Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode 26

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Recap:Pragya corners Abhi n asks do u want me to kiss u.
The episode starts with Abhi asks Pragya,Wht u gonna do?Pragya says,U said na I’m unromantic so I wanna prove u that I’m romantic.Abhi looks surprisingly.(Peeloon tere neele neele nainon se shabnam plays).Pragya comes closer to Abhi.Abhi says,Hey fuggi..go back..someone ll see us.Pragya says,I don’t mind n gets closer to him.Abhi closes his eyes.Pragya smiles n thinks,Oh..So u think I’m gonna kiss u now..I’m sry..Rockstar n leaves from thr.Abhi still closed the eyes n says,Fuggi..Wht u dng..Fuggi..n opens his eyes.Abhi sees no one there.Abhi smiles n says,She gone!!Abhi comes down n sees Pragya standing with Sarla.Bulbul comes thr.Sarla asks,Whr u had gone?Pragya says,Bulbul was in meeting n smiles.Sarla asks,Wht meeting.Bulbul says,Nothing Maa..n pinches Pragya.Abhi looks on Pragya.Pragya didn’t mind him.

Pragya says Bulbul,So..ur romantic meeting gets over?Bulbul says,Di..u r teasing me alot then I ll hands on with Jiju to tease u.Pragya says,Really??Bulbul says,Ya..really n smiles.Sarla asks Bulbul n Pragya to come soon.They nods n goes.Abhi calls,Hey fuggi one minute.All turned towards him.Abhi says,Why u all r looking at me like this I called only fuggi not all u guys n smiles.Pragya smiles n feels embraced.Abhi says,Sry guys..1minute excuse us pls n drags Pragya to aside.Sarla n Dadi smiles at them.Peehu says,Wht they both r talking always secretly.Purab says,Even I too hav the doubt.Bulbul says,Yes..even I too.All smiles.

Pragya asks Abhi to leave her hand as all r waiting.Abhi says,Just a minute.Pragya says,U r making me embracing infront of all.Abhi says,I don’t mind.Pragya says,OK..whts the matter.Abhi asks,Wht u done in terrace?Pragya says,Nothing n smiles n abt to leave.Abhi holds her hand n hugs her from back n says,I agree u r a romantic person n tries to kiss her.Pragya shouts,Haa..Bulbul aayi..n runs from thr.Abhi smiles n says,U had given me the wonderful feeling in the world n U making me n family happy everyday luv u for that.Sarla family leaves from thr.All gets into the car.Abhi waves bye to Pragya.All goes to their rooms.Abhi n Purab having drink.Purab says,Wht hapn bro..u r drinking little.Abhi smiles n says,ya man..tmrw hav to attend haldi so hav to get early na so only.Purab says,I’m really happy for u Abhi..I’m seeing u ryt frm the childhood..u had worked alot to come to this position..u had brought up ur 2 sisters very well n now happy to see that u r living for u..seeing lots of happiness in ur face after Pragya di had came into ur life.Abhi smiles n says,U r ryt Purab..

I’m the person who always give happiness to family n do give surprises to Alia n Peehu but now they grown up they r doing all this wedding arrangements with lots of love n happiness..they r thinking that its their turn to give me surprises.This all happened bcoz of Pragya.After tanu betrayed I lost all the hope on my life..I think to live my life for my sisters n Dadi..but now after Pragya came into my life..she has giving me the happiness..she taught me how to love..Nw I feel blessed to hav wonderful soulmates like u Pragya n my sisses too n smiles.Purab hugs him n says,I wanna u to b happy as always like this.They both smiles n Abhi says,OK..Don’t get too emotional it won’t set for my image..let’s sleep.Purab says,Gud nyt Abhi.Abhi says,Gud nyt..n sleeps.In Pragya’s home Pragya came home n lies on bed without changing the dress.Sarla asks her to change the dress n sleep.Pragya says,No..maa..feeling too tired n sleeps.Bulbul says,Di..Pragya says, pls n sleeps.Sarla n Bulbul sees her n smiles.

Next morning,Sarla wakes Pragya n Bulbul in early morning.Bulbul wakes up first in the excitement.Pragya says,Maa..5mins..Sarla says,Pragya see..Bulbul woked up but u r a bride u still sleeping.Pragya says,OK..make her as bride.Bulbul smiles n says,Di..then I ll marry Jiju n teases her.Pragya wakes up immediately n says,See I woked up.Bulbul n Sarla smiles.Pragya goes to freshup.In MM,Alia n Peehu getting ready to go for Pragya’s home.Abhi goes to their room.Peehu asks,Wht a miracle u woke up so earlier..Whr u r going at early morning.Abhi sits in the bed by saying nothing.Alia asks Peehu,Is this earing is matching for my dress.Peehu says,Yes..but Alia see my hair so tangle..wht could I do..can I use the spray..Alia says,No it ll set with in hours ur hair is so wet already.Abhi says,Guys..Guys..just stop..always discussing of

