Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode-13


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Recap:Abhi challenges Pragya to make her jealous.

The episode starts with Pragya’s colleague saying Pragya that,Abhi is very cool and I thought he ll b like greedy coz of stardom but he is so caring n smiles at Pragya.Pragya says,I know him from my childhood he s still d same and thinks but he has more attitude n ego n smiles.Her colleague says,Congratulations!!Pragya thanked her.Abhi asks all to give attention n told,Guys..I really had a Gud time wit u ppl..its awesome n I would like to invite u ppl for our engagement.As the date fixed..Pragya ll invite u all n in the behalf of mine too.All gets happy n says,Sure..Abhi sir n smiles.Abhi comes to Pragya and asks,Can v leave for now?Pragya nods.Abhi n Pragya waves them bye and move towards the car.Pragya says,Its already late..its 9PM can u drop me in home.Abhi gets irked and says Ok..I ll drop u.Pragya smiles at him and says,then..U don’t wanna spend time with me uhh?Abhi says,U r not ready to spend time with me then how I could I force u.Pragya says,Areyy..I’m just joking.Abhi says,no..u better go home bcoz u spoiled my mood..u know I was in Gud mood while coming out but ur bad joke spoiled my mood..So I ll drop u in home.Pragya feels sad for her mistake n gets into the car n thinks to change his mood.Abhi starts the car and looks at Pragya n thinks something.Pragya says,I’m Sry..Abhi didn’t noticed that.Pragya again says,Suniye..Abhi says,Mmm..Pragya says,I’m Sry..bcoz of me ur mood worsed na..I’m Sry..Abhi looks at her..she was keeping her hands in her ears n says Sry.Abhi says,I had never seen a cute idiot like u n smiles.Pragya says,I would love to b as ur cute idiot n smiles.Abhi’s mood back to normal n asks Pragya,Where shall v go?Pragya asks,Is Ur mood is alryt nw?Abhi asks,y again u wanna spoil my mood?Pragya says,no..Pragya gets a call.Pragya picks the phone n says its maa.Abhi attends the call n says,Hi..maa..Sarla replies,Beta..u..Abhi says,Haa..maa..ur daughter is with me n U don’t wry I’ll drop her n I ll tc of her.Sarla says,Tk..beta..and I had a happy news fr u just nw ur dadi called me n told that ur engagement is fixed on day after tomorrow.Abhi says,Dadi didn’t told me anything.Sarla says,Just now she called me may b she ll call u later.Abhi says,Ya..may be.Pragya asks him to give the phone to her.Abhi says, u in few hours n ends the call.Sarla on other side says,Arey..beta..n smiles.

