Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode 20

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Recap:Abhi calls Pragya n says he met with accident.
The episode starts with Abhi calling Pragya.Abhi says,Fuggi..I wanna share u one thing.Pragya asks,Wht happened?everything is fine?Abhi asks her to come out n speak.Pragya comes out n asks,wht happened?Abhi says,I met with small accident while coming to hotel.Pragya asks,wht?How it happened?R u k?Abhi says,Ohh..Oh..don’t get panic I’m fine don’t tell anyone especially Dadi.Pragya says,Ok..but is it paining alot.Abhi says,Arey..meri maa..Its my mistake that I told u abt accident.Pragya gets anger n says,then don’t talk to me.Abhi says,Fuggi..come on..I’m pls don’t get panic I’m OK.Pragya says,U pls take care don’t b careless.Abhi says,Sure..thn..wht u said abt live something.Pragya says,Mm..ya..u r concert gonna b aired live.Abhi says,Wow..that’s never miss me..but I’m missing u alot.Pragya smiles n says,who told u that I won’t miss u..I’m missing u badly.Abhi says,Keep missing me till I’m back.Pragya says,Sure n smiles.Abhi says,OK..I wanna do some rehearsal so..Pragya says,OK..go n practice well.Abhi says,sure sweet says,Bye..miss u.Abhi says,Miss u too..muah.Pragya says,love u n ends the call.

Next day,All set ready to watch Abhi’s concert in TV.In MM all gathered in living room n switched on the TV n all family members gathered to watch the concert.Dadi calls Peehu n Alia to come soon.Alia n Peehu comes there n sits besides Dadi n says,Dadi..bhai’s dream concert feeling excited.Alia says,Feeling proud to b his sister.Dadi says,Arey..I too very happy.Purab just comes in.Peehu says,Aagaya nawab.Purab.smiles at her n gets blessings from Dadi n sits besides her.Dadi says,Beta..Abhi’s concert gonna air live.Purab says,Ha..Dadi..feeling happy.Mitali says,Arey..Peehu u r a doctor na?Peehu says,Ha..bhabi why?Alia says,Y do u want any injection or surgery to close ur mouth.All smiles n Mitali says,Alia..I’m nt talking to u.Alia smirked.Mitali says,Peehu..tmrw I wanna come to ur hospital.All smiles n Dadi asks,Mitali any Gud news.Mitali says,Areyy..Y u all r smiling..I’m having head ache over 1week that’s y.Alia says,Mitali bhabi..Peehu is gynecologist..and her hospital is gyno center..i had a medicine for ur headache.Mitali asks for the medicine.Alia says,Just shut ur mouth every problem ll b solved.All smiles n Dadi asks all to keep quiet.

In Pragya’s home,Just Bulbul comes in.Sarla asks,Y u r late..Bulbul says, only Purab came from delhi so lots of work maa n hugs.Sarla says,Pragya doesn’t come still nw.Bulbul says,Maa..she ll come in 5mins.She is standing outside n talking with rachu..v both came together.Sarla says,OK..I ll bring u tea..go n freshup ur jiju’s show gonna b aired live.Bulbul says,Sure..n rushes.Pragya talking with rachu n gets a call n excuses.Pragya attends the call n it was Abhi.Pragya attends the call n says,All the best the best.Abhi says,Thank u fuggi..Are u watching me.Pragya says, could I watch u nw.Abhi says,Areyy..switch on the TV.Pragya says,Wait a minute I ll get in.Abhi says,what??U didn’t reached home yet?How dare u??U not at all..Pragya says,Areyy..1minute..1minute..I’m just outside the home n now I entered n sitting before the TV.Sarla asks,Pragya y so late go n freshup.Pragya sighs that Abhi is in phone.Sarla takes the phone n asks Pragya to fresh up.Sarla says,Hello..beta..Abhi says,Maa..Hw r U.Sarla says,Fine..beta..we r waiting for ur show..All the best beta do well.Abhi says,Sure maa..n I ll call u after the show.Abhi says,OK..n ends the call.Pragya n Bulbul n all sits before TV Dadi n Sarla joins them.Pragya asks Bulbul,y u r looking so tired.Bulbul says, only Purab came from Delhi so lots of work I’m completely exhausted but nw feeling better.Pragya says,Today all my students wishing me for his concert n getting mad on him.

