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Recap:Pragya kisses Abhi in his cheeks.

The episode starts with Sarla Dadi n all gathered in hall n chatting with the guests.Pragya comes thr with smile n thinks her kiss.Dadi calls her n asks,Beta..whr u had gone..this function is not only for exchanging rings it is also for introducing bahu to all our guests.Pragya says,Dadi..I had an important work that’s y.Dadi says,No problem beta n introduced her to all their relatives.Abhi comes thr n asks,Wassup ladies??Dadi asks,Whr u had gone?Abhi replies,An important work Dadi n smiles at Pragya.Dasi asks,Hav u both had done the work together.Abhi asks,What??Peehu comes thr n says,Dasi..U r absolutely ryt..they had done their work together n turned his cheeks towards all.Abhi doesn’t know wht she is doing.All smiles at him n Pragya.Pragya feels embraced by seeing her lipstick mark on his cheek n tries to leave from thr.Peehu drags Pragya n maked her to stand beside Abhi.All smiles at them.

Abhi asks,y u ppl r smiling like weird..Peehu says,Nothing bhai..ur Jodi is just terrible that’s y n smiles at them.Pragya tries to leave as she feels embraced.Abhi holds her hand n says,She is just kidding..I know our Jodi is awesome..and calls Purab to give permission to media to come inside.Pragya sighs him.Peehu asks,Wht u gonna do with media ppl?Abhi says,I’m gonna announce my to be wife n engagement officially n I know I gonna break millions of girls heart but wht to do my heart is with fuggi na..Pragya sighs him alot to clean his lipstick mark but he didn’t understand.Purab smiles at him n asks,Abhi..sure u wanna meet media with this getup.Abhi says,Ofcourse is my engagement..So I dressed as groom so I should meet media by this getup.All smiles Abhi.Pragya nods no to Abhi.Abhi says,don’t get tensed sweet heart lemme handle the media n smiles at her.Pragya smirked.

Media persons had entered.Pragya gets tensed n drags Abhi inside.Peehu smiles n says to media that ur Rockstar ll b back in moment.Abhi asks Pragya,Why did u get me inside infront of everyone..Achhaa..u wanna kiss from me ryt n tries to kiss her.Pragya keeps her hand on his mouth n says,Areyy..stop this n takes him to the mirror.Abhi says,I know I’m handsome.Pragya says,Areeyy..n turned his cheeks towards the mirror.Abhi shocked n feels embraced n asks,How could u do this?Pragya asks,What??Abhi says,Its ur responsible.Pragya asks,How could i?Abhi says,U..u kissed me ryt.Pragya says,Yes..but..u..Abhi says, mistake..ryt??Pragya says,Suniyee..How could I know..I’m Sry..Abhi stares her.Pragya tooks a tissue n wipes his cheeks by saying Sry..I swear..I won’t kiss u hereafter n looks on Abhi.

Abhi smiles at her n says,cute idiot.Pragya smiles at him.Abhi says,See thr..something is hanging. Pragya turned to see..Abhi kisses her cheek n leaves.Pragya smiles n sees herself in mirror.Abhi shouted from near to the door n says, need to check ur cheek..cox I doesn’t hav the habit of using lipstick n smiles at her n asks her to come.Pragya smiles n comes.Abhi greets all the media n announced his engagement officially n introduced Pragya. All smiles and clapped at them.As media n guests leaves.Dadi says Sarla,Function had ended well,Our children r very happy..I wanna them to get married soon.Sarla says the same to dadi n they both look at them.Pragya n Abhi standing together n Alia Peehu Bulbul Purab kidding them n smiles at them.Peehu n Bulbul sighs at each other.

