Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode 22


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Recap:Abhi kisses Pragya n says, her ears.
The episode starts with Pragya opens her eyes slowly n sees Abhi infront of her n gets up n smiles n gets teary eyes.Abhi hugs her n says,I’m back..Pragya hugs him tightly n cries n says,U r back..U know how I’m here like body without soul.Abhi gets teary eyes n says,I missed u badly.Pragya says,I too missed u badly n kisses in his forehead n cheeks.Abhi kisses in her forehead n wiped her tears.Pragya kept her hand in his cheek n smiles.Abhi gets emotional by seeing her face n hugs her again Pragya tries to break the hug Abhi holds her tight n she too hugged him tight n says,I love u..Pls don’t leave me alone like this.(Allah waariyan plays)Abhi says,I won’t leave u till my last breath.They both smiles.After a while Abhi says,Fuggi..I wanna lie in ur lap can I?Pragya nods.Abhi lies in Pragya’s lap n kept his hand on her cheek n wiped her tears n asked,Y u r crying still?Pragya says,U know how I pain can’t b explained in words.Abhi says,I know..I can understand..but u fulfilled ur promise by being strong n taking care of dadi n family.Pragya smiles n says,Anything for u..

Abhi says,What u hav done to me n smiles n thinks,I won’t leave u at any cost..U r my life is nothing without u.Pragya asks,How u get this injury in ur wrist.Abhi says,I told u na met with accident.Pragya says,That I know but how it happened?Abhi says,Whatever happened is happened so leave that.Pragya stares Abhi.Abhi says,Arey..its just a small injury so no need of this much of enquiry.Pragya says,U won’t understand how u feel when ur loved ones is suffering or in pain.Abhi says,Areyy..Pragya says,U ll understand my pain..when something happened to me.Abhi says,Shut up fuggi..don’t even say like this..I won’t let any pain to u..Pragya says,Promise me that hereafter u should take care of urself more.Abhi smiles n says,Why should I u r thr na?Pragya smiles n says,Ok..I’m thr with u only after our marriage till that u should take care of urself.Abhi thinks,Same Pragya..U should take care of urself till our marriage but I don’t want to take risk on ur life till our marriage..sure I ll do something to save u.Pragya asks,Wht happened?Wht u r thinking?Abhi says,Nothing..n smiles.Pragya says,OK..take rest n I’m leaving now.Abhi asks,Y u r going?Pls b with me here..I won’t let u to go anywhere.Pragya says,Wht happened to u?I wanna go home na u take rest..tmrw v ll meet.Abhi says,No.

.pls don’t go away from me pls..Pragya thinks y he is behaving like this n says,OK..I’m not going anywhere n asks him to sleep.Abhi smiles n sleeps in her lap.Pragya thinks,Who needs a kid..when ur hubby is lil than kid n smiles n carres his hair n she thinks y he is feeling this much insecure n looks on him.Dadi comes to the room.Pragya tries to stand but dadi says,No..beta..u sit he is sleeping na don’t disturb him n smiles at Abhi as he is sleeping like a kid n leaves the room.After a while Abhi wakes up n sees,Pragya is looking at him by carres his face n says,Hey fuggi..gud morning..Pragya says, the time is 8:30PM so its night.Abhi says,Oh..I thought its morning cox I slept well in ur lap n smiles.Pragya smiles n asks,U want coffee?Abhi says,No..and holds her face n says,U r looking so come lemme drop in home and take rest.Pragya smiles n nods.Abhi n Pragya gets into the car n started towards her home.Pragya just looks on outside.Abhi thinks,I can’t tell her the truth but I won’t let her to go off my life so I should do something to protect her n I should never allow anyone to spoil our relationship n looks on Pragya.Pragya asks,Why u r so tensed!!Always thinking of something!!U r behaving different from ur return..Is everything is Ok..Abhi says,Nothing fuggi..I’m OK n smiles.

