him.As she went to the hall she sees everyone is leaving.Pragya thinks how to call Abhi alone.She goes to the terrace n messages him to come to the terrace.Abhi was abt to leave..he reads the message n says,Dadi..Just I ll b back now.Dadi asks,Whr r U going?Abhi says,I wanna talk to Pragya.Sarla n Dadi nods.Sarla smiles.Dadi says Sarla,Sarla ji..pls forgive me for my grandson’s mistake.Sarla says, need of asking sorry..I completely understand the situation I have no worries coz our kids r Happy with this relationship so pls don’t worry.Dadi smiles.Abhi goes to terrace.Pragya sees him.Abhi asks,Wht happened?Y did u called me.Pragya holds his hand n says,I’m Sry with teary eyes.Abhi holds her face n wiped her tears n asks,For wht u r asking me sry.Pragya says,I hurted u na?Abhi says,Not at all..its common whomever in ur situation they ll react like tis..its not at all ur mistake.Pragya asks,So u r not angry with me na?Abhi says,Not at all..y u r thinking like this..I know u r upset n U ll back to normal in sometime.Pragya asks,Really?With teary eyes.Abhi smiles n says,Yes..Ofcourse.Pragya hugs him tight n says,I’m sry..if I hurted u..I won’t repeat this again..I ll support u at any cause.Abhi hugs her n says, need of asking Sry..I ll always thr fr u..(Allah waariyan plays).

Abhi kisses in her forehead n hugs her again.Pragya breaks the hug with teary eyes n says,Congratulations!!for ur contracts n do well.Abhi keeps his hand in her shoulder n walks along with her n says,Thank u but u can say that with ur cute smile na y u r crying like a baby.Pragya wiped her tears n smiles.Abhi smiles n says,That’s my fuggi..Pragya asks,Sure u r nt in anger na?Abhi says, many times I ll say u..I’m not in anger..If u asked me again then I ll upload ur haldi face.Pragya smiles.Abhi says,Be happy always like this ok..Pragya says,U r my biggest happiness.Abhi says,Ok..then wait for sometime I ll kidnap u to MM as my wife then I ll make u to feel that I’m ur biggest trouble n smiles at her.Pragya too smiles.

Abhi says,OK..I’m leaving now tc..don’t think some unwanted stuffs.Pragya nods n says,U too tc..Abhi nods n leaves.Abhi Dadi alia Peehu leaves Sarla home n gets into the car.Dadi was sad.All reached MM.Abhi n all gets into the home.Abhi calls Peehu to come with him.Suddenly, Dadi feels dizzy n abt to fall.Alia holds her.Abhi n Peehu runs towards her n make her to rest.Dadi sleeps.Abhi Alia Peehu was sitting with Dadi over the night.

Next morning all went to their respective rooms to fresh up,As Peehu is getting ready she gets a call from her hospital,The person saying that,one lady is admitted for delivery but the case is so complicated so u hav to come immediately.So Peehu leaves a message to Abhi that,Bhai..I hav an emergency case hav to leave nw.After sometime, Abhi was seeking Peehu all over the home.Abhi comes to peehu’s room but he couldn’t find her.He takes the mobile to call her at the time he reads her message n says, too went so hav to wait n messages her to come n meet him in studio after she gets freed.

In sarla’s home,Bulbul asks Pragya,Di u r not upset na..u r OK na?Pragya smiles n says,Ofcourse Bulbul I’m fine..nothing to worry.Bulbul hugs her n says,Love u di..Pragya too says,Love u n smiles.They both left home n get into their respective work.Pragya was in college n peon comes to Pragya n says,Ma’am someone had came to see u.Pragya goes to see.

Precap: Pragya asks Abhi, Did u lied me?Abhi nods yes..Pragya asks,Why with teary eyes.Abhi said something are there which I can’t share with anyone.Pragya asks,Even u can’t share with me.Abhi says,No..Its my part I don’t wanna share with u.

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  1. Plz reveal the truth .. Wt was tat .. Wats wrong wid abhi .. I can’t wait anymore since cuz f abhi being disturbed even I can’t enjoy the past episode .. I mean the haldi episode… Now it’s too bad .. Plz do one thing dear . . upload the next episode very immediately I mean within tonight so tat I can SLP well .. Plz plz plzzzzz .. I can’t SLP .. I’ll b waitn .. I knoe u wud b busy bt pls try … No no not trying plz upload the next one

    1. ya razia i too agree with u what is going to happen next tisha pls rpy ya unite abhigya soon

  2. Hey Tisha good suspense yr but pls disclose it.

  3. Reshma Pradeep

    what is The surprise yaar ?????Its going on an Mysterious way………..

  4. Plzzzz ya tell d truth nd plz upload d nxt epi i cant wait plzzzz i want d nxt epi plz reveal d truth ya

  5. Yes tisha ..I agree with razia…I am unable to sleep without reading ur ff..I’m thinking f it whole day n nyt..pls reveal d truth n unite abhigya soon ya..otherwise I ll start crying..:( and I have to say..u r just rocking tisha with this story line..u r ruling all abhigya fan’s heart..i have become adict to ur ff..really very lovely and emotional..rock on n update next epi soon ( tonight itself ) pls…

    1. Well said .. Yua ruling us wid yua ff .. N I must say the way u narrate every scene .. Actually romancing doesn includes hugs n kisses alone .. In tat haldi wen u said abhi hit pragyas head wid love n said I love u .. Tas enuf u knoe .. I love the way how u describe the love betn abhigya .. Tas y the only ff tat I neva forget n waitn every day is yuas .. Yo make us so happy .. I wish u too to b same .. Tq n love u fa making us happie ..

  6. Abhigya conversation was superb. We are waiting for the next episode…. Abhi’s behavior disappointed me but I hope there will be a valid reason

  7. U dint reply yet busy ? So u won b uploading today ?:( if upload na also hasan may approve late 🙁

  8. Tisha ??!!

  9. sure I ll update by today night

  10. Thank u tisha for understanding our feelings..pls update it soon and unite abhigya soon dear..

  11. cant wait yaar but awesome

  12. Good suspence Tisha… Bt tat u r uploading ur next part also in today itself nu u sd thank u soooooooo much 4 tat… Bt plzzzzzz upload it as soon as possible I’m just waiting 4 ur next part

  13. I’m waiting eagerly for next episod

  14. Gud nyt guys .. 🙂

  15. gud tisha..its very suprise and suspense to read ..y suddenly abhi behaving lik this very intresting.keep going..pls update soonnnn…

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