Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode 18

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Recap:Abhi leaves home with the cake.
The episode starts with Abhi goes to the party he calls Purab n asks is everything is ready.Purab says,Ya..all set but Pragya di is in upset.Abhi says leave it lemme handle n smiles.Purab sighs Bulbul.Pragya was Standing with bulbul n thinks y Abhi refused to come.Bulbul says,di..wait here I ll back in few minutes.Pragya says,Ok..Abhi comes at the party venue n places the cake in his car n goes to Pragya.Bulbul n Purab sees him n says,Everything is going by our plan..all the best.Abhi says,OK n leaves.Pragya stands alone for a long time she gets scared n shouts n calls Bulbul but the place remains silent.Suddenly,all the lights switched off.Pragya shouts Bulbul n says,Bulbul whr r u..U know that I’m scared of dark..pls come n cries.Someone came from behind n holds her covers her mouth n drags her from the place.

Pragya gets scared n tries to leave from the person.The person is none other than Abhi but Pragya unaware of him.Abhi gets her near to his car n takes his hand from her mouth.Immediately Pragya starts to shout for help n couldn’t see him as the place is dark.Abhi covers her mouth again n fires the candle.Pragya sees the cake n turned n identified Abhi in that candle light.Abhi hugs her n shouts,Happy birthday fuggi…Pragya hugs him n says thanks alot n Abhi breaks the hug n asks her to cut cake.Pragya smiles n asks,How u came here..u scared me..u had gone home na..Abhi says,Arey..first cut the cake..its the time to celebrate afterwards I ll answer ur all questions.Pragya smiles and cuts the cake.Abhi sings happy birthday song for Pragya.Pragya tooks the piece n about to feed Abhi.Abhi says,No..first bday baby..n feeds her the cake n applies cake on her face n says once again Happy birthday fuggi…Then Pragya gives him the cake n applies on his face n hugs him n says thank u..thanks alot for making this bday special.Abhi hugs her n says,hereafter all ur birthday ll be special.

Pragya breaks the hug,n asks,Whr is Bulbul n Purab.Abhi said they leaved.Pragya smiles at him.Pragya asks,Even ur cake is saying me fuggi na n smiles.Abhi said,Oh..its my idea..n Peehu asks me to convey her wishes n wishes once again in the behalf of Peehu n says,She had prepared this cake for u.Pragya says,So sweet..n asks,so..u planned me this surprise thats y u refused to come for party ryt?Abhi says,Ofcourse n gives tissue to wipe the cream.Abhi asks,Then whts the plan.Pragya says, usual hav to go for institute n classes tmrw exams for my students so I hav to invigilate.Abhi says,Mmm..OK let’s go for dinner tomorrow.Pragya says,Mm..OK sure n looks on Abhi.Abhi holds her hand and says,Fuggi..u r my greatest strength n weakness too n smiles n continued by saying,I need u in all through my life..u know u r not only my love r wife..U r my bestie..soulmate..n everything.Pragya says,Thank u for being my all n hugs him.Abhi says,OK fuggi its getting late shall v leave.Pragya says,Ofcourse n I too feel tired.Abhi drops her in home n waves bye.Pragya enters home n Bulbul shouts happy bday di..n hugs her n Sarla n all wishes Pragya n after sometime all went to sleep.

Next morning,Pragya is in her institute Abhi calls her n asks,whr r U?Pragya says,Just now reached institute getting into the exam hall n wht abt u.Abhi says,I’m in studio.Pragya says, ll call u back and ends the call.Abhi says,OK..Pragya comes out of the exam hall as exam is finished n picks her phone.She sees 30-35 missed calls from Abhi.Pragya gets panic n calls him back.Abhi picks the phone n attends the call n asks her to turn around.Pragya turns n sees Abhi standing thr.Pragya ends the call n asked him,wht u r doing here n y u called me many times is everything is fine.Abhi comes sad n says,Pragya..Pragya asks,wht happened is the any important matter u r calling me as Pragya instead fuggi.Abhi says,Yes..very important matter.Pragya gets scared n asks,wht happened y u r sad..pls tell me.