Pragya smiles.Abhi thinks, decision ll b the best solution to the problem n says Pragya,Shall v meet tomorrow?Pragya says,Sure..Y u r asking this?Abhi says,Nothing..Pragya feels fishy.They both reached the home n Abhi drops Pragya n says,I ll text u the address of the place Whr v gonna meet tmrw.Pragya says,ok n says,I don’t know y u r behaving like this but don’t wry everything ll b alryt.Abhi smiles n says,Gud nyt.Pragya smiles n says,Gud nyt.They both leaves.
Abhi sitting in his room n thinks,If Pragya doesn’t accept for his decision then wht to do n says,Sure she won’t accept n gets confused alot n thinks to convince her.Next morning,Abhi was waiting for Pragya in the place n Pragya just comes thr n asks,Why he called her here.Abhi takes her to side n asks,Do u love me?Pragya asks,Wht happened to u?Abhi says,Just tell me the answer.Pragya stares at him n says,Yes..I luv u n U know that n I won’t leave u n smiles at him.Abhi holds her n says,OK..then let’s get married today..

Pragya puzzled n feels love in his words looks into his eyes(Pee loon tere neele neele nainon se shabnam plays)They share an eyelock.Pragya comes to normal n pushed his hand and asks,R u mad?There is no need for this secret marriage now as both family accepted our relationship whats the need for secret marriage.Abhi says,There is a reason.Pragya asks,Wht reason?Abhi says,I ll tell U later..I had done all one ll leak any info to others it ll b secret n safe u first come with me n holds her hand.Pragya relives her hand n says,Wht u r doing?Is the way of getting married?hav u lost it?Do u think about our family?they accepted our relationship n they r doing all the arrangements for our marriage then whts wrong with u.Abhi says,I can’t wait till that time.Pragya asks,Wht do u mean?In anger voice.Abhi says,I understand what u r saying but just think once wht I’m saying..I’m just saying for our gudness n I know our family ll get upset if they know this but v hide the fact that our marriage is over.

.we ll do all other rituals as their wish but this just a official confirmation of our marriage.Pragya says,I know its official statement of our marriage but y this should happen now before our ritual wedding?Abhi says in anger voice,Do u trust me or not.Pragya says,Whr the trust comes here..I wanna know the reason..U r not such person who hurts the family but wht happened now..Abhi says,Just try to understand..First,V should get married officially then we can go to our home n we together can do all rituals no one could know about there is no chance of hurting our family.Pragya puzzled n looks at him.

Pragya gets confused n says,But what’s the reason?Can u share with me na?Abhi says,Sure..I ll share u but not now..once we get married officially I ll tell U one could come between us n no one could separate us..Pragya asks,OK..I understand..let us do one thing we ll inform to our family n we request them to make all the preparations fast n then we could marry before them with all blessings.Abhi exhausted and sits in a chair n says,I don’t know how to make u understand about my situation n thinks if I said the truth then u ll never marry me for my sake gudness n I never wanna lose u I wanna face all the problems with u as my wife n thinks how could I convince her n I have no time to take risk n looks desperately.Pragya comes and sits besides him n asks,Wht happened,Just say me..whatever it may b..and I swear I won’t leave u.

Abhi looks on her n thinks,I know Pragya u won’t leave me but when it comes for me n my gudness u ll not think about anything except my happiness so u ll leave me at the point for my happiness so I don’t want that..Pragya asks him again,Say something y u r sitting silent.Abhi says,I don’t know how to explain u but pls trust me.Pragya says, I’m trusting u no doubts in that but whts the problem now.Abhi says,Pragya I’m feeling insecure so I can’t wait for more time for our marriage so it should happen now if it doesn’t happen today it may won’t happen ever.

Precap:Pragya looks on him gets confused n says,I can’t argue with u anymore n I’m leaving now I can’t go with this decision..Abhi asks,Do wanna leave me forever(Teri ore plays)

Credit to: Tisha

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    Just I asked ya dnt mine well carrying the story… good…

  7. hey update twice as the current track is very much interesting

  8. Well rasha Abhi ll make Pragya jealous n says he had won the game but Pragya ll refuse to accept the defeat.

    1. Well I agreed that, that’s wat am asking pragya refuse the defeat & again abhi challenged again he will make it but u over come from that topic but now u cnt go back for that funny thing think so coz ur in some other idea & now that is in some serious situation.. so gohead Wuthering on track may b if in future episode if any chance of funny nokhjokh u please use this at thr..

  9. Well rasha I had described that in episode Abhi ll make Pragya jealous n says he had won the game but Pragya ll refuse to accept the defeat.

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