Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode 100


It’s 100th episode!!! Woaahhhhh!!!
In room,Abhi Kush was playing with Ziva.Pragya was reading a book.Kush says,Papa..She again wetted the pants.Abhi says,Oh..My princess hey na n kisses her.She giggled.Pragya says,Arey..soon change the diaper.Kush says,Haa..Papa.Abhi says,Arey..Just now I changed again she wetted..Kush says,I think..She wanna make u a Guinness record holder in changing diapers.Pragya laughed n says,Wait..lemme change her diapers n changed her diapers.After a while,Ziva was crawling around the room.Abhi was lying on bed watching TV.Kush was playing with Ziva.Pragya reads her book.Suddenly Kush shouts,Mumma..Papa..As they heard his voice their attention fall on Kush.Kush says,See..Wht she is doing?AbhiGya looks at her.Ziva is holding the Ottoman n stood by her own.Abhi was moving towards her n abt to hold.Kush took Abhi’s phone n started to record.Ziva was looking towards Abhi n by holding the bed she moved towards him by walk.As she touched his leg she just leaned towards him.Abhi lifts her n says,Oh..My lil princess could walk now.Pragya comes thr n hugs her n says,Oh..she walked for the first time.Kush says,I had recorded the whole scene n laughs.Ziva too laughs as all r laughing.She roams her hand around her father’s face.Abhi kisses her.As some month passed,one night, Ziva n Kush was sleeping in between Abhi n Pragya. Suddenly, Ziva’s hand roamed over Abhi’s face.Abhi was in deep sleep.Ziva says, a giggled mild tone.Abhi jerks n wakes up n says,Hey..U called me ryt..Pragya murmers,Shhh…Abhi wakes Pragya n says,Arey..Utoo..Kush asks,Kya hua Papa..Abhi says,She called me.Pragya asks,Who..Abhi says,Tanu..Pragya’s sleep gone n asks,Who in anger tone.Abhi says,Arey..Our princess.Kush says,Impossible I thought she ll call me first.Abhi looks at Ziva.She again giggled n says,Paa..Paa..All gets happy n says,Ur daughter is different all babies ll say Maa..first but she is saying Paa..said Pragya.Abhi says,That’s my princess.And they again falls asleep.Kush placed his finger on Ziva’s palm she holds his finger tight they both were sleeping with smiiley face.Pragya sees this n snaps the moment n kisses them.Abhi covered his arms around them in sleep.
Epilogue 3 Years passed………Kush was 10 and Ziva was 3 and half..

Abhi was hearing songs in room..Pragya was folding cloths..Ziva was sleeping in bed..TV was on..Pragya says,Suniye..u r hearing songs then TV is on.Abhi doesn’t respond as he is hearing songs.Pragya throws the pillow on him.Abhi removes the headphones n asks,Y u throwed pilow u fuggi n throws the pillow on her but it fell on Ziva.Ziva shouts,Papa..Abhi says,Sry dalu..She again falls asleep.Pragya says,Switch off the TV.Abhi says,I won’t..Pragya asks,y u r doing like this she is sleeping na.Abhi says,Tv’s volume is not more than urs.Pragya says,Achha..Then now who is shouting!!Ziva irked n says,schhhh….n buried her face under pillow.Abhi says,Shut up..her sleep is disturbed.Pragya says,First u switch off the TV.Abhi says,Arey..merimaa n switched off the TV n says,Now K.Pragya smiles n nods.Ziva relived n takes the pillow out of her ear n says,Thank u both..U stopped ur fights n again she falls asleep..Abhi asks,This girl na..Sleeping in installment..Ziva was just closed her eyes n tried to sleep..Suddenly they heard a strong noise..Kush stromed into the room..Ziva wakes up n Sat up n says,Huhhhh????No sleep today..Kush says,Arey..chutki..Ziva says,Bhaiya..see..Papa n Mumma is not letting me to sleep…Abhi says,Arey..Kush Woh..jud.. Kush says,Oh..Papa..let it be..leave it..

He placed his bat on couch n stood near bed Ziva stood up on bed n wraps her arms around his bro’s neck.Kush took a paper from his bag n says,Papa..sign this…Pragya asks,Again..what’s this…Abhi took the form n says,Sure I ll sign..Pragya asks,Arey..Kya hai..Ziva asks,What’s this bhaiya..Kush says,Ranji trophy..Under 14…Pragya says,Really?? Kush says,Really I got selected this is just no objection form..Ziva asks,Huhh??Matlab?? Ksuh says,Ur bro is gonna play cricket.Ziva asks,Like Virat?Kush says, Dhoni..Ziva asks,Papa..Virat also cricketer na?Kush says,Haa..but not like my hero..Ziva pinches him..Abhi says,Sure..I ll sign..n kisses him n says,Congratulations!! Kush says,Thank u..Pragya asks,Have u said this to Dadi..Kush says,No..Mumma..Pragya says,K..First go n freshup then inform to all.Ziva says,No..I ll say first..n jumps off bed n runs down.Kush goes to frresh up.AbhiGya smiles.Kush and Ziva was on living room.Ziva says,Dadi..Cahcu..Aarav…Kush bhaiya is gonna play cricket in TV.Kush says,Hey..dumbo not in TV..All ll play Cricket in ground n laughs.Ziva says,I know..Dadi..Dadi..See My bhai ll come On TV na..He ll become like Virat..Hey na..Kush says,No..I ll become…Like Dhoni..Ziva says,U r my brother so u should fullfil my u hav to become like Virat..Kush says,U r my sis..U should obey my words so hear that I ll become like Dhoni..Ziva says,No..Kush says,Yes…Ziva says,Noo…..Kush says,Yes….. They
continues,Virat!!!DHONI!!!Virat!!!Dhoni!!!!!Virat!!Dhoni!!!Dadi says,Arey..arey..Stop..Stop..But they didn’t stopped..Dadi holds both of the ears n says,Come..Let’s go to ur Mumma..Papa..they ll give u nice words..Kush and Ziva says,’s paining…As the three entered the room..They hears their voice,Black!!Peach!!!Black!!Peach!!Black!!Peach!!

Dadi leaves their ears n thinks,Arey..Papa..mumaa..Kaise hai..bacche waise bhi..n shouts,Arey…Abhi..Wht u both are doing!!Abhi says,Dadