Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode 24

Thank u guys for ur comments!!And I know u ppl r confused of Abhi’s fishy behavior it ll b revealed in upcoming episodes with many twists n turns!!

Recap:Abhi n Pragya had their lunch in road-side shop n remembers their childhood memories.
The episode starts with Abhi n Pragya is in car n Pragya talks about her colleagues n says,After getting engaged I miss my work alot..My students..My colleagues..I didn’t took this much leave for any cause.Abhi just smiles at her.Pragya asks,Do u miss anything like that.Abhi says,Ofcourse..Pragya asks,What do u miss?Abhi says,Well I ll miss ur bak..bak..talks n ur cuteness when u r not with me..n smiles.Pragya smiles n says,Sometimes I too miss ur cute cute smile.Abhi says,Oh..I c..Pragya says,Mmm..Abhi says,I thought u ll miss only ur friends..students..blah..blah..Pragya says,Arey..u feeling jealous ryt?Abhi says,Ofcourse..n smiles.Pragya says,Tomorrow mehandi then haldi then shadi..Uff!!I don’t know how gonna manage all the duties.Abhi asks,Duties??

Pragya says,Yes..Duty of Daughter,Bahu,Wife,Sister,Bhabi..n all.Abhi smiles n thinks,She is so cute..Pragya says,Y u r smiling.Abhi says,Nothing..I know u ll fullfil all ur duties except of being wife n laughs.Pragya pinches him hard.Abhi shouts.They both reached Pragya’s home n gets in.Sarla says Pragya, Whr u gone from she sees Abhi following her n smiles n says,Oh..U r with him uh n smiles.Sarla asks,Abhi to sit..Abhi asks Pragya to make him coffee.Pragya nods..Sarla n Pragya goes inside the kitchen.While preparing coffee Sarla smiles n says,Bulbul is anger at u.Pragya says,I thought she ll b angry with me cox now a days I’m not spending time with her.Sarla says,Bulbul told she won’t talk with u n smiles.Pragya asks,Whr is she?Sarla says,She is in room.Pragya takes the coffee n gives to Abhi n sits with Abhi.Pragya calls Bulbul n says,Ur Jiju had came home come out.Bulbul doesn’t respond.Abhi asks,Why she is inside is thr any fight btwn Bulbul n Purab.Pragya smiles n says,Wait l ll b back n leaves to her room.Pragya knocks the door n ask her to open the door.Bulbul says,No..I won’t open..Don’t talk with me..Go to ur to be hubby’s home..

Abhi heard that n smiles.Pragya asks bulbul to open the door.Bulbul asks,U standing with Jiju na..Pragya says,No..I’m standing alone open the door.Bulbul opens the door n drags her inside.Pragya asks,Wht happened to my pyari Bulbul n hugs her from back.Pragya pushed her n says,Don’t talk with me..U r not at all spending time with me..U r busy with Jiju..Within few days u gonna b with him na atleast u can spend some quality time with me na n gets angry.Pragya says,I’m sry..u know I too miss u alot.Bulbul says,U r lying..n smirked.Pragya kept her hand in throat n says,Promise..I missed u alot n says,I’m Sry by keeping her hands in ears.Bulbul smiles n hugs her n says,Love u di..Pragya too hugs her n says,Love u..Abhi gets in to the room n smiles at them n started to tease Bulbul.Abhi drags Pragya to his side n rests his hand on her shoulder n says,See..Bulbul she is my to be wife n V r engaged so u hav no rights to hug her without my permission n smiles.

Pragya asks,Abhi to keep quiet.Bulbul feels sad n cries n says,Di..Jiju is doing too much n drags Pragya to her side n hugs her.Pragya says,Arey..Bulbul he is kidding u don’t cry..u r my achi behen na..mere bachee..don’t cry.Abhi smiles n keeps his hand in Bulbul’s head n carres her n says,Arey..Bulbul I’m just kidding don’t cry..Bulbul pushed his hand n says,I hate u Jiju.Abhi says,Fine..n asks Pragya,Now u r in whose side my side r ur sister’s side.Pragya says, both stop ur stupid talks u both r same.Bulbul says,Jiju no doubts..di ll b on my side always.Abhi asks,Hey..Fuggi..u r in her side uh??Pragya says,I’m not coming in ur game just leave me u both fight n abt to leave.Abhi holds her n asks her to say the answer.Pragya calls Maa..Sarla comes.Pragya says,Maa..these two r troubling me.Sarla smiles n says,This is ur part u just handle this 2kids n leaves.All smiles.Abhi says,OK..I’m leaving now n V ll meet tomorrow on our mehandi.Bulbul says,Wow..great..leave now..Abhi smiles n says,Hey..Bulbul just wait for a while I gonna kidanap ur di to MM.Bulbul smiles.

