Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode 15


Guys do u ppl feeling bored of my ff bcoz for last 2 episodes only less feedback may I continue this track or wanna end tis track pls give ur comments!!
Happy pongal to all!!Pongal treat 2episodes today!!Enjoy!!

Recap:Abhi drops Pragya in her home n leaves angrily.

The episode starts with Pragya thinks Abhi’s words that he told don’t call me but Pragya wants to call Abhi n she feels very bad.Abhi just sits in the car he doesn’t go for home.Pragya called Abhi.Abhi picks the phone n smirked at the phone n it was Pragya.He doesn’t attend the call.Pragya calls again Abhi attend the call n asked her to come out n he was in car outside her home.Pragya rushes n goes outside n sees Abhi was sitting in the car desperately.Pragya goes thr n knocked the door Abhi opens the door.Pragya gets in n says,Sry..Abhi says,u told me na I have to feel guilty for my mistake thn y u r asking Sry..I’m not worth for ur sry Pragya remains tears in her eyes.Abhi continued by saying,this hall is getting ready for our engagement but see how v r..n looks on the hall.Pragya says,I’m Sry..I hurted u.Abhi says,Just leave.Pragya remains silent.Abhi asks,Pragya..r u happy with this relationship r I’m crossing my limits..wht do u think is Im over reacting..I don’t know how to react n now I’m completely depressed.Pragya hugs him n says,I’m Sry..I’m really Sry..I won’t do this I’m really Sry..pls don’t say like this pls.Abhi hugs her tight n says,I’m completely devastated when u r not anywhere.Pragya say,I know I’m Sry..I’m extremely Sry..Abhi smiles n says,No..I won’t forgive u..go..go n sleep.No,I won’t go..Abhi says,Chashmish..go..get down..if anyone ll seen us then it ll b a big rumor.Pragya says,OK..I’m leaving.Abhi says,Sure!!R u leaving.Pragya says,U wanna me to leave thn nw u r asking wht happened to u..r u ok n keeps her hand n checks his forehead n cheeks.Abhi says,I’m OK..Pragya says,Suniye..whn v r misunderstanding on our relationship v hav to clarify that immediately bcoz I don’t wanna any pain in our relationship v wanna b the best of all time.Abhi says,Sure!!n asks do u wht the time nw?Pragya says,I don’t know whts the time?Abhi says,Its early morning 4AM.Pragya says, is our engagement na I have to sleep well then only I ll look fresh.Abhi asks,Hey..I’m here with u then y u r trying to impress me on engagement.Pragya told,who gonna impress u..I wanna impress guests.Abhi feels jealous n thinks..Well..wait n watch how I gonna make u jealous today n smiles at Pragya.Pragya says,I know wht u r thinking.Abhi says,I don’t mind.Pragya says,OK..I’m leaving.Abhi says,Even I too leaving n starts the car n moves.Pragya says,Arey..I hav to get down stop the car..Everyone ll seek fr me n shouts to stop the car.Abhi laughs at her n stops the car n asks her to get down.Pragya asks,Wht??Drop me in home.Abhi says,Nw u r getting down or not I wanna go home.Pragya stares Abhi n gets down n says,I ll tat for u wait n see my plot.Abhi says,First crct ur chashma n go careful n smiles at her.Pragya smirked at him n leaves.Abhi shouts n says,Go safe.Pragya shouts,I know.They both smiles n go of their way.Pragya remains Abhi’s love n care n thinks I’m the luckiest girl and widens her hand.Abhi in his car thinks about Pragya n feels excited n smiles(Ishq bulaava plays for both of them).