Abhi smiles While driving the car n thinks that he gonna get married to this Chashmish n smiles.Pragya asks,What mom had told u?Why u r smiling?Abhi says,Within a day u gonna be engaged to Rockstar.Pragya blushes and says,I’m not engaging with any Rockstar.Abhi says,then..with whom.Pragya says,I’m gonna engaged with my chotta Abhi.Abhi asks,Chotta?Have u seen any kids with beard n moustache.Pragya replies,Haa..I had seen n still seeing n smiles at him.Abhi says,achha..n stops the car(it was just a small dhaba on highways with less crowd).Pragya asks,Y u stopped the car.Abhi says,I thought this the right place to spend some time n nobody ll come n knock the car nobody ll shout my name n smiles.Pragya smiles but lil bit she seems tensed.Abhi says,Y u r looking tensed I won’t do anything and laughs at her.I know u won’t do anything n smiles.Abhi asks,How u know?Pragya replies,I trust u n I know abt u.Abhi asks,What u know abt me?Pragya asks,Is this Q&A session u r asking me questions n smiles.Abhi says,Hey..look at me I’m serious abt my question n say me the answer..wht u know abt me?Pragya says,OK..lemme tell u..U r just a kid till now.Abhi looks on clueless.Pragya continued by saying,U had grewn up but ur heart is still like a kid..u always need some person with u to taught u which is ryt n wrong n when u started to love someone thn u ll love them madly wen u started to hate someone thn u won’t tolerate them at any point n U can’t see anyone in pain n moreover u never want to share ur pain with others.Most important,U won’t forgive who betrayed u n U loving ur family alot than anything else in the world.Abhi gets teary eyes.Pragya continued..but Abhi holds her hand and says,Enough Pragya..its enough..U know one thing, yes..I’m loving my family than anything else but I love u more than that.Pragya smiles at him n carres his cheeks.Abhi holds her hand and says,Most of the girls ll describe me like..I’m looking..etc..but no one knows my reality except u n U fulfilled me(Agar tum saath ho plays)I don’t know how u came to know about me this much but now I’m feeling guilty that I think didn’t understand u as much u.Pragya says,No..I just told u didn’t told anything but I know u understand me more than I did.Abhi gets emotional and hugs Pragya n gets emotional n says,I love..Pragya says,I too..(Tu meri jaan plays)Someone watching them from outside.Abhi asks,R u crying?Pragya wipes her tears n breaks the hug n says no by wiping the tears.Abhi says,Oye..Chashmish..don’t cry..I ll get U something u have.Pragya says,Ryt from our childhood u r calling me as Chashmish nw I’m going to b ur wife..u still calling me with the same name and acts as anger.Abhi says,Well..u r ryt..Pragya says,Then..hereafter u ll call me by my name uh?Abhi says,not at all..I ll think a new name for u n I ll keep u the new name on our engagement.Pragya stares at him.Abhi gets down from the car to buy something.Pragya just sits in the car n looking his music CDs.Someone comes there n tried to knock the door.Abhi sees that n stops the person and drags aside n says,Well..I expected u..n I know very well u ll harm our relationship and says,I’m just warning u don’t try to reach Pragya.I won’t let ur breath to touch her..this is the last warning for u..and pushes the person n gets into the car.Pragya asks,Wht u brought me to have.Abhi gives her ice cream.Pragya gets happy and thanked him.Abhi doesn’t react.Pragya asked,Is everything is fine..why u r looking tensed..Is I spoiled ur mood again?Abhi asks,U won’t leave me at any cause ryt?Pragya asks,wht happened..y u r asking me suddenly.Abhi says,answer me.Pragya says,I swear I won’t leave u for any cause.I wont leave u till my death and holds Abhi’s hand.Abhi holds her hand tight and smiles at her.Abhi says,Don’t get emotional..I’m just asking that’s it.Pragya says,Suniye..I don’t know y u asked me this..but I trust u more than me and lies in his arm by holding hands in hands(Mere haath main plays)they both were in same place for a long time.Abhi asks,U wanna go home or u wanna sleep in my arm.Pragya asks,U wanna me to move from ur arm ryt?Abhi says, wanna hold u always in my arms..but more than a hour I’m Keeping my arm in same position so its paining.Pragya moves from his arm and says,I’m Sry..and carres his arm and asks,Is it pains alot.Abhi says,Not that much..if u give me a kiss then all my pains..tension ll b vanished and gets closer to her.Pragya pushed him and says,Don’t keep ur tension on me by coming closer.Abhi asks,Y..I have the rights.Pragya says,Yes..but not now..after our marriage.Abhi says,Marriage????Pragya says,Ofcourse and smiles.Abhi asks,Then whts the use of engagement here.Pragya stares at him.Abhi says,I need my first kiss after the engagement OK.Pragya says,No..but I have an idea.Abhi asks,What??Pragya says,U challenged to make me jealous na..if u won the challenge then I ll accept ur demand if u failed then u have to accept my demands.Abhi says,if U pretend like not having jealous then what ll I won’t accept this.Pragya says,No..I won’t do like that..Abhi asks,Pakka..Pragya says,Pakka..Abhi says,alryt thn challenge accepted its very easy to make u jealous baby..wait n watch.Pragya says,Lets see.Abhi says,Sure I gonna win and smiles at her.Pragya says,OK..let’s c.Abhi starts the car towards Pragya’s home to drop her.

Precap:Abhi was searching Pragya in her institute and gets tensed n thinks nothing could happened to her and searching her in near by roads.(Hamari adhuri kahani plays)

Credit to: Tisha

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