Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode 27

Sorry guys I couldn’t upload yesterday I’m really sorry!!
Recap:Abhi enters Pragya’s room sees her in haldi.

The episode starts with Abhi blurt out his hard laughter by seeing Pragya in haldi.Pragya shooks her head n sees him.Abhi continued laughing.Pragya gets irked n asks,Wht u r dng here?Abhi says,I’m here to apply haldi on u.Pragya stares.Abhi tries to control his laughter but he can’t.Pragya gets angry n asks him to go out.Abhi says,U r looking like a yellow balloon fuggi n laughs.Pragya says,OK..u laugh by standing alone I’m leaving.Abhi says,Just chill yaar..Pragya says,U r kidding the rituals n abt to leave.Abhi controlled his laughter n holds her hand n says,I know it is a ritual..I don’t have trust in it but I respect those rituals but I can’t control my laughter by seeing u like this n laughs.Pragya gets angry by seeing him again laughing n says, stop it n fumes.Abhi hugs her n says,OK..OK..I’m Sry..Pragya pushed him.Abhi says,Hey..I was just joking yaar..I’m Sry..

Don’t spoil ur mood..Pragya looks on.Abhi gets haldi in his hand n says,Now..I gonna apply haldi on fuggi..Pragya smiles n runs.Pragya shuts her face.Abhi corners her.Pragya says, says,Oh my baby..n applies haldi on her face (Allah waariyan plays).By applying haldi Abhi hits his head towards Pragya’s head romantically.Pragya pushes Abhi n says, ur challenge is over na leave. Abhi wipes his hand n says,Wait let us take a Selfie by haldi on ur ll be memorable n turns aside n takes his mobile.Pragya from behind says,How could u take a Selfie in this condition n takes haldi in her hand n applies in his face from back.Abhi shouts,Wht u r dng?Pragya smiles n says,Applying haldi.Abhi drags her infront of him n asks,Wht u hav done to me?Its so embracing.Pragya smiles n says,Its all in the us take a Selfie.Abhi tries to wipe his face.Pragya holds his hand n takes selfies on haldi faces.

Abhi says, shouts,Dadi..Maa..Bulbul..Peehu..Alia..Abhi asks,Hey..y u r shouting.All comes into the room n sees,Abhi in haldi.All laughs.Peehu says, ur new look is awesome n snaped photos.Abhi asks her to stop.Dadi smiles n says,When a pair is applying haldi on each other they r said to b made for each other.Abhi looks on Pragya n smiles.Pragya too smiles.Sarla says,OK..OK..come let us hav breakfast together.All smiles n nods.
Sarla asks,Pragya n Abhi to wash their faces n come.They nods.Pragya was about to enter the wash room.Abhi calls her from behind pragya turns at the time Abhi enterd to the washroom.Pragya shouts,This is cheating.Abhi says,Haan..cheating go n file complaint n laughs.Pragya goes out of the room.Sarla asks,Arey..Pragya u didn’t wash ur face.Pragya says,Ur beta ji..get into the washroom by cheating me n goes to another room.All laughs.All comes to the dining table.Sarla n Janki serving.Pragya comes thr she sees her specs in dining table n about to sit.Abhi makes her fall by interrupting her legs.Pragya abt to fall Peehu holds her.Abhi says,Hey..fuggi..soon wear ur chashma or else u ll fall in every step n laughs.Pragya stares at him n fumes in anger n says,I know u made me to fall.Dadi says,Abhi..y u r doing like this?

Abhi keeps his face innocent n says,Dadi she is lying.Pragya says,U r lying.They both argue.Alia shouts,Arey..both of them stop ur cat fight pls v r hungry..Pragya bhabi pls sit n hav food.Pragya smirked at Abhi n sits besides him by staring at him.Abhi smiles.All having food.Abhi says,It ll b more fun..Pragya asks,What??In an anger voice..Abhi says,When I upload ur haldi faces..yellow ballon..Pragya says,It ll b more fun..When Rockstar in haldi face..Yellow..Yellow..Rockstar.All laughs.Dadi says,Arey..bacho..Haldi is divine don’t make fun of that.All nods.All finished their food n rests in hall Dadis n Sarla maa chatting on wedding arrangements.Abhi sitting in sofa.Pragya sits besides him.Peehu Alia Bulbul busy in their mobile.