Bulbul drags Purab her side n leaves.Peehu says,Alia di..b with bhabi n drags Abhi to her side.Pragya surprised wht Peehu is doing.Alia accompanied Pragya.Abhi asks Peehu,wht u r doing..within few minutes v ll leave to home..I wanna spend some time with Pragya leave me.Peehu says, minute..Abhi relives her hand n about to leave.Peehu says,U wanna spend just few minutes r few hours.Abhi asks,How could be possible?v gonna leave na?Peehu says,its possible n V hav an idea.Abhi comes to her n ask her to say the idea.Peehu says,Bhai..tmrw is bhabi’s birthday na.Abhi asks,Is it?Peehu smirked n says,Can’t u feel ashamed?Wht kinda finacee u r?Abhi says,Areyy..I ll get ur scold afterwards..first explain ur idea.Peehu tells the idea.Abhi says, was perfect n asks but how could she come?Peehu replies,Its Bulbul n Purab’s part they ll handle.Abhi says,Alryt..then..n gives her the hifi.Abhi comes back to Pragya.Pragya gets anger.Abhi asks,Wht happened?Pragya says,U gonna leave in few minutes but u don’t wanna spend some time with me na?Abhi says,Wht time..I was with u all the time through out this function then wht the last some time is so important.Pragya gets sad n hangs her head down.Abhi looks her n smiles at her n says himself,Abhi..well done..ur idea is working well.

Dadi comes to Abhi n asks,Shall v leave beta..Abhi says,Ofcourse Dadi..I was waiting for that n feeling so tired.Sarla says,Don’t wry..if u slept well everything ll b alryt.Abhi nods n smiles n looks at Pragya.Pragya gets sad n thinks how weird he is..he suddenly started to behave like typical husband..After the engagement he is not minding me.Dadi says Sarla that they r leaving n says bye to Pragya.Abhi says,Bye maa..bye Pragya.Pragya doesn’t react.Peehu n Alia hugs Pragya n says,Bye bhabi..Pragya smiles at them n keeps on looking Abhi.Abhi doesn’t see her.They all was about to leave.Suddenly,Bulbul n Purab comes thr n told Abhi,we had arranged the engagement party for friends n we assured that Pragya di n Abhi ll come.Pragya gets happy by hearing this n thinks she could spend some more time with Abhi.Sarla says, the party to day time..I won’t let anyone to go for night party..all r tired so all should have take rest.Bulbul says,Maa..pls..v had assured..

Purab promised all..n they r waiting for us especially they wanna meet pls maa..let us to go..Dadi says,Sarla ji..leave..let them go..Abhi says,Whomever wanna go just go..I’m not coming anywhere I feel tired n I’m gonna sleep.Pragya gets sad n looks on Abhi.Bulbul says,Jiju n winks at him.Abhi says,No way..I won’t come don’t force me.Pragya gets angry.Abhi says,If I didn’t come thn Pragya won’t come so cancel the party.Pragya says in anger voice,who told I won’t go..I ll go thr n I’m gonna enjoy the party n thinks sure he ll feel jealous n accept to come for the party.Abhi says,Well..go n enjoy the party n smiles at her n says,Hav a Gud time guys n leaves.Dadi and all too leaves.Sarla says,Bulbul u should b careful n should take care of Pragya OK.Purab told,Don’t wry maa I ll take care.Sarla says,OK..go n come safe n she leaves.Pragya told Purab n Bulbul, I’m not coming anywhere n about to go.Purab n Bulbul stops her n asks,Y u ll come with Abhi only uhh??Pragya says no..Bulbul says,then wht come n takes her with them.In MM all slept Abhi n Peehu preparing cake for Pragya.Peehu prepares n Abhi helps her.Abhi asks Peehu whether Bulbul,Pragya,Purab reached the party.

Peehu says,Yes..n all happening by our idea.Peehu prepared the cake n applies cream on it.Abhi asks her to do fast as he wanna leave.Peehu says wait for 5 minutes.Peehu about to write”Happy birthday dr pragya”in cake.Abhi stopped her in “Happy birthday”itself.Peehu asks,Wht happened y u stopped me.Abhi says,Wht u r writing u hav to ask me na before writing on it.Peehu says,I was about to write”dr Pragya”Abhi asks her to write”Rockstar’s cutest fuggi”n smiles at her.Peehu shouts,how selfish u r.Abhi ask her to speak politely.Suddenly Dadi comes thr n Abhi covers the cake n they both hides in cupboard.As Dadi goes Abhi n Peehu comes out.Abhi asks her to write.Peehu says,I won’t write like that n smirked.Abhi says OK..fine n writes himself n leaves.Peehu says,All d best bhai..convey my wishes.Abhi says,OK n rushes.

Precap:Pragya was standing alone n seeking for Bulbul but she can’t find Bulbul anywhere n gets tensed.

Credit to: Tisha

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