Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode 2


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The episode starts with Bulbul was searching for some file in her cabin purab watched her from his cabin and laughs at her.He calls her to his cabin.Bulbul just entered into the cabin and purab blurt out the hearty laugh at her.Bulbul gets irritates and ask why are you laughing like this purab replies u are not at all changed and kidding at her(Bulbul and purab are best friends from their childhood and bulbul is working in purab’s office).Bulbul asks him to stop the stupid laugh.Purab stops laughing and says her buddy the file u was searching is straight to u but u didn’t noticed that and u were searching all over ur cabin.Bulbul smiles and says sorry purab says its ok.

Abhi was bringing up the tune in his guitar. Peehu and pragya was reading the lyrics suddenly Peehu asked Abhi bhai u said u was in love but ur lyrics are not expressing those true feelings and I feel the lyrics are quite boring and it was very usual.Abhi was looking at her and he doesn’t know what to say he says excuse me I ll be back.Pragya asks Peehu is ur brother is in relationship with anyone Peehu replies I think so but he is not Clear with that relationship and he is not sure in that relationship and I think he is not interested in that relationship. Pragya says ohh ok ur answer is confusing me.Peehu replies even I too confused and even my brother is confused. Pragya asks who is that girl.Peehu replies the most irritating person in my life and she is tanu.(Tanu loves abhi, Abhi was not sure about his feelings for tanu and he didn’t confessed his love).Peehu adds that honestly my brother was not in such serious relationship but he is confused but she use to poison Bhai’s mind.Pragya wonders.Peehu tells pragya that bhai has no idea about love he thinks himself that he is in love with tanu sometimes he ll ask me that do u think I’m in love?and sometimes he ll tell me love is not at all true he ll always use to confuse me regarding this.Pragya just smiles at her.Peehu tells I’m happy now because bhai stopped talking with her.Pragya asks why.Peehu replies bhai’s first album gets flopped at the time tanu starts to avoid bhai at the time bhai came to know her true colors after the hit of second album she tries to behave normal with bhai but bhai avoids her now I just teased him that his lyrics are boring but I think he tooked seriously.

Pragya says her she had done a great mistake one should never hurt anyone who is already in pain so she asked Peehu to apologize him once he came.

Abhi came back and took the guitar Peehu apologized him for teasing him.Abhi just smiles.Peehu says him pragya di only asked her to apologize u.Abhi asks her have u told all the flashback. Peehu replies yes.Abhi asks her to make a call to dadi and ask whether she had her tablets are not.Peehu agrees and excuses.

Pragya was looking Abhi.Abhi sayss areyy ur eyes are coming out of ur chashma and asks why u r staring at me.Pragya says I’m just looking u and not staring. Abhi says ok and asks her can we start the rehearsal. Pragya asks Peehu. Abhi replies she won’t come so soon as she is talking to dadi and smiles at her.He strings up the guitar suddenly his phone vibrated and he attend the call it was tanu Abhi doesn’t listen her but he says I’m busy I can’t talk to u and cuts the call.

Pragya asks Abhi are u in anger.Abhi replies simply no and says can we start our recording by tomorrow because he is not in the mood of composing.Pragya says OK.Peehu comes there and says OK bhai then I’m going to college and says bye to pragya and Abhi then she leaves.

Abhi asks pragya can we leave.Pragya nods yes.Pragya thinks to talk with Abhi to refresh his mood.Pragya asks Abhi can we have ice-cream.Abhi replies I thought u r a boring person but u too have a good charm. Pragya smiles at him they both gone to have ice-cream.

Precap: Abhi was sitting with pragya and says tanu had gave a huge love on his money but not for him.Pragya replies him love is not planned it is just a happening it cannot be predefined. Abhi looks on surprisingly.

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Credit to: Tisha

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  1. super episode

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  3. He is such a sweet heart

  4. If comments mean a LOT to you – did you read the one whereas you guys are overdoing the fan fiction now?? There are too many and it is becoming confusing. Can you understand that?

  5. Nikki I think all are asking me to continue the ff so I’m continuing if u have any problem I apologize. Guys could I continue this or I wanna quit.Such comments are hurting me alot!!

  6. No no no u ur ff s superb plzzzz continue Tisha I really loved it… Plzzzzz continue ur story for those who loved it…

  7. For sure guys I ll continue my ff..My next episode is on script and I ll post it soon thanks for ur support!! thanks again!!

  8. superb Tisha…. I like this track…. don’t stop this ff

  9. superb tisha…. I like this track. don’t stp ths… waiting 4 ur 3rd epi

  10. superb tisha…. I like this track. don’t stp ths… eagerly waiting 4 ur 3rd epi

  11. superb tisha…. I like this track. don’t stp ths… eagerly waiting 4 ur 3rd epi…

  12. Sahima(fan of abhigya)

    It awesome. Superb tush. Ur story is wonderful. I’m eagerly awaited for the next episode.

  13. i luvd it

  14. Guys as per norms of telly updates there is a break for all fan fictions till 4th of January because of new year eve!!So I ll update my next episode by 4th January 2016!!Wishing u all a very happy new year!!thanks for ur support!!

  15. Sahima(fan of abhigya)

    But tisha. We can update from contact also.

  16. sorry can’t get u sahima..

  17. Pls share ur nxt fan fiction its nice update soon as new years treat

  18. Due to new year holidays telly updates is not accepting any ff till 4th January 2016!!I’m sorry guys don’t know y telly updates is doing like this!!

  19. hii tisha its cooll yar the of their characterisation is very good

  20. ok tisha.
    till i miss your fanfiction & u aslo

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