Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode 25

Thank u for ur comments!!But for last few episodes I’m getting very less feedbacks and I wanna know that u guys r bored so pls leave ur comments its really important to continue the ff!!☺☺
Recap:Bulbul challenging Abhi to find his initial in mehandi.
The episode starts with Bulbul asks,already a challenge?What was the challenge jiju?Pragya stares Abhi.Abhi feels embraced n says,Excuse me I ll back n leaves.Pragya says,Excuse me n leaves.Bulbul n Purab surprised by their behavior.Abhi goes to drinks water n thinks,Sure..Pragya gonna fume at me n turns Pragya was standing behind him.Abhi shocks n asks wht u r doing here?Pragya doesn’t say anything she just stares at him.Abhi says,I was talking to u.Pragya says,But I’m not interested to talk with u stares Abhi.Abhi says,OK..fine even I’m not dieing to talk with u.Pragya says,OK..u go n talk with ur ego n attitude n tries to take a glass to drink water but she can’t took as she had applied mehandi.She looks someone for help.Abhi sees her n thinks,Abhi don’t go n help her Immediately..let’s wait n watch whether she asking u for the help or not.Pragya sees Abhi but he doesn’t mind her.Pragya gets angry n tries to take the glass n murmured,No problem with this mehandi what’s the use of this the person for whom I applied mehandi is not minding me then what’s the use I don’t mind if mehandi spoiled n about to take the glass.Abhi comes thr with anger face turned aside n took the glass n makes her to drink water.Pragya smiles.Abhi says,Don’t smile.Pragya asks,U r turning that side but how u know I’m smiling.Abhi says,I know u r smiling n Ur smile ll cool my anger so I won’t look at u.Pragya smiles n says really n tries to get infront of him.Abhi turns his face to the opposite direction but Pragya too move towards all the direction to make him to see her face.Abhi smiles by turning that side.Pragya says,U smiled now na?Abhi turned towards her side n says,No..Pragya says,Now u seen my face na so no problem u can smile now I won’t mind.Abhi smiles n says,Fuggi..U r too smart.Pragya says,I know.Abhi asks her to show her hand to find his initial.Pragya shows her hand.Abhi holds her hand n seriously seeking for his initial silently n Pragya watching him.Suddenly Bulbul shouts from the back,Jiju….Abhi gets scared n asks,Oh..god..Wht happened..Bulbul says,Still u didn’t accept the challenge but u r seeking ur initial.Pragya says,Arey..Bulbul leave it whts the need of challenge.Bulbul says,No di..Jiju should accept the challenge.Abhi says,OK..I’m accepting the challenge n says,If I find the initial then I would apply haldi on ur di on the day of haldi OK.Pragya says,No way..I won’t accept for this challenge.Bulbul says,Ok..challenge accepted but one condition.Abhi asks,What?U should find within half an hour.Abhi says,Its more than enough n smiles.Bulbul says,OK..ur time starts now n leaves the place by dragging Pragya to her side.Abhi asks,Arey..wht u r doing u taking Pragya with u then how could I find!Bulbul says,Its upto within half an hour u hav to hold on my di n should find ur initial.Abhi says,No this is cheating.Pragya says,Arey..both of them just stop u r challenging abt me..but I won’t accept this challenge n murmured in Bulbul ears that,Bulbul..he ll surely find out the initial then y tis challenge n U know na how could he do haldi fr me it ll so embracing so no pls.Bulbul says,Di don’t wry he ll find out the initial but he can’t find within half an hour so don’t wry.Abhi asks,Wht u both r murmuring my time is getting waste.Bulbul says,OK..Jiju n takes Pragya with her.Abhi follows them.Bulbul leaves Pragya with Dadi n smiles at Abhi n says,Jiju carry on ur challenge n leaves.Dadi holds Pragya’s hand n speaking with guests.Abhi thinks how to separate Pragya n Dadi n goes to Dadi n says,Excuse me one minute I have to talk with Pragya n takes her to his side.Pragya says,Wht r U doing leave me.Abhi says,No..I won’t lose my challenge n holds Pragya’s hand.Pragya relives her hand n moves Abhi follows her.Pragya says,Suniye don’t follow me n she suddenly dashed with Tanu.Tanu started to fume at her.Pragya says,I’m Sry..I didn’t noticed u.Tanu says,Can’t u hav eyes..u r wearing chashma na can’t u see with that.Abhi gets angry n says,Stop it tanu..mind ur words..she apologized u na then whts ur problem n holds Pragya’s hand n leaves from there angrily.