Abhi n Pragya looking over their photos.Abhi comes closer to Pragya n holds her hand.Pragya looks on him they share a romantic moment.Abhi says,I luv..Pragya says,How many times u ll say this.Abhi asks,What?Pragya says,I luv u…Abhi says,How could u say this infront of everyone.Pragya says,Arey..u abt to say it na.Abhi says,No..I abt to told..I luv..luv..chocolate.Pragya pinches him n says,Can’t u b serious.Abhi smiles.Suddenly, Abhi gets a call n excuses from Pragya n goes to attend the call.After speaking,Abhi comes n calls Pragya n says,I hav an important work so I’m leaving now I ll b back soon.Pragya asks,Is everything is OK..Abhi says,Ofcourse..just a normal work..don’t get panic inform to all.Pragya smiles n says,Ok..go safe.Abhi smiles n kisses in her forehead.Pragya asks,Arey..wht happened?showering this much of love today.Abhi says,Not today..always..Pragya smiles.Abhi smiles n says,Bye..Pragya says,Bye..Abhi leaves.Pragya gets in n says,Abhi left as he has some work.Dadi says,Ok beta..u come n sit.

Precap:All family members discussing abt their wedding.Peehu says,Day of the tomorrow the grand wedding so excited.Pragya n all smiles.Abhi comes thr says,This wedding couldn’t happen.All shocked Pragya surprised n smiles at him.

I’m sorry guys I know this episode is too short but trust me next episode ll b longer n I apologize for the short episode.

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  1. Abhigya s scene nd fighting are awesome ya its so interesting i lv tis epi verryyyyyyy…….. Much

  2. Wow….it’s very amazing ya… Im waiting for next episode

  3. Tisha!! Though it was a short episode its cute 😉 My day gets complete after reading your ff I mean it. It would be great if your ff comes as real storey

    1. Vry True.. I often come telly updates to check whether yua ff is uploaded ? Sterday til 12 I was waitn .. Bt felt OK vll check tomo nu .. Anyways hope next episode vl b very nice n .. Pls upload daily .. Tisha !:):)

      1. Razia,
        As u waited for the ff I too waited.

  4. U forgot me Tisha ,anyways awesome episode…
    U always rock dude

  5. Oh my god. It’s really awesome. No words to say. I’m just loving it. Pls update the next part soon and u rockzzzz.

  6. Wow its awesome……u r really great…. I just luv this epiiiiii…..

  7. Wow nice episode.superb..

  8. abhi said marriage couldnt happen pragya surprise & smile at him .. & i aslo surprise…

  9. wow tisha u have great creative skills and their fighting z too adorable loving it?

  10. Cant understand nd how they r like this soooooo cute .!!!!!!!!!

  11. i am eagerly waiting for ur nxt update..i like ths episode very much…

  12. nice episode,……..

  13. sorry harini ? I forgot many names hope u guys won’t mind n I apologize for missing many names? some work load that’s y can’t upload the episode sterday hers after I ll upload regularly and thank u guys for ur support

    1. it’s ok tisha but thanks for remembering my name and i like ur ff so much pls upload the next part soon

  14. hey tisha it was awesome.

  15. Tisha awesome… Day by day ur story going sooooooooo cute n awesome I love ittttttt really ur ff s soooooooooooooo nice no words to explain tz episode s really superb n sooper dooper hit… Precap s really interesting… I’m longing for ur next episode plzzzz update soon… Bt ur ff s hats off n ur imagination grt… Grt thoughts… keep rocking …

  16. Suuper tisha….keep going. Your writing skill is amazing….i can imagine every scene! Why would abhi stop the marriage and pragya smiles?

  17. Reshma Pradeep

    Really Superb………..

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