Abhi waves bye n leaves to MM.MM was all set for AbhiGya’s mehandi.Peehu says,Aagaya..Rockstar n smiles.Dadi says,Come beta..Abhi sits besides them.Dadi was doing champi to Peehu.Abhi asks,Wht dadi preparations r seems to b over.Peehu says, u like the arrangements.Abhi says,Ofcourse..Dadi says,Arey..I just forgot to see caters n leaves from there.Peehu shouts Dadi..Champi..Dadi says,Arey..wait I ll come.Alia enters the home with Tanu.Peehu n Abhi doesn’t mind tanu.Peehu murmers Abhi,I thought she ll come to our home.Abhi smiles n says,She is Alia’s frnd so she might come.Peehu says,But b careful.Abhi says,Ya..But she can’t do anything.Peehu asks,Bhai..Is ur official wedding is over.Abhi says,No..I ll tell U the story afterwards not now.Peehu says,Everything is OK btwn u n bhabi na??Abhi says,Yes..

Everything is fine.Tanu n Alia sits in sofa.Abhi gets irked by seeing Tanu.Alia asks Peehu why u r sitting like this?Peehu says,Dadi was doing champi she went to see caters.Tanu stares Abhi.Abhi calls Pragya,Pragya attends the call.Abhi says,Hi..sweet heart..wassup?Pragya asks,What?Sweet heart??Abhi says,Yes..n looks on tanu.Tanu irritated alot.Peehu smiles at Abhi n says,U continue..continue n smiles.Pragya asks,Arey..Just now u left within that u called me again is everything is fine.Abhi says,Haa..fine..just called u to know wht u r doing!Bulbul from a side shouts,Jiju end the call otherwise I ll kill u.Pragya smiles n asks Abhi,Did u hear that?Abhi smiles n says,ya.ya..Ok..I’m ending the call n ends the call.

Abhi says Peehu about Bulbul’s behavior that happened in Pragya’s home n smiles.Peehu says, sad for my she managed u both..Alia says Peehu,If bhabi came here then she should manage bhai..u..n me..n even Dadi too n smiles.All smiles.Tanu gets irked.

Next day,All set to start the mehandi session.Abhi n Pragya was in the hall n speaking with the guests.Bulbul n Purab comes to Abhi n Pragya.Purab asks Abhi,Abhi..After this function let’s hav a drink today.Abhi looks Pragya to get her permission.Purab asks,Y u r looking at Pragya di.Pragya signs him as ok.Abhi Says Purab,OK..let’s hav a drink today n smiles.Purab n Bulbul teases both of them.Dadi calls Pragya and all to apply mehandi in hand.Pragya goes to apply mehandi.Abhi follows her.Bulbul says,Jiju Whr u r going?Abhi says,To find my name in mehandi.Bulbul says,U ll find after the mehandi so for now u should stay away from my di n pushed him.Abhi smiles n says OK..All goes there Alia,Peehu says,We don’t want any initials just put us a design.Bulbul says,I need initial P.The mehandi designer asks Pragya,Ma’am for u A ryt?Pragya nods yes.Alia calls tanu to come and apply mehandi.Tanu says,No..I don’t need.Peehu says Alia,Just leave..don’t call her she ll create any problem.Alia says,OK..Abhi asks Purab,If I didn’t find my initial then wht ll happen?Purab says,May ur relationship ll b break.

Abhi shocked n asks,What?Purab says,Arey..I’m just joking yar..Don’t wry u ll find easily cox u love her alot na..U can do it.Abhi says,Ofcourse..I can do it n I ll do it.All applies mehandi.Abhi goes to Pragya n asks her to show her hand.Pragya asks,Can u find Whr ur initial.Abhi says,Ofcourse.Bulbul comes n challenges Abhi to find the initial n if he won the challenge di ll do what he says.Abhi says,Arey Bulbul ur di already lost in a challenge now it’s gonna be another.Bulbul asks,Already??wht was the challenge?Pragya stares Abhi.Abhi feels embraced.

Precap:It was the day of haldi.All applying haldi to Pragya.Abhi argues Dadi that he too wanna apply haldi to Pragya.

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  1. Oh god .. It’s killing me .. Their convos n love fa dem <3 :*

  2. I love it tisha and bulbul’s cuteness too

  3. Reshma Pradeep

    Soo cute……….Really ….ABHIGYA is Awesome………

  4. Awesome tisha grt episode eagerly waiting for next πŸ™‚

  5. plzzzzz update next part too whether abhi find his initial r not… Then precap s toooooo Cute… Abhi sooooooooo cute I love ur ff s amazing….

  6. NiCe EpiSoDe YaAr… EArGerLy waITiNg 4 Ur NexT UpdAtE…

  7. Nice tisha……?

  8. OMG!! Truly awesome epi..
    From day 1 ur creating tempo to read the ff. Really good supperrrbbbb πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰ please update next episode sooonnn

  9. nyc tisha

  10. This was amazing episode ya.. I liked a lot & lot especially abt trio’s of abhigya & bulbul then abhi bulbul convos challenge excellent.. really bulbul is childish this abhi is naughty.. bulbul is feeling lone but here abhi is kidding her by taking pragya to his side.. simply is was awesome baba..

  11. Sometimes I never ask for next episode coz by present episode I enjoyed that much…

  12. Oh my god..its very cute and xllent…

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