Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode 23


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Recap:Abhi convinces Pragya.
The episode starts with Abhi says Pragya to accept this decision.Pragya looks on him n gets confused n says,I can’t argue with u anymore so I’m leaving nw I can’t go with this decision n tries to leave.Abhi asks,Do wanna leave me forever(Teri ore plays).Pragya turned towards him n asks,Fine u r blackmailing me ryt?Wht u ll do when I said no.Abhi says,Well..I ll do some other plan to convince u.Pragya smiles n says,U r kidding me ryt..U r just so cute n pinches him.Abhi smiles but controlled his smile n thinks how serious I’m but she making me to smile.Pragya holds his hand n drags him n says,Come let’s go somewhere.Abhi stops her n says,Pragya I’m serious..Come let’s get married..Pragya says,I think u hav some blockage in ur head that’s y u r behaving like this.Abhi says,Hey..Fuggi..Come n sign hereafter in won’t beg u..I need u all through my life so I won’t let u to go..I won’t mind if u accept this or not u should come n sign that’s it n drags her.Pragya says,U r showing attitude to me ryt?Abhi says,Whatever u wanna think just think I won’t mind n I’m not interested in ur blabbers so come with me.Pragya says,U r blabbering..I’m not blabbering n holds the pillar tightly near by her n says,I won’t come..Abhi tries to pulls her from the pillar.Pragya says,Ohh…pls I won’t come.Abhi says,Areyy..come..don’t behave like a kid..Pragya says,Pls leave me..leave my hand it’s paining..pls leave me.Abhi looks at her face n says,Ok..n leaves her hand n gets sad n sits in a chair.Pragya takes a deep breath n says,Thank God n looks Abhi as he is sad n helpless.

Pragya goes n sits besides him n keeps her hand on his shoulder.Abhi holds her hand n says,I want u all through my life..I know this is not the ryt way but nw this ll b the correct solution.I don’t know what ll happen tomorrow our marriage may or may not b happen cox of our family or cox of others n there is a chance of much more problem in our future life but I wish to face all with ur company.U know Pragya I didn’t forced u in any matter but today is the day I’m forcing u to do this I know this is not much easy as u love ur family n they too love u n I can understand how u feel cox I too hav a family moreover my dadi u know how she trusts me but I’m the person who asking to do this bcox this is much more important..but if nw..Pragya keeps her hand in his mouth n says,OK..let’s get married today.Abhi looks surprisingly(Ishq bulaava plays).Pragya says,I’m need of any explanations I completely trust u come let’s get married.Abhi says,R u serious?Pragya says,Yes..I’m serious..I can see how much u love no need of explaining anything to me..I love u n I trust u more..Abhi holds her hand n says,Leave me alone for sometime.Pragya nods n says,Whatever the decision u take I ll b with u always n leaves n sits in another chair in some distance n looks on Abhi.Abhi just keeps on thinking n sees Pragya on other side.After a while,Abhi comes to Pragya n says,OK..come let’s go..Pragya nods.Abhi asks,U didn’t asked Whr v r going.Pragya says,going for getting married na?Abhi says,No..going for home.Pragya looks confused n says,Suniye..

I’m OK with any of ur decision so there is no need of changing the decision for me.Abhi says,No..Pragya..U showed me the fact that trust n love is more powerful than these official papers..These r just papers that brings the hope but the love u showed me by accepting my decision showed me the nothing is much bigger than that trust..this is the day which shows me the meaning of love n trust..ur trust n love is enough I can get through any problem in our life.Pragya gets teary eyes n smiles n hugs him.Abhi says,Hey..this is public place..u ll always push me away in such places but u r hugging me today here.Pragya says,Its OK..Abhi smiles n says,Arey..ppl ll see us.Pragya says,I won’t mind n hugs him tightly.Abhi smiles n hugs her n says,I missed ur cuteness for a while.Pragya says,I love u..Abhi asks,Really,then let’s get married by this moment?Pragya says,Yes..Abhi breaks the hug n holds her face n says,Fuggi..r u serious?Pragya says,Yes..come n drags him.Abhi says,Hey..Fuggi..n smiles.Pragya says,Wht??Abhi says,I was just joking.Pragya says,I know..Abhi comes closer to her n corners her to the pillar near by her n says,Luv u..Pragya smiles n says,I know..

