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Recap:Bomb blast in Toronto near Abhi’s concert.

The episode starts with Purab trying Abhi’s producer but he didn’t get the line.Peehu tuned to every news channel.Reporter says,Death toll rate is keep on increasing don’t know whether our Rockstar is safe or not it seems to b powerful bomb 1km area has been destroyed and police r not allowing any media inside.All gets shocked n Pragya goes to the Abhi’s room n cries alot by holding his photo and gifted pendant.She says,U can’t go anywhere..I won’t leave u to go away from me nothing ll happen to u I know u ll b safe pls come back soon n cries hard.Then she remains his words a fb(Pragya feels sad on Sarla’s health at the time Abhi says,I thought u r a strong girl but u r weak as like ur body.Pragya looks on.Abhi says,Come on fuggi v should give strength to our parents wen thr is a problem v should strong to face anything in life.Pragya says,Yes..u r ryt..n I ll b strong hereafter I ll give strength as I can.

Abhi says,Promise?Pragya says,Promise..n smiles.Abhi says,That’s my fuggi..Rockstar’s fuggi n smiles)and thinks to b strong n says,I hav to take care of my both family..I had promised Abhi n wiped her tears..n says to his photo,Nw see me I’m not crying..I’m strong..I’m ur fuggi na..Rockstar’s fuggi..So I ll take care of family till u come but pls don’t check my courage pls come soon n wiped her tears n prays God n goes infront of all n says,Plz don’t wry he ll b safe.He ll back with a bang he is a Rockstar na nothing ll happen to him.All ur blessings n wishes n lakhs n lakhs of fans love n prayers r thr fr him so nothing ll happen to him.All surprised by Pragya’s words n thinks,Still nw she cried but she is so strong n consoling us.Peehu says,Yes..bhabi is ryt nothing ll happen to him v all hav to b strong.All nods.
Reporter says,Just now an information had come that concert area is safe n nothing happened to the people who attended the concert as our Rockstar is very well.All family members gets happy n Pragya smiles with teary eyes n goes to Dadi n whispered the news dadi just opened her eyes n asks,I wanna talk to abhi.Purab says,Dadi v still didn’t get the line.Reporter says,Bcoz of Abhi’s concert many ppl lives has been saved n luckily bomb blast was on government building n not in public place.Hence most of the ppl had gathered for concert most of ppl lives r saved.All gets happy by hearing this news n Pragya thanked the god.Bulbul goes to Purab n asks,If he got the line.Purab says,not yet.Peehu says,we ll b satisfied once v talked to bhai.Dadi says,Haa Purab..pls keep on trying.Pragya says herself,I know nothing ll happen to u..hope u could return soon.

In the venue,Abhi was in vanity with high security.He thinks that bcoz of his concert many ppl lives has been saved n feels glad for that n says,In home all ll b scared of the news but hope fuggi ll take care of all..she knows that nothing ll happen to me..Fuggi I know u ll b strong n taking care of all don’t wry I won’t check ur courage I ll b thr soon till that b strong n take care of all especially dadi.Manager comes to him n says,Sir..V had booked the ticket for India as Bcoz of bomb blast u hav to leave immediately.Abhi says,yes..Ofcourse..n asks,I wanna connect with my family so can u pls arrange.Manager says,Sir network is completely jammed here u can connect with them once u get into the airport.Abhi says,Fine..ok..Manager asks,Sir..May I ask u one thing?Abhi says,Ofcourse.Manager asks,Sir..u not at all scared u r looking so normal how sir?Abhi smiles n says,When u think Gud do Gud nothing ll happen to u n lots of Gud prayers n love s thr fr me so need of getting scared n leaves to airport.

As Abhi reached the airport n about to leave Toronto.Media persons r surrounded him.In MM,All r watching it n Pragya makes Dadi to sit n asks her to watch as Abhi is on live.Pragya n all gets happy by seeing him in TV that he is safe.Abhi to media,See..I don’t hav time to hav any sessions with u bcoz of me many police men r here to give me the protection so its kinda wasting their time they hav to b in blast spot so I don’t hav time..To my fans..I’m safe nw nothing to wry ur love n prayers saved my family,Pls no one could wry as I’m safe n I ll b thr soon n announces his concert income to the bomb blast fund n leaves from thr n started to India.In Mm all gets happy by seeing Abhi n Dadi smiles n says,My Abhi is fine..he is coming.Pragya says,Haa..Dadi he is coming n smiles.All gets happy.Pragya goes to pooja room n thanked the god for saving him n says,He may not have any trust on u but the whole family is praying for him always so pls b with him n make him to trust u.Dadi asked Peehu,When ll Abhi come to home.Peehu replies,Within tmrw evening Dadi.Dadi says,I ll b satisfied only if I see him.Peehu says,Don’t wry Dadi.

All stayed in MM,Purab Bulbul Sarla Alia Mitali Tayiji r restes in sofa Peehu n Pragya was with Dadi.Pragya’s Dadi n Dasi were sleeping in room.Pragya sits besides Dadi n carres her.Peehu lies in sofa besides Dadi.Pragya looks on Peehu n thinks,I’m really very lucky to have a family like this n says,I’m ready to do anything for this family n she just comes outside the room n she could see all r rests so tiredly.Pragya gets into Abhi’s room n switched on the light.She goes near to his wall photo n keeps hand over it n says,U had given me a wonderful family all r with me now but u r not with me pls come soon u know na how I’m I can’t b strong enough for more time but sure I ll keep my promise but u pls come soon and sits in couch.Abhi in flight thinking that,Sure Dadi ll hav some health issues regarding this accident hope she ll b fine bcoz all r with her all ll take care for her n thinks about Pragya n says,I know Pragya u r trying to keep ur promise..It is very hard na..Don’t wry everything ll b solved once I came thr.(Ya rabba plays)

Next day,All wakes up in as in same position they didn’t had anything just waiting for Abhi’s arrival.Abhi just landed.Peehu comes down with Dadi.Dadi comes n sits with them n asks for Pragya.Alia says,Dadi she just lying in bhai’s couch tiredly.Dadi says,OK..let her sleep she was taking care of me whole night v ll woke her once Abhi came.Alia nods.They r just waiting by keeping their eyes on door.Abhi comes in.Dadi n all stood up n gets happy.Abhi gets happy by seeing all.Abhi runs towards Dadi n hugs her n says,I know u ll b worried alot hereafter don’t wry I’m back n smiles.Peehu n Alia hugs him n says,Thank God u came.Abhi kisses them in forehead n says,don’t wry my angels.Sarla n Purab hugs him

Bulbul says,Thank God Jiju Aagaya.Dadi says,Pragya is the reason that v r ths much strong she gived us the strength.Abhi seeks for Pragya n asks wr is Pragya?Peehu says, n ur room she rests in tired wait a minute I ll call her.Abhi say,No..I ll go thr n give her the surprise n smiles n leaves to his room.Dadi thanked God and says,Abhi had came safe.Abhi gets into his room n sees Pragya rests in couch by holding his photo.Abhi silently gets into the room n goes near to Pragya by removing his shoes n thinks,She is sleeping in tired he thinks not to wake her up but his heart wants to wake her up.Abhi goes near her ears n says, low voice Pragya doesn’t react.He kisses her forehead n says,Fuggi..Suddenly Pragya shivered n opened her eyes slowly n gets up from the couch.

Precap:Abhi holds her n says,Let’s get married today.Pragya looks on his eyes.Abhi looks on into her eyes.(Pee loon tere neele neele nainon se shabnam plays)

Credit to: Tisha

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