Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode 16

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Recap:Tanu shows some photos to Pragya.

The episode starts with Tanu saying Pragya,Abhi is cheating u he s marrying u coz his Dadi’s sake.Pragya shocked.Abhi watching them from far but he can’t hear wht they r speaking n remains clueless n tensed.Pragya asks Tanu,Hav u lost it I know wht the relationship u hav with Abhi.Tanu says,No..Pragya u doesn’t know anything..actually u was Abhi’s dadi’s choice not his choice.Pragya stands clueless.Tanu says,U have much more time to stop this engagement..I’m saying tis for ur gudness..try to understand n holds her hand.Pragya remains silent.Tanu says,I know Pragya u r innocent..he is using ur innocence..I ll thr fr u n asks her to think n leaves by witty smile.Abhi goes thr as Tanu leaves.Pragya sits desperately on bed by Keeping the photos in hands.Abhi comes to her n says,Fuggi..Pragya remains silent.Abhi kneels down before her n asks,Wht happened.She throwed the photos on bed.Abhi looks at those photos n remains silent.Abhi holds her hand n says,Don’t u trust me.Pragya looks into his eyes.Suddenly,Peehu calls them..Bhai..bhabi..wht u both doing here all r looking fr u n smiles n says,Romancing..uhhh??U continue ur romance after the engagement n pushed Abhi n takes Pragya from there.Abhi just looks on Pragya.Peehu ask him to come fast.Pragya looks on Sarla n her happiness.Dadi calls Abhi.Abhi comes thr n Dadi says,Its the high time now n let’s exchange the rings.Pragya looks on Abhi n dadi.Abhi feels guilty but they both managed to smile at all.Pragya thinks she need some time she shouldn’t take decision without considering both family.Abhi looks on Pragya’s eyes n thinks,Wht she is thinking n remains clueless.Dadi gives ring to Pragya n asks her to wear ring to Abhi.Peehu gives ring to Abhi n asks him to wear ring for Pragya.They both exchanged the rings all clapped with joy.Peehu n Bulbul pushes both Pragya n Abhi.They both were sad.Pragya about to fall Abhi holds her in his arms.Suddenly Janam Janam song plays all asked them to dance.They both danced romantically.Abhi lifts her in his arms.

After the music,Abhi n Pragya was standing in same pose as lost of mind Abhi holds her face n gets closer all clapped them they back to sense n Pragya runs away.Bulbul says Purab,They both r looking so cute n lovely.Peehu n Alia says dadi,Both bhai n bhabi r so lovely.Dadi nods n smiles from the heart.Pragya stands near a window in a room n thinks y she is trusting Tanu’s words I know how he loves me how could I doubt him.Abhi comes there Pragya turned around n says,Suniye..will u do me a favor.Abhi says,Yes,Ofcourse..wht could I do fr u n holds her hand.Pragya relives her hand n says,Can u call tanu n ask her to meet me now.Abhi asks,Wht??Pragya says,Pls..Abhi says,I won’t call her n gives her number to Pragya.Abhi asks,Wht happened to u?Pragya asks him to leave her alone.Abhi gets angry n gets out of the room.Pragya calls Tanu,Pragya asks Tanu,Whr r u?Tanu replies,I’m nearby ur marriage hall Pragya.Pragya asks her to come n she wanna meet her.Tanu replies,Ofcourse Pragya I ll come.Tanu comes inside the hall.Abhi sees her n gets angry n about to leave.Tanu says, sec..u told me that u won’t let me to reach her but nw everything is changed she trusts me more than u..that’s y she called me now n smirks at him n says,Ur loves end is coming soon n asks him to wait n watch.
Abhi gets irked.Tanu sees Pragya n says,Hi..Pragya..Pragya asked her to come in..Pragya calls Abhi to come to her room.Abhi says,I won’t wht u want..Pragya says,OK..lemme finish all these n ends the call.Abhi thinks,Why she is doing like this n hits the flowers.Peehu sees him n asks,Is everything is OK.Abhi says,nothing is fine n about to leave.Peehu holds his hand n asks,I saw tanu going to Babhi’s she is the problem ryt..Abhi nods n says,Why my life is miserable..when I get some happiness within few days sadness is taunting me n feels bad.Peehu says,Bhai u don’t wry..I know Tanu can’t do anything.Abhi remains silent n says,I’m leaving to Pragya’s room.Peehu nods n says,Don’t wry..everything ll b alryt.

