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Recap:Abhi takes Pragya to MM to help him in packing.
The episode starts with Peehu n Alia showing the whole MM.Finally they came to Abhi’s room n the trio gets in.Abhi welcomes Pragya n says,this is my room n in future it gonna b our room n smiles at Pragya.Abhi says Peehu n Alia,U both showed the whole home na..thn wht fr u doing here..Peehu says,to help u bahi..Suddenly Robin comes thr with coffee.Abhi asks Pragya to take the coffee.Peehu asks,so..u asked coffee for bhabi uh?Abhi says, u hav any problem.Peehu says,I don’t have any problem but..Abhi asks,wht but.Peehu says,Its ur coffee mug na..u won’t let others to drink on it ryt n smiles.Abhi says,Its getting high time nw n pls can u both leave.Alia asks,So..u don’t want our help ryt.Abhi says,no..Alia n Peehu says,Thn OK..OK..n smiles n leaves.Pragya smiles at them n asks,ur Sissies r so cute..

Abhi says,U don’t know abt them..if u give them a gap then they ll dance on my head n smiles.Pragya looks the room n says,Its beautiful.Abhi locks the door n hugs her from back says,Yes..its beautiful today bcox of ur presence.Pragya asks,r u flirting me?Abhi says,Ofcourse..n tries to kiss her.Pragya pushed him n about to open the door.Abhi asks,y u r opening the door.Pragya says,I know wht u ll do wen the door is closed.Abhi says,Fuggi..I’m a Gud boy na y u treating me like this.Pragya say,Acha..Gud boy..Get ur bag n start packing.Abhi smirked n brings the bag n starts packing.Pragya sitting in couch n watching him n smiles at him.Abhi thinks I had took her here to help me but she is sitting n watching me..she doesn’t want to spend time with me n turned towards her n smirked at her.Pragya smiles at him.Abhi walking to wardrobe n bed by packing his stuffs.Pragya says,Suniye..

I know wht u r thinking.Abhi murmured,By knowing wht u gonna do?Pragya say,Suniyee..Abhi doesn’t respond.Pragya shouts, Suniyeee..Abhi asks what?In anger tone.Pragya goes and hugs him from back n says,I gonna miss u alot..Abhi pushes her hand n starts packing without saying anything.Pragya says,Hello..Rockstar..I’m talking to u..Abhi says,Yes..I’m hearing u..n says,I too miss u in formal voice.Pragya makes him to sit in bed n says,I’m Sry..n holds his cheeks.Abhi pushed her hand.Pragya says,Areyy..u wanna fyt with me now..Abhi says,No..but u never wanna spend time with me..u r happy when u r with family but not with me.Pragya says,Hey..not like that y u r thinking like this..I’m really very happy wen I with u.Abhi says,Promise??Pragya says,Promise!!n smiles at him n says,U r grown up but u still behaving like a kid.Abhi smiles and makes her to sit in his lap.Pragya was about to get up.Abhi says,Areyy..I won’t do anything.Pragya smiles at him n sits in his lap.Abhi makes her comfortable n keeps his hand around her waist n Pragya keeps her hand in his cheek n carres his beard.Abhi says,Well..Pragya says,Well..Abhi asks,U ll miss me ryt?Pragya says,Ofcourse..Abhi says,Y u Can’t u come with me.Pragya says,hav u lost it..How could I v still nw didn’t get married.Even now if someone saw us like this they ll mistake us.Abhi holds her tight n says,OK..let’s get married once I back from Toronto.

Pragya says,Mmm..n smiles.Abhi asks,Today is ur bday ryt.Pragya says, wht..Abhi says,So..u don’t wanna any gift uh??Pragya says,U r my biggest gift ever.Abhi says,Wahh..wht a dialogue n laughs.Pragya pinches his cheek n says,U r kidding me..but I said the truth.Abhi says,OK..OK..relax..I know I’m ur biggest gift but I had got a gift fr u.Pragya says,No need of any gift than u n smiles.Abhi says,I know u ll say like this..but u should never refuse my first gift.Pragya says,OK..give my gift.Abhi asks her to close her eyes.Pragya says,No..I won’t.Abhi says,OK ladli Chashmish..keep ur eyes open n watch.Pragya looks on.Abhi makes her to wear a chain.Pragya surprised n says looks nice.Abhi shows the pendant of the chain in that minute letters had written as”Abhigya”.Pragya sees that and gets happy n hugs him n says,Thank u so much it looks awesome n I have no words to express my happiness n says,I love u.Abhi shouts,Wohaaa..Pragya asks,Wht happened is ur lap is paining.Abhi says,No..Finally u said I love u n smiles.They keep on talking for a while(Agar tum saat h ho).While Pragya carres his beard she could see 3-4 grey hairs on his beard n says,Suniyee..U r getting old..U hav grey hair.Abhi says,I know..Pragya tries to remove.Abhi holds her hand and says,No..Fuggi..don’t pluck it..Its looking gud n I love it.Pragya says,I don’t wanna my Rockstar to get older n tries to pluck.Abhi says,Fuggi…no..n pushed her n starts to run.Pragya chases him.Pragya corners him Abhi shouts says, won’t pain.