It was evening,Sarla runs here n there to look at the arrangements.Pragya n Bulbul was chatting.Sarla comes thr n ask them to get ready soon.Pragya says,Maa..still v hav more time don’t get panic.Sarla says,Pragya..only 2 hrs left.Bulbul says,ufff!Di..only 2hrs wanna get ready.Sarla n Pragya smiles at her n Sarla holds her ears n asks,For whom the engagement gonna happen?Pragya smiles at them.Bulbul says, paining..engagement is for di..Sarla says,Bulbul..first u help Pragya to get ready.Bulbul say,OK..Sarla leaves by saying them to get ready soon.Bulbul asks Pragya to get ready n says he ll help her.Pragya nods but she receives a call from Abhi.Pragya attends the call n asks,wassup Rockstar?Abhi says,Getting ready to see my to b wife.Pragya smiles n asks,Whn u ll come.Abhi says,Within an hour.Bulbul snatched the phone from Pragya n says,Jiju..U can romance after ur engagement..I wanna make my di special today n see how gonna feel jealous today.Abhi says,let’s c who gonna feel jealous.Bulbul says,let’s c n ends the call.Pragya n Bulbul gets ready.Pragya wearing pink with White lehengas saree.Sarla comes to see Pragya she saw Pragya n gets stunned by her beauty n says,Betaa..U r looking so beautiful n keeps her teka.Bulbul asks,Maa..only looking beautiful uh?Sarla hugs both of them n says,Both my daughters r looking pretty n says,All members from Abhi’s family had came n they r in hall.Suddenly a voice from entrance shouted,Pragya babhi…it was Peehu coming with Alia,Dadi,Tayji n Mitali.Pragya gets blessings from Dadi n Tayji.Peehu hugs Pragya n says,Babhi..U r looking so cute..gorgeous.Dadi too told the same n kisses in her forehead.Alia hugs Pragya n says,U r looking pretty.Peehu says,Sure..bhai gonna feel jealous by seeing u n smiles.Bulbul says,u r ryt Peehu Jiju gonna vanished.Alia says,Our bhai also looking adorable today.Pragya blushes.Dadi says,Alia n Peehu to with Pragya.They nods.Abhi was sitting in stage alone n seeks for Pragya n calls Peehu n says,Peehu..wen function s gonna start I’m getting bored.Peehu asks,U getting bored or u wanna c bhabi n smiles at him.Abhi says,Nothing its my mistake..I asked u na..Peehu smiles n leaves.Dadi calls,Peehu,Alia n Bulbul to bring Pragya.Abhi looks excited.As Pragya comes there everyone admirers her beauty.Abhi gets a look on her n mesmerised with her beauty n he didn’t take his eyes out of her.As Pragya come n sat besides him.Peehu calls,Bhai..bhai..just then Abhi gets back to normal.Alia asks,Wht happened bhai..r u ok n smiles at him.Abhi just smiles n about to say complement to Pragya but he reminds his challenge n thinks to make Pragya jealous calls Bulbul n says,Bulbul u r looking great today than any others even Pragya.Bulbul says thank u Jiju n smiles.Pragya stares at him n gets jealous.Abhi says Pragya,U lost the challenge sweet heart..Pragya says,Wht??Abhi says,I saw ur face it becomes pink when u feel jealous.Pragya says,No.this s cheating..Abhi says,U r cheating..I know u felt jealous.Pragya says,no..Abhi says,Yes..n says,If u didn’t feel jealous I have many other ways to make u jealous..I already won the challenge but its k let’s continue our challenge so that u ll b more jealous n winks at Pragya.Pragya turned her face.Abhi says,Hey..fuggi..Pragya asks wht?how do u called me?Abhi smiles n says,Fuggi..n laughs at her.Pragya asks,me?fuggi??How could u call me like this.Abhi shows her child hood photo n says,U r looking like ballon na n smiles n asks,how s ur new name n smiles.Pragya smirked.Abhi says,Hey..fuggi..u r looking gorgeous..and whispered in her ears by saying,I luv u..Pragya feels shy n tries to leave.Abhi holds her hand n says,U didn’t said luv u till nw.Pragya says,I had confessed, Abhi says,U had confessed but u didn’t said luv u n says,Today I want my kiss n luv from u.Pragya blushes n leaves.Abhi was speaking with guests.Pragya’s friends had arrived she welcomed them n she feels Sry to Shiva.Shiva says,Its OK n moves.Abhi stares Pragya n feels jealous.Pragya thinks not to spoil his mood n says,Sry by sighing.Abhi smiles n winks at her n says,Its k..Pragya smiles at him.Abhi sighs her.Suddenly some one calls Pragya,She turned n saw a woman n it was tanu.Pragya asks,Wht u r dng here.Tanu takes her to a room.Abhi saw tanu n gets tensed n thinks y she s taking Pragya wit her n follows them.Tanu shows photos of Abhi n tanu n says,V r still in relationship..he is cheating u for his Dadi’s sake.Pragya shocked.

Precap:Abhi comes to Pragya with much tension.Pragya was standing alone with someone photos in her hand n throws it before him.Abhi gets tensed by seeing Pragya’s anger face.

Credit to: Tisha

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  5. Reshma Pradeep

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