Abhi says,how could I tell U n hangs his head down.Pragya holds his hand n asks,wht happened is everything is fine na pls..pls..don’t make to scare.Abhi says,My career..Pragya asks,Wht happened to ur career??n gets tensed.Abhi suddenly shouts Fuggi n hugs her.She scared n shouts wht happened.Abhi says,I got a chance to do my live concert in Toronto n shouts its a big deal for me.Pragya gets her breath n hugs him n says,Really..I’m very happy for u..Abhi lifts her n rounds her with joy.Pragya says,OK..OK..its enough drop me down.Abhi drops her down n says I’m really don’t know how to react n jumps in joy.Pragya smiles at him n thinks happy for him..n kept her hand in his cheeks n says,U deserved it n smiles at him.Abhi says,Its all bcoz of u..u r my lucky charm.Pragya feels happy n asks whether he had told Dadi.Abhi says,yes..I told her firstly n got blessings from her.Pragya says,Her blessings always make u to win more n more.Abhi says,Ur love too n smiles at her.Pragya smiles.Abhi asks Ur work is over na?Pragya says,Yes..Abhi says,OK..come let’s go for ur home.

Sarla maa ll get happy by hearing this and Bulbul,Rockstar Dadi everyone ll b come let’s go.Pragya smiles and goes with him.
As they reached home Abhi told the news to all.Everyone becomes happy n Sarla hugs Abhi n wishes him.Abhi gets blessings from Sarla n dadi.Bulbul feels happy n congratulates Abhi.Pragya asks,wen the concert gonna happen.Abhi replies its after 3 days n wanna leave tomorrow.Pragya says,OK..n smiles.Abhi asks,Y u gonna miss me ryt?Bulbul asks,Jiju..then u won’t miss di uh??Abhi says,Ofcourse..I ll.miss ur di alot..especially her stupidness n smiles.Pragya asks,my stupidness??when I behaved as stupid.Abhi says,Everytime..even now too.Bulbul says, is my di’s birthday so don’t tease her n kisses her.Abhi says,Arey..Bulbul..I didn’t give u the permission to kiss my fuggi.Pragya says,Hello..My Bulbul had all rights n kisses her.

Bulbul smiles at Abhi.Abhi says,OK..fuggi..u better marry ur Bulbul.All laughs.Abhi says,I wanna do my packing dinner is canceled.Pragya says,No problem n smiles at him.Abhi says,OK..come let’s go.Pragya asks,Whr??Abhi says,Come n help in packing.Pragya says,how could I?Abhi says,Sarla maa..ask ur daughter to come.Sarla says,Go Pragya go n help him.Pragya says,Maa..Abhi asks,Whts ur problem?in anger voice.Pragya says,Nothing..come let’s go.Abhi keeps his hand in her shoulder n says,That’s my fuggi.Bulbul teases Pragya n says,Di..come home soon.Abhi says,No probs Bulbul I ll drop my fuggi.Pragya smiles and asks,Shall v go.Abhi smiles n says yes.Abhi n Pragya reached MM.For the first time pragya is coming to MM.Dadi,Peehu n Alia welcomes her n wishes her for bday.Dadi blessed pragya.Abhi says,Pragya had came here to help me in packing.Peehu n Alia smiles at him n says,OK..OK..

Abhi asks,wht OK?They said nothing bahi.Pragya smiles at them.Peehu n Alia takes Pragya with her.Abhi asks,Whr u both taking her to.Peehu says,V gonna show our home n then leave her in ur room.Abhi says,OK..n asks dadi for coffee.Dadi says,OK..beta I ll send coffee to ur room n smiles.Peehu n Alia shows all the room to Pragya.Pragya thinks his both sisters r so sweet n his Dadi is very caring..n feels lucky to become bahu for this family.

Precap: Abhi leaves Mumbai and gets to flight to reach Toronto.All his family n Pragya’s family sends off him.Abhi called Pragya n says,I met with a small accident.Pragya tensed.

Credit to: Tisha


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    Fabulous yr I like your thoughts even they are better from the current track of KB which is not completing since 1 year

  2. durga

    Today episode s superb, awesome yaar.. Today also u make me in situation that longing for tomorrow episode soooo plzzzz update next episode soon…

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