Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode-11


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Precap:Pragya pushes Abhi hardly.
The episode starts with Pragya says,When u said me na..u gonna marry a girl of ur dadi’s choice at the moment I’m just killed by ur words.Honestly I wanna hate u for that.But while ur saying that I saw a pain in ur eyes for me..that made me to love u more.When u came into my home with ur dadi to see ur engagement arrangements I wanna hate u but when I saw ur eyes are getting jealous for me I wanna love u more and more forever.But I can’t do anything,I’m helpless and cries hard and says,because u r getting married to Someone and asks,u gonna get married na?U know how much it hurts me.Abhi just looks on Pragya with tears in his eyes and being speechless.Pragya continued In emotional voice with tears in her eyes by saying,Honestly,I don’t have any feelings for u but now I don’t know why I’m loving u this much.I had seen ur love for me in ur eyes.Can’t u see my love.When u came to Delhi for me I felt that I’m the luckiest girl in the world.But when u lied me u came for meeting I’m disappointed but I love that lie.When u care for me I feel completely overwhelmed.When u fulfilled my wish i thought u r my life…I felt u r the person who gonna give me the BHAGYA of kumkum.But..nothing is true..

Im just dreaming that’s all..When u feel jealous for me I ll feel ur love..u know one thing how cute u r when u r jealous..When u kept my hand in ur chest and made me to hear ur heart beat I just feel I’m in the top of the world like queen.But no use of saying this.Abhi remains being silent with tears in his eyes.Pragya says,Why u r standing here..go..go n check the arrangements..Go n marry ur girl..Just go..and sits in the bed.Abhi slowly walked towards her and kneel down infront of her and holds her hand.Pragya relives her hand from his hand.Abhi asks,Y didn’t u told me before.Pragya says,U didn’t tell me anything still now.Abhi says,What I have to say?Pragya downs her head.Abhi asks her to look at his eyes and says,U didn’t get my love for u.Pragya says,I’m seeing ur love for me everyday even now but no use in that its all over..just leave me..and gets up from the bed.Abhi asks,What u asking me to do?Pragya says,Pls,don’t do anything don’t create any scenes don’t hurt ur dadi just go n marry the girl.Abhi gets anger and break the stuffs what he gets in hand and kicks the bed.Pragya asks him to stop doing this and says,If u felt my love u ll told about ur dadi na but u didn’t done anything just said ok isn’t it?Mistake is urs not ur dadi’s Now dadi is dreaming about ur marriage now how could u say about me to ur dadi..Do u have any answer for my question?

Abhi says,I ll make my dadi to understand..she wants me to happy in my marriage she ll understand pls trust me.Pragya looks on him.Abhi holds her face and says,Trust me I ll sort out the problem..and pls calm down Pragya.Pragya says,then what abt the girl who is to be engaged to u.Abhi says,lemme sort out Pragya pls trust me..pls..Pragya asks him to not to say pls and says,when u r saying pls I feel guilty so don’t say pls.Abhi with tears in his eyes smiles at her and says ok.Pragya asks,R u could u smile..u r the cause of this problem.Abhi says,Achhaa..I’m the cause??(by wiping her tears)u r the cause of this problem.Pragya asks, Me??Abhi says,Yes..u..if u confessed u r love earlier this problem ll not b arised.Pragya punches him in his shoulder and says,Why should I u too loving me na?Then u would have been confessed first..this problem ll not b arised.Abhi asks,Who said I’m loving u and laughs.Pragya gets angry and says..just go..otherwise I ll kill u..and pushed him out of her room and closed the door.Abhi knocks the door and says,I’m joking the door..Pragya says,I won’t open just go.Abhi says,OK..and says..I love u in low voice.Pragya heard that and smiles and asks,What did u said..I didn’t get it clear.Abhi asks her to open the door then she ll get clear.Pragya says,no..I won’t.. Abhi says,OK..and shouts..I really really love u..I do..and turned he just shocked by seeing his Dadi and Sarla standing before him.Pragya from inside says,That’s I ll open the door.Abhi thinks to do now..and says in his’t open the door.Pragya opens the door and asks him why u r standing in opposite direction and I’m here and comes out and gets shocked by seeing dadi and Sarla.