Abhi comes there n stops behind the door n decides to hear their convo from outside.Pragya asks Tanu,U loved him ryt?Tanu says,No..Pragya u r wrong..we both love each other..n Abhi wants to marry me but he s getting married to u cox of his Dadi.Abhi hears n gets angry but he remains silent for Pragya’s answer.Pragya asks Tanu,Do u hav any proof?Tanu says,I had showed u the photos.Pragya asks,Photos??Is this photos r the proof..n asks,Tanu u r joking ryt.Tanu looks on Pragya.Pragya says,Everyone knows he is a Rockstar..n even many of them had taken is he is in love with everyone who took photos with him.Abhi surprised by hearing this.Tanu says,U r mistaken Pragya.Pragya says,Yes..I mistaken my Abhi for a moment by seeing this photos..I get upset by seeing this..I reacted very bad to him..I hurted him..I know Tanu what kinda relationship u had wit him just a fake love for money that’s all..wht a type of girl u r.Tanu says,Stop it Pragya..Pragya shouts in anger,U just stop it..I’m feeling his love in his eyes..each n every moment..I trust him completely n I know him more than anyone else there is no need for betraying me by love..u couldn’t understand whts love coz u don’t deserve anyone’s love..stop doing tis n look for a change..If u tried to spoil his name or reputation then I won’t leave u..Just get lost of my sight n try to change urself.I won’t believe anything wrong about him..I know how he is loyal to me..n get lost..i dont wanna to see ur face.Tanu says,U should pay for this Pragya..Lemme see how u both r getting married.Pragya smiles at her n says,Tanu..U didn’t understand whts love its not trusting in is a trust which makes the relationship to sustain do wht u wanna do..I hav trust on my love.Tanu irked n smirked at her n leaves.

Tanu comes outside n sees Abhi.Abhi smiles at her n asks,Well..Tanu..U r ryt..U reached her to manipulate her n wanna spoil our relationship..but see its so sad to see u now..No one could replace my fuggi in my life..did u get that..I trust my love n my Pragya more than better u seek fr some other rich man.Tanu says,I won’t leave u.Abhi says,Go to hell.Tanu smirked and leaves.Abhi gets into the room n asks Pragya,Did ur lecture is over?Pragya stares at him n asks,wen did u come here?Abhi says,Well..wen u started ur lecture na at the time..and I felt bored of ur lecture n smiles.Pragya asks,Have u felt bore n beats him.Abhi holds her hand n asks,Do u trust me this much?Pragya gets shy n says,U told na it was a its just a lecture n tries to loose her hand.Abhi holds her hand tight n says,So..U loving me tis much ryt.Pragya says,Yes..I love u more than anything n I trust u alot.Abhi melts in her words n holds her face n gets his face close to her face n says,U r just impossible..wht u had done to me..u r ruling my heart..Pragya closes her eyes.Abhi says,I know how ur heart is beating now and I can count it without keeping my hand in ur heart..n asks her to look into his eyes.Pragya opened her eyes n ask him to go away.Abhi asks,R u sure I wanna go away.Pragya says,Yes..Abhi asks,Y should I u had lost in challenge.Pragya gets tensed.Abhi comes closer to her n about to kiss.Pragya shouts Dadi…Abhi shocked n turned around..Pragya kisses him in his cheek n runs away(Sayiyarra Mein sayiyaara plays).Abhi smiles n thinks she pranked me n finally she won the challenge by trusting me more than anything else n says,I love u Pragya..n smiles.

Precap:Peehu n Abhi doing something in kitchen.Suddenly,Dadi comes there to drink water they both hides inside the cupboard.

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  15. Your description of love on Pragya for Abhi is awsomeeeeeeeeee….. I loved the way Pragya was telling about Abhi… And also, how much faith she is having in her heart for Abhi… It’s just wonderful….. More than that…I could imagine exactly the words you were written in your ff as real situations…..!!! Keep going Tisha….:-)

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