Bulbul smiles n asks,do u feel jealous.Pragya says,No..n smiles.Bulbul says,Haa..Haan..I know n smiles.Just now the show had started n Abhi comes to stage with Rocking BGM crowd gives a great charm n shouting as Abhi..Abhi..In MM,Alia,Peehu n Purab shouts,Dadi n all felt happy to see him.In Pragya’s house,Pragya feels excited and all claps.Pragya prays God that he should do his best always be with him.Bulbul shouts in joy,Meri Jiju Aagaya..Abhi started the performance with stringing his guitar n sings shukuran allah as first song n all the crowd applauded him.Pragya smiles as she watched the performance.Bulbul says,Maa..for whom Jiju is singing this song n smiles.Sarla says,Ofcourse for ur di..In MM,Alia says Peehu,Wahhh!!song is dedicated to bhabi n both gives hifi n Dadi smiles..Pragya noticed a bandaid in his wrist n identifes the injury of his accident n feels sad for that.The concert goes more than hours n all r enjoying with much joy n finally the concert came to end.Abhi gives a speech by thanking all the sponsors family n fans.While Abhi speaking in the concert suddenly the live relay stopped all gets annoyed Bulbul gets angry n says,Oh no within 5 minutes the show ll b ended but y he disconnected the live.In MM Alia Peehu n Purab gets annoyed n angry.Suddenly they saw the flash news that there was a bomb blast in Toronto n the reporter says,We didn’t get the exact news bcoz of the blast live relay is spoiled and don’t know is all the crowd n our Rockstar is safe or not.All gets shocked by seeing this news.Dadi fainted by hearing this news.In Pragya’s home,Pragya and all gets tensed n Pragya immediately called Abhi but his phone is unreachable.All gets panic n they all had tears in their eyes.

In MM,Peehu too calls Abhi but his phone is not reachable.All rushes towards Dadi n splashes water in her face then Dadi gets conscious n asks wht happened to Abhi.Alia says nothing Dadi he is fine n consoles her n takes her to room but dadi cries to see him.Peehu asks Purab to call the organiser or producer or someone else.Purab says ya Peehu I’m trying.In Pragya’s home.Bulbul asks Pragya to relax n says,nothing ll happen to Jiju n says,wait I ll call Purab he knows the producer so pls relax di..maa pls relax.Bulbul calls Purab but his line is busy.Immediately Bulbul called Peehu and asks,Did u came to anything about Jiju.Peehu says, No Bulbul..still now no information..Purab is trying to the producer but we didn’t get the line.Bulbul says, me wen u get any info n ends the call.Pragya asks,Wht happened..he is safe na?Bulbul says,Di..they too doesn’t know anything they r trying to the organiser and producers.Dadi asks Pragya to b relax nothing ll happen to Abhi.Pragya cries hard.Bulbul consoles her.

Within few minutes Dadi’s condition worsed n she blabbers Abhi’s name n fainted.Peehu gives her the first aid n calls doctor to come to the home then Peehu calls Pragya.Pragya attends the call n asks,Did u get any info.Peehu says,No dadi’s condition is worsed by hearing this news.Pragya says,U don’t wry I ll come n ends the call.Sarla asks,Wht happened beta..Pragya says all n says,Maa..I wanna go thr..u know na how he loves his he is not here so its my responsibility to tc of dadi..thn he ll anger on me if I didn’t tc of dadi n cries hardly.Sarla says,We also coming with u n all goes to MM.Peehu n Purab standing in entrance and keeps on trying.Pragya goes to Dadi.Dadi still unconscious n Pragya says,Nothing ll happen to him ur blessings is with him na he ll b fine n cries.

Precap:Reporter says,The blast was on the government building near to the concert area and it seems to b powerful bomb n death toll rate is increasing area completely destroyed for 1km.All gets shocked Pragya cries hard.

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