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Recap:Abhi accepts Pragya’s challenge.

The episode starts with Abhi drops Pragya in her home n Pragya asks him to come.They both entered the home Sarla was in half sleep n greets Abhi n says Pragya,Make him to wait I ll make him coffee.Abhi says, need..u r already in half sleep so pls go n continue ur sleep.Sarla says,no..but..Abhi says,Maa..its k u go n sleep I don’t want coffee nw.Sarla says,OK..beta..n asks Pragya to make coffee.Pragya says,Maa..he ll leave nw I’m tired I won’t do n moreover he is saying na he doesn’t wanna hav coffee.Abhi stares at her n says,No..I want coffee nw.Sarla says,OK..wait a minute I ll make fr u.Pragya smiles.Abhi says,Maa..u no need to make..ask ur lazy daughter to make coffee for her to be hubby.Pragya says,Y should I..even I too tired of work but u r asking me to prepare ur coffee n stares Abhi.Sarla advices Pragya not to behave like this n asks her to prepare coffee n leaves to sleep.Pragya smirked n goes to prepare coffee.Abhi smiles at her n says,U told me na..u won’t make me coffee but nw see nw wht happened n laughs at her.Pragya asks him to keep quiet.Abhi goes behind her n hugs her from back while she preparing coffee n says,Chashmish..see..I can do the things wht I decided so better u should forget our challenge n accept my demand now n kiss me or u hav to face failure of ur challenge..If u failed thn my demands ll b more.Pragya keeps hot coffee mug in his hand.Abhi shouts n breaks the hug and says,How dare u?Pragya smiles at him n says,This is the my way of kissing.Abhi says,Acchaa..thn nw see my way n comes close to her again she kept the coffee mug in his hand n says,how dare u to kiss Rockstar’s to be wife n pushes him n says,Its getting late hav ur coffee n leave fr nw.Abhi smirked at her n says,Chashmish..challenge is a challenge..see,how I gonna win my challenge said in a confident voice.Pragya asks him to sit n have coffee.Abhi sits n sips coffee n says,I wanna marry u sure atleast fr this coffee.Pragya beats him in his arm n asks,U wanna marry me for just a coffee.Abhi says, taste of ur coffee is similar to my dadi’s n smiles at her.Pragya says,Suniye..tomorrow I have cultural function in my institute.Abhi asks,Wht could I do if wanna b a chief I hav recording fr my album so u guys better change the date.Pragya says,Areyy..Arey..1minute nw who called u as chief guest.Abhi says,U told me na cultural function in ur institute.Pragya says,First hear my words fully,Tmrw function so I ll b late for home coz functions ll get over by 11PM.Abhi says,Ohh..I was just joking n smiles.Pragya says,Yes..I know ur joking n smiles.Abhi says,Hey..Chashmish..b careful at that Shiva..I just hate him..I suspect he is not gud.Pragya says,No..he is Gud person y u didn’t like him n stares Abhi.Abhi says,Whatever u need to b careful OK..Pragya says,OK..Abhi says,OK..Lemme leave fr nw..bye..hav a Gud sleep.Pragya says,ya..Ok..u too hav a Gud sleep.Abhi moves towards the car n comes back to Pragya n asks u wanna go for the challenge or..Pragya says,Challenge is a challenge n smiles at him.Abhi smirked at her n leaves from there.