Abhi holds Pragya’s hand n tries to find the initial.Pragya sees his face n he was in the same anger on tanu.Pragya tries to relive her hand.Abhi holds the hand tight n asks,whts ur problem..u wanna go away from anger voice.Pragya says, sad voice.Abhi seeing her hand but could not concentrate on finding the initial.Abhi then realizes that he showed Tanu’s anger on Pragya n says,I’m Sry..Pragya says,Its OK..n upset voice.Abhi looks her face n smiles n says,Hey fuggi..u r too cute n I’m Sry.Pragya smiles at him n says,Only 5 mins more.Abhi asks,Wht?Pragya said,To complete ur challenge only 5 mins is more.Abhi smiles n asks,So u wanna me to win this challenge ryt?Pragya blushes n smiles.Abhi says,Ahhaa..OK..its a double boost fr me n says anything for u.Bulbul comes thr n says,Jiju only 5mins more.Abhi says,5 mins is more than enough n winks at Pragya.Pragya smiles at him.Abhi seeking his initial.Bulbul starts countdown.Pragya gets tensed.Bulbul counting 5..4..3..Abhi shouts,There it is!!!Bulbul says,uff!!No!!U won the challenge.Abhi says,Oh..ya..I’m Abhi..The Rockstar..Pragya smiles at him.Bulbul says,Di..u r smiling hav u forgot what was the could u smile..u said na it ll b embracing!!Pragya says,Yes..but the challenge is just for fun na!!Abhi says,Arey..Fuggi..I’m serious..I ll apply haldi on u tmrw.Pragya feels embraced n runs from thr.

As the mehandi gets over,All guests leaved.Sarla says dadi,Maa..tmrw 7-8 is a Gud time so we can keep haldi on that time so u hav to come to home on time.Dadi says,Sarla ll I miss my bahu’s haldi its my duty to come n calls Peehu n Alia n says,U heard na wht Sarla ji said.Haldi was at 7AM so u should get ready early atleast tmrw u both should wake up early n smiles.They says,Ji..Dadi..All smiles.Abhi goes near Pragya n murmured,I ll apply haldi on u tmrw.Pragya says,Let’s see..Abhi says,Pakka..Pragya says,firstly..No one ll allow u inside n smiles.Abhi smiles n says,Don’t wry baby..that’s my part..I ll apply haldi on u tmrw that’s it n smiles.Pragya smirked.Sarla says, now we r leaving meet u all on haldi n asks Pragya n Bulbul to come.Pragya was there but Bulbul was not there.Pragya says,Wait I ll take take her n goes to search Bulbul.Abhi follows her n asks,Truly u r searching Bulbul or symbolically u need spend sometime with me atlast leaving the home.Pragya says,U hav Gud imagination power but don’t imagine too much I came to search Bulbul.Abhi says,Really? Pragya finds Bulbul in terrace with Purab,They were sharing a romantic moment n Purab was abt to kiss Bulbul.Pragya abt to call Bulbul.Abhi holds her mouth n drags her side n asks,Wht u r doing?See how romantic they r y u r disturbing them atleast they could enjoy.Pragya asks,Wht do u mean?Abhi says,I know u won’t understand use of explaining my feelings to an unromantic girl.Pragya asks,Oh..u calling me as unromantic girl ryt?Abhi says,Oh wht a miracle u understood this..u r really great.Pragya asks,How could u say me unromantic?Abhi says,Nothing..just leave it.Pragya says,I won’t leave how dare u to say like that.Abhi says,Areyy fuggi don’t get angry then u ll burst.Pragya says,So wht u want me to do to prove that I’m romantic.Abhi laughs n says,U can’t do that.Pragya corners him n asks,Do wanna me to kiss u.Abhi gets shocked n says,Fuggi is it u..Pragya says,Yes..ur fuggi..Abhi looks on her.(Peelon tere neele neele nainon plays)

Guys due to words limitation can’t able to post the haldi part I ll continue it on next episode..I ll update soon..Pls do comments!!Its really important to continue ff.

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