.Abhi says,No..Pragya pls..pls..pls..don’t do this.Pragya says,OK..leave it n smiles.Abhi hugs her n says,Thank u fuggi..Pragya says,OK..OK..leave me n breaks the hug.Pragya asks whether he packed all stuffs.Abhi says,Yes..all packed except my fuggi.Pragya says,Arey..stop ur flirt n drop me in home.Abhi says,OK in low tone.Pragya smiles at him.Pragya says bye to all n leaves.Abhi Pragya gets into car.Abhi drives towards her home he holds her hand n says,I’m gonna miss u badly.Pragya says,Even I too..but I’m happy that u gonna perform a big concert.Abhi smiles n winks at her.As they reached home Abhi and Pragya gets into the home n Abhi says,Maa..Bulbul..Dadi..u all hav to come to send off me.All nods.Abhi says,OK then I’m leaving now n says bye n leaves.Pragya goes behind him n says,Bye..Abhi comes closer to her n holds her face.Pragya asks,wht u r doing?tis is road move away.Abhi holds her face tight n ask her to close her eyes.Pragya closes her eyes.Abhi removes her specs n leaves.Pragya opened her eyes n shouts,Areyy..Y u r taking my specs.Abhi says,Atleast this ll acompany me na n smiles.Pragya smiles n says,Go u tmrw mrng.Abhi says,Ok n leaves.Suddenly Bulbul drags Pragya inside n says,Wht a romantic scene yaar..Pragya says,Shut up..wit a smile n about to leave.Bulbul holds her n asks,Di..U r smelling different today n smiles.Pragya asks,Wht??Smell??with a smirked face.Bulbul smiles n says,U hav no habit of using perfume but now I can smell Jiju’s perfume smell on u n winks.Pragya says,Chiiii…u r too bad n goes from thr.

Next morning,In airport both the families r the to send off Abhi.Abhi hugs dadi n about cry n says,For the first time I gonna miss u.Dadi says,Beta..don’t wry n blessed him.Abhi hugs Sarla gets wishes from her.Sarla says,all the best beta.Abhi thanked sarla.Bulbul hugs n says,All d best.And heard d announcement of take-off n Abhi rushes n gets to Pragya.Pragya had tears in her eyes but managed to smile.Abhi says,Hey..fuggi pls don’t send off me wit teary eyes then I ll cry.Pragya says,No..I’m not crying.Abhi hugs her n says,Take care fuggi..cox u belongs to me nw n b careful.Pragya smiles n says,OK..U tc..all d best..I know u ll perform awesome n says,Drink little..don’t drink much.Abhi smiles n says,OK..madam.All waves bye to Abhi.Abhi waves bye n leaves.Dadi cries n says,my Abhi is going a long distance for d first time.Peehu Alia n Pragya consoles Dadi.Pragya too felt bad.All went home.Bulbul goes to office as Purab was out of town she had lots of works to do n she fully exhausted.

Pragya in her institute sitting in staffs room n all r chatting n watching TV.They saw the news as Abhi gonna do world’s big concert n the channel assures they ll relay live of Abhi’s concert.Pragya gets happy.As Abhi reached,He calls Pragya n says,Hey..fuggi I reached Toronto..did u missed me..Honestly I missed u badly.Pragya says,Even I too n says about live relay of his concert.Abhi says,Pragya I had met with small accident.

Precap:Abhi perfoms in his concert.Pragya n all watching his performance in TV.Suddenly they stopped the live relay n runs a flash news,All gets shocked by seeing the news.

Credit to: Tisha

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  1. pragya on abhis lap ? that was an awe…

  2. Its the first episode of all ff’s in telly updates I read an epi twice. Suuuppperb, romantic, lovely 🙂 :$

  3. Oh my god … Tishaa how u could do this… Omg I just can’t express by any wordss.. Just amazing frnd . keep going & make us happy luv u frnd

  4. Super tisha. It was awesome. I am just loving it and I read the episode thrice. Seriously it is out of world. Keep going and upload the next part soon

  5. Reshma Pradeep

    The ff is Awesome yaar….But what will happen now ????Precap become more mysterious…… Eagerly waiting for the next one…..plzzzzz update it soonnnnnnnnn……

  6. Tisha wat u done today.. really really it’s amazing today starting from end am enjoying overall & full of smile while reading it, very cute love, knok joke, romance, angry every thing dear..Full of happy to read the episode but not like the precap it faded the smile… atleast for today episode may b no need of this precap.. other than thanks for today’s.

  7. Divya Chandru

    Awesome episodes between abhi and pragya

  8. Awsomeeeeee yr I am speech less after reading this ff

  9. Tisha yua killing me .. Dunno how many tymz vl read this again … Feeln lyk flying ..
    Aww pragya in abhis lap oh gosh .. Loving this .. Oh no .. Hearn sun saathiya n readn it .. Alwz I read yua ff wid smile .

  10. Oh my god… Tisha u r jus ruling..such an awesome episode.. dono how I ll wait until d next episode n dono how many times I’m going to read this back to back…u r rocking tisha…keep going 🙂

  11. realy realy quit

  12. Tisha ur ff s awesome especially today’s is sooper dooper hit… I love it I want to read it again n again bt still I till dint get bored while reading… I really loved abhigya cute fight romance everythg today’s episode s rocking n fulfilled… Sema I love it a lottttttttt ???????

  13. Superb ff trisha really loved it… pragya n abhi lap … wowwww fantastic very romantic while reading all sceens come n my mind… really amazing… keep going like this… rock it

  14. awesome episode……

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