Abhi says,I gonna kiss u now..Pragya says,I know..Abhi asks,Don’t u hav any problem with that?Pragya says,No..Abhi about to kiss her..she closed her eyes.Suddenly Abhi’s phone ringed.Abhi leaves the breath n gets irked n says,Who is the great person n picks the phone n it was Dadi.Pragya smiles at him.Abhi attends the call n says,Haa..Dadi..Dadi asks,Whr r u..wht u doing?Abhi says,Dadi..I’m in meeting n smiles at Pragya.Dadi says,U know na tomorrow is ur mehendi so we r doing the arrangements so atleast today come home soon.Abhi asks,Tomorrow mehandi??Dadi says,Yes..u were in trip na at the time we fixed the date y Pragya didn’t said anything to u.Abhi says,No Dadi n asks Pragya,is tomorrow is our mehandi y u didn’t told me anything.Pragya looks on.Dadi asks, Pragya is there but u said u was in meeting..n says,OK..Ok..u was in meeting with Pragya n smiles n says,Is I’m disturbed u..Abhi smiles n says,No Dadi just now she came.Dadi says,OK..beta I’m ending the call.Abhi says,OK Dadi n ends the call.

Pragya asks,Can v leave?Abhi asks,Then wht about the kiss?Pragya says,The moment is gone n smiles.Abhi says,This is cheating..Pragya says,Whatever it may b come let’s go n gets into the car.Abhi looks on her n smirked.Pragya says,Suniye..I feel hunger so pls come soon u can stare me afterwards.Abhi irked n comes into the car.Abhi starts the car n says,Can I ask u one thing?Pragya says,Hmm..Abhi asks,How u could be hunger frequently?Pragya asks,What??In anger tone.Abhi says,Nothing.Pragya asks,U r always taunting me..U know how much I feel hunger I didn’t eat anything from morning n its coz of u.Abhi asks,How can u say coz of me?Pragya says,U only ask me to come soon..that’s y I skipped my breakfast but now bcoz of ur marriage drama I missed the lunch too..u know na now the time is 3PM..see how I am I’m not like u I can’t tolerate my hunger.Abhi thinks,Abhi..u r no.1 idiot..she was quite but u started to taunt her first but now see she is eating ur brain n says,Don’t wry I ll get U food.Pragya says,Areyy..stop the car..see there(road side shop).Abhi stops the car n smiles.They both gets down n runs towards the shop.They ordered their favorite foods.Pragya asks,Do u remember this shop.

Abhi says, could I forget this..during our childhood v use to keep parties here na..U me Purab Bulbul Alia n Peehu was so little at the time n smiles.Pragya smiles n says,Yes..Peehu ll always asks me to lift her if I refuse she ll cry.They both smiles n Abhi says,Yes..such a wonderful days..we wanna recreate those days by taking them here n we should have dinner here.Pragya says,Its all seems like a dream I don’t know how the years passed n we r grown up today n U r a Rockstar now.Abhi smiles n says,Its all destiny.Suddenly, Some of his fans comes there n asks for photo with him.He agrees n fans taking photos n funny selfies with him.Pragya sees them n smiles.Tanu n another person watching them from a distance n gets irked n leaves.
After a while they both leaves the place n gets into the car.Abhi asks Pragya for a long drive.Pragya says,No..tomorrow is our mehandi so u should go home soon there ll b some work for u n Dadi too asked u to come soon na.Abhi nods n asks,How u know what Dadi said,Pragya smiles n says,I know everything.Abhi asks,Achaa..Genius..n smiles.

Precap: Bulbul challenging Abhi that he could not find his name in mehandi.Abhi asks,Wht u ll do if I won the challenge.Bulbul says,Di ll do whatever u say.Pragya stares Bulbul.Abhi says,Already ur di lost one challenge n this gonna b another n smiles.

Credit to: Tisha

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