Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode-12


Guys thanks alot!!Thanks for ur love towards this ff!!I’m completely overwhelmed!!Thanks alot!!
Recap:Dadi says we ll keep ur engagement on one fine day.
The episode starts with Dadi says Sarla,Sarla ji..v r leaving for now and I ll fix the date for engagement by consulting pandit ji.Sarla says,v can keep engagement on next week.Dadi says,Y next week.Sarla says,V hav to do arrangements n preparations so v need some time for financial reasons.Abhi says,Maa..wht u r saying its my wedding n v r same family u don’t wry I ll take care of all arrangements.Sarla says, ll not b fair v hav to do some formalities from our side na.Abhi says,Maa..if u really considering me as ur son pls leave all the preparations to me I ll take care.Sarla says,but..Dadi says,Sarla ji u don’t wry v ll handle this u relax.Sarla had tears in her eyes and says,Pragya is very lucky to have a good family like urs.Dadi says,V r lucky to hav a bahu like Pragya.Abhi smiles at Pragya.Sarla says,I hav no work to do in my daughter’s wedding uhh??How could I sit idle.

Abhi says,Who told u that u have to sit idle..u hav the most important job.All r watching Abhi.Abhi says,Yes..u hav to take care of my to be wife Pragya all smiles pragya blushes.Purab kidding Abhi by saying,Abhi ur concern is only for Pragya di uh??and all smiles.Dadi and Abhi leaves from there.Pragya just looking at Abhi.Bulbul asks Pragya,di..when jiju is moving out U r feeling that ur soul is detached from ur body ryt and smiles at her.Pragya nods s and says,Bulbul..and blushes.Sarla comes to room and says,Pragya I’m really happy for u and lil bit sad that u gonna leave home soon and cries.Pragya too cries and hugs her by saying I ll miss u maa.Bulbul sees them she too cries and hugs them by saying di..after getting married u won’t forget me na?Pragya says,Bulbul..y u r talking like this and cries.

Sarla feels happy that her two daughters had got their best soulmates and feel satisfied by seeing them.Pragya gets a call.Bulbul says,I hope its Jiju and smiles.Pragya says no its Tara(one of the colleague of Pragya and friend for bulbul and fan of abhi).Pragya was about to pick the call but Bulbul attends the call and says happily Tara Pragya di gonna engaged.Pragya says,no..don’t say..Tara from other side asks,With whom.Bulbul says,If I told u then u ll faint.Tara asks her to say first.Bulbul says,Abhi the Rockstar.Tara asks,What??..Abhi??Bulbul asks her to give him respect as he is my Jiju now and smiles.Pragya says Sarla,Maa..look at Bulbul and smiles at her.With in half an hour, Pragya’s principal called her and says,Pragya v thought to give u a party by tmrw evening so pls ask Abhi sir..Sry..Sry..ur fiancee to come and smiles.Pragya says,Sure mam..and ends the call.

In MM,Whole Family gathered and Dadi annonces Abhi’s wedding with Pragya.All gets happy.Peehu n Alia comes and hugs Abhi and says,Bhai..u know how much happy v r after hearing this happy news and says,Pragya di..becomes Pragya babhi and smiles.Abhi says,Yes..Pragya is babhi for u n smiles.Peehu says dadi,Our drama worked well and hugs dadi.Dadi says,Haa..beta..but u n Alia has lots of responsibilities in ur bhai’s marriage n u hav to fulfill that.Peehu n Alia says,Ofcourse Dadi..anything for bhai and smiles.Abhi hugs them and says,U know I’m very happy today by seeing all ur happiness and ur happy faces and gets emotional.Peehu says,Bhai..if u think of Babhi’s face then ur happiness ll b doubled and smiles at him.Abhi smiles.Next morning,Pragya says Sarla,Maa..Abhi is not picking the phone I wanna invite him for our institute na n gets anger on him.Sarla says,Pragya..I have to say u one thing,U n Abhi gonna marry now so u hav to give him the respect of husband..if u didn’t respect him then how could others ll respect him.Pragya says Ok..Maa..Sarla says,U hav to be the best bahu n u hav to make me proud in ur sasural.Pragya says,I swear maa and hugs.Pragya gets a call..she picks the phone its Abhi..Sarla says,U speak with him and leaves.Pragya attends the call n says,Hello..Abhi says, Hello..wassup?Pragya says,I’m getting ready for the class and wht abt u?I just now woke up.Pragya says,Suniye.