Abhi says,Dadi..wohh…yeh..Dadi calls Pragya to come with her.Pragya stands as clueless.Sarla says Pragya in anger words,She is calling u na go y ur standing here itself go with her and stares Abhi.Pragya gets scared goes behind dadi Sarla follows her and Abhi goes behind them.Dadi asks Pragya,Do u love my grandson?Pragya looks on Sarla and Abhi.Abhi becomes tensed.Pragya says,yes..Dadi in anger voice asked Abhi,Do u love my bahu Pragya.Abhi nods yes..and asks surprisingly Ur bahu Pragya??Pragya too surprised on her words.Dadi and Sarla looks at each other and started laughing.Abhi and Pragya remains clueless and looks on them.Abhi thinks Is they both became mad on this shock and looks on them.Pragya asks Sarla,Maa..y u r laughing?Abhi asks,Haan..What happened to u both?Suddenly,Purab and Bulbul came in and bulbul says,Jiju..y u r so tensed?Abhi says,Jiju???and asks Pragya,Is ur family completely got mad?Pragya stares at him.Abhi says, asks bulbul what’s going on here?Bulbul says,tohh..ur wedding’s arrangements.Abhi asks,Who’s wedding?Dadi says,Its enough bulbul they both are very tensed we shall tell them the truth.Bulbul says,OK..dadi and smiles at them.Pragya asks bulbul,What u ppl r saying?Bulbul says,U gone for Delhi na at the time Jiju also follows u bcoz he missed u so much so only he came there and myself and Purab gets suspicious on ur activities and tried to find out the love between u two that’s y this drama.

Abhi asks,which drama?Bulbul says,Ur engagement drama and smiles at him.Pragya asks,Maa u too involved in this na?Sarla says,Sorry beta Bulbul ask me to do all this drama.Pragya says,maa..u don’t know about Bulbul and Purab.Sarla says,I know Pragya Purab and bulbul told everything about their love and smiles.Abhi asks dadi,How could u do this u know while u r forcing me for the wedding I got anger on u.Dadi says,Beta..I want u both to understand ur true love that’s y this much of drama.Dadi kissed Pragya in her forehead and says,Abhi u had given me the best bahu and hugs her and Abhi goes there and hugs them both and says,Lovely ladies of my life and thanks dadi.Pragya hugs Sarla and says,Thank u maa..Sarla says,Don’t say thanks at all..He is the best for u and kisses her.Dadi says,OK..ok..drama ended well and asks them to get ready for the engagement tomorrow.Pragya says,tomorrow??..Abhi asks, u have any problem with that.Pragya says,yes.

.Abhi says,OK..fine..u r not interested to marry me ryt?Pragya says, I’m not like u.Abhi says,When I said I’m not interested.Pragya says,then..when I said I’m not interested?Abhi asks,R u thinking that u r smart.Pragya replies,I’m not thinking..I’m just smart admit it..Abhi laughs at her and says,who told u that u r smart and asks,Do u know the meaning of smart?All r watching them.Pragya replies,Yes..I know..and continued I know.. What..Dadi interrupts and asks them to stop and asks Pragya,y beta..What’s the problem with tomorrow?Pragya replies,Dadi..I wanna call my friends and colleagues na and I think all are happening too fast.Abhi laughs at her and says,Ur friends are here only na..y u r Creating a scene as they were in US and UK.Pragya says,I’m not talking to u I’m saying to dadi.Abhi says dadi not to listen her words.Dadi says,Abhi..she is ryt and says OK beta we ll postpone it to one fine day.Pragya thanked and smiles at Dadi.Abhi smirked and all smiles.

Precap:In Pragya’s institute all r gathered in staffs room and Abhi was sitting in chair and Pragya stands besides him.Abhi gets irked by seeing Shiva.Shiva says Abhi,Hamari..Pragya good and cute u r very lucky.Abhi says,Hamari Pragya nahi..Sirf meri Pragya..and holds her hand.Pragya manages to smile and murmured into his ears,y u r behaving like a kid.Abhi says bcoz I hate him.

Credit to: Tisha

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