Peehu says,Arey..whts ur problem bhai y u r disturbing us.Abhi says,Its getting late..come soon..Alia says,Whr?We r gonna bhabi’s home fr haldi.Abhi says,Ya..I’m too calling u for that.Peehu says,How could u come n shouts Dadi..Dadi..Dadi comes n asks,Oh..god..wht happened..always shouting..its getting late come let’s go.Peehu says,Dadi..bhai also coming with us.Dadi says,Wht??Arey..u should not come go..go n sleep.Abhi says,Dadi..pls..Peehu says,Dadi no..Bhai don’t wry I ll send u photos of bhabi’s haldi n smiles Alia n Peehu gives hifi.Abhi says,Dadi I won’t come in i ll stay in car pls Dadi..Dadi looks at his face n says,Ok..come n smiles.Abhi says,Yeah..n all gets into the car.In Pragya’s home all neighbors n relations r arrived to keep haldi.Pragya gets ready n sitting.Dadi n all comes to the home.Dadi asks,Abhi to wait here.Abhi nods.Sarla greets them.Abhi calls Pragya,Pragya attends the call n says,Gud morning Rockstar..Abhi says,Gud morning fuggi..So ur haldi gonna start n I too reached to apply haldi.Pragya shocked n says,What??Abhi says,Open the window baby..I’m outside ur home.Pragya opens the window n sees him sitting in car.Abhi winks at her n says,So b ready..Pragya says,U can’t come inside.Dadi n all gets in to the room so she ends the call n closes the window.Dadi says Pragya,Beta..u r looking so beautiful..n keeps her tikka.Dadi applies haldi first n all follows her.Bulbul,Peehu,Alia taking funny selfies.

Dadi comes thr n holds Alia’s ears n says,I brought u both here to help not for taking selfies n asks them to go n b with Pragya.They nods n runs inside.Abhi comes in.Dadi sees him n says,Oh..aagya another trouble..n goes near him n says,Wht u r doing here I ask u to wait outside.Abhi says,Why Dadi..I’m her to b I wanna apply haldi na.Dadi asks, What?Arey..if anyone hears then all ll laugh don’t create embracing moment go from here.Abhi says,I won’t go..I wanna apply haldi that’s it.Sarla comes thr n asks Abhi to sit in the hall.Abhi asks,Maa..whr is Pragya.Sarla smiles n says,She is in haldi beta..our relations r applying haldi on her.Abhi says,OK..lemme go thr n meet her.Dadi holds his hand n says,R u gone mad..Abhi says, could u say ur grandson as mad.Dadi says,Just wait here.Abhi says,No I wanna go in.Sarla n Pragya’s Dadi laughs.Dadi says,Arey..Bulbul sees Abhi arguing with Dadi n gets in to the haldi room n says,Di..Jiju came he is arguing with Dadi to apply haldi on u..Pragya blushes n says,He always making me to embrace.Alia Peehu n Bulbul starts to tease her.

Dadi says Abhi,Arey..Arey..OK..I ll let u to apply once all guests left.Abhi smiles n says,So sweet Dadi.Dadi gets in to the room.Alia Peehu Bulbul taking selfies along with Pragya in haldi face.Dadi sees that n says,Arey..Wht to do by keeping these girls..n goes to them n says,Arey..Wht u r doing?Peehu hides her mobile n says,Nothing Dadi..Dadi asks them to take care of guests.All guests went off the room n waiting in hall.Dadi says,Abhi..guests had came out go soon n come soon.Abhi says,OK..Dadi n hugs her.Dadi says,Arey..OK..OK..go..n smiles.Peehu sees Abhi getting in n stops him.Abhi says,Arey..I got green card from dadi.Peehu smiles n says,Ok..Ok..

Precap: Abhi gets into the room n sees Pragya looking over their selfies.Abhi bursted out his laughter by seeing her with haldi.Pragya stares him.

Credit to: Tisha


  1. Nivethitha

    Oh my god how sweet and cute abhigya. Tisha I become a great fan of your ff. Waiting for next episode

  2. durga

    Soooooooooooooo cute… achooooooo Tisha superb I wish that tz episode shd telecast in real kkb show… Bcoz its soooooooooooooo nice cute grt lovely awesome n no words to explain simply superb n rocking…

  3. shavi

    nice tisha.. its looking abhigya acting in real.. hope if they act in ur script it l be blockbluster.. hatss off to u …

  4. Nivethitha

    Tisha I am waiting for your ff. Pls update the next part soon. It’s really amazing and I read the episode almost 10 times. Pls update the next part as soon as possible.

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