Today evening my colleagues n friends wanna meet u so come to my institute at 4’o clock.Abhi says,alryt..but how u called me now?come again..Pragya feels shy and says,Suniye..Abhi smiles at her and says,’s great u r giving me the sounds gud Pragya..and laughs.Pragya irked n asks,what’s there to laugh?Abhi says,U r giving me the respect na that’s y and smiles n asks y this sudden change.Pragya replies,Maa..asks me to give u the respect of husband and smiles.Abhi says,alryt thn my saasu maa deserves a big hug from me and smiles.Pragya says,I ll convey ur hug did u hear wht I said.Abhi says,Yes..I heard I hav to come to ur institute at 4PM ryt.Pragya says,Yes..that’s getting late I end up the call v ll meet in evening and says bye.Abhi says,Bye..and ends the call.At evening,all gathered in staffs room n waiting for Abhi.Pragya calls Abhi,Abhi attends the call n says,I reached n ends the call.Pragya goes to entrance just then Abhi arrives.Pragya receives him.

Abhi tries to hug her but Pragya stops him n says,come let’s go all r waiting fr u.Abhi stares at her for stopped him and says,I won’t come and walked towards his car.Pragya says,Areyy..wht happened?Abhi says,nothing happened and showed his face.Pragya understands and says,Suniye..All r waiting fr u.Abhi smiles at her.Pragya holds his hand and get him inside.Abhi says,Chashmish wen u calling me like that it made me to smile I think the word has some magic.Pragya says,Shhhh…come.Abhi and Pragya gets in to the room all burst the balloon n welcomed Abhi.Abhi smiles at them and they ask him to sit.Abhi sits in chair.Pragya stands besides him.and introduced all.When she introduced shiva Abhi says,Ya..I know him and murmured such an irritating person and smiles at him.Shiva says Abhi,Hamari Pragya good..cute..responsible n Abhi u r very lucky.Abhi says,Hamari Pragya nahi..Sirf meri Pragya n holds her hand.Pragya manages to smile n murmured his ears,Y u r behaving like a kid.Abhi replies,bcoz I hate him..he is acting over smart.Pragya asks him to keep quiet.Abhi says,How could I be quite..I’m a Rockstar..I ll entertain ppl but u r asking me to keep quiet.One of her colleagues asked them,wht u both r murmuring.Pragya says, nothing mam.Abhi says,Pragya is saying that this place is boring n she wanna me to break the boredom and smiles at them.As time passes all start to adore Abhi as he was out of stardom n behaving like normal person.

Pragya says,I’m very luck to hav a soulmate like Abhi n holds his arm.Abhi smiles at her and carres her hand.Tara comes thr hugs Abhi n says,I luv u Abhi..u r my fav..Abhi looks for Pragya’s expressions but she doesn’t react much she smiles at Tara.Abhi excuses and goes to Pragya and asks,U r nt feeling jealous ryt instead u r smiling at that girl.Pragya says,Y should I get jealous..I know abt her..she is ur huge fan..and moreover I know u r mine and u loving me from the core thn y could I get jealous and smiles.Abhi feels her love n trust and says,Hey..Chashmish..U r impossible..U just ruling my heart.veins..etc..etc..and gets romantic n comes closer to Pragya. They share an eyelock(Sanam re plays).Pragya pushes him and smiles.Abhi holds her hand and says,Pragya..for sure I wanna spend sometime with u n lots of things is thr to share with u n smiles.Pragya nods.Abhi asks,Well..U won’t get jealous at anytime?Pragya says,no..Abhi asks,R u sure?Pragya says,Yes..Ofcourse..Abhi says,Let’s see and smiles at her.Pragya asks,r u challenging me?Abhi says,Probably n smiles.

Precap: Abhi says many of the girls r getting mad at me but u r different all had described me as hot,handsome,adorable..etc..etc.But u r the only person who understand my feelings n reality.U fulfilled me Pragya n holds her hand.(Agar tum saath ho plays)

Credit to: Tisha

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