Next day,It was around 12:30AM Abhi came to Pragya home n noticed that door was opened he gets in n lied in sofa n calls Pragya to bring him coffee.Sarla comes there n greets Abhi n goes to prepare coffee.Sarla gives him coffee.Abhi sips the coffee n asks,Whr s Pragya is she slept?..well,I was coming from my studio dadi ask me to come here n said me to help u ppl fr arrangements for engagement.Sarla says,Arrangements r almost over..Abhi could realize some tension in Sarla’s voice.Abhi asked,Maa..wht happened?Sarla replies,Pragya had gone fr cultural function..she told she ll b late but nw time is too late but she doesn’t came till nw.Abhi tensed n says,ya..she told me but I thought she ll b returned wait lemme call her.Sarla says,Her mobile is switched off.Abhi gets panic n tensed alot but he manages to console Sarla n asks bulbul to call her friends.Bulbul says, one is picking the call.Sarla says,I’m getting scared..y she is doing like this tmrw is her engagement I don’t know wht to do.Abhi asks bulbul to tc of maa n leaves to Pragya’s institute.Abhi reached thr n seeks fr Pragya it seems that function gets over.He asked about Pragya to her colleague.She told Pragya had leaved b4 half an hour she had gone with Shiva.Abhi thanked her n gets into the car.Abhi gets tensed alot says,I had told her to b careful with that guy..but she didn’t get my words..hope she should b safe n seeks her in nearby streets(Hamari adhuri kahani plays).He suddenly stopped the car n could recognize that a girl is standing thr n it seems to b Pragya he runs towards her n he sees that is Pragya.As he saw her he hugs her tightly(Tu meri jaan hai..tu mera armaan hai plays).Pragya remains clueless.Abhi was so tensed as he saw her he break tears.Pragya hugs the break n gets tensed by seeing his face.She wiped his tears n keeps her hand on his cheeks n says,Relax..Relax..wht happened y u r so tensed.Abhi pushes her hand away in anger n asks,u don’t know y I’m tensed?U know what’s the time now?n notices Shiva standing beside her.He turned his anger towards him n shouts,U tried to make her innocence as a chance for u ryt.Pragya says,no he had mistaken Shiva.Abhi shouts, u hav any sense?U hav to inform us na if u r getting late.Pragya says in scared voice I tried but my phone is dead.Abhi asks,U could inform us from this Shiva’s phone na?.She told,his phone is also dead..he comes to drop me bt unfortunately his bike got some problem.Abhi can’t control his anger towards shiva n shouts at him badly.Pragya tries to control him but he was in peak of his anger.Pragya says,Suniye..pls don’t shout at him.Abhi says,Pragya..u r biggest fool..he is trying to take u the advantage y can’t u understand.Pragya feels sorry fr shiva n asks him to go from there.Shiva looks on Abhi n leaves.Pragya asked Abhi,Wht happened to u..y u r behaving like this..he is not the kind of person.Abhi shouts,Stop ur stupid lecture u fool..whole family is tensed fr u..he is just making fool out of u.Pragya tries to make him understand.Abhi shouts her to get into the car n asks her not increase his anger.Pragya gets in n Abhi starts the car.Pragya looks on Abhi.He punched the steering n murmured, Such a fool crap she is.Pragya listened his words n asked,Wht u said.Abhi says,Pls don’t speak even a word to me otherwise I donno wht I ll do.Pragya asks,Don’t u feel guilty for scolding him.Abhi says,Mistake is urs..u hav to feel guilty.Pragya says,But y u scolded Shiva.Abhi shouts her not to speak with him anymore n says im nt ready to hear u.They reached her home.Abhi n Pragya acted to b normal infront of everyone.Sarla hugs her n asks y she is too late.Abhi says,Just nw function gets over.Sarla asks,Pragya to go n take rest as tmrw is her engagement.Abhi says,’m leaving.Sarla says,OK..beta..go safe.Abhi nods n leaves by staring at Pragya.Abhi was about to get into his car.Pragya goes behind him n drags his hand.Abhi pushes her hand n says,Leave me alone n do wht u want..I’m not in the mood of hearing anything.Pragya says, teary voice but Abhi says,Pls..leave me u didn’t understood my feelings..u know I was searching u madly.Pragya gets teary eyes.Abhi says,Go n sleep..tmrw function is thr na go..I ll manage myself n pls don’t call me n leaves(Kyasaa yeh ishq hai plays).Pragya lies in bed n cries hardly n says,I had hurted him alot..I would have to understand his feelings,love n concern but instead I showed him my anger how could I face him tmrw as tmrw is such an auspicious day in our life.I completely spoiled everything n cries hard.(Kyasaa yeh ishq hai plays)

Precap:Abhi sees Pragya going with the person and gets tensed n follows them n thinks wht to do to stop Pragya.

Credit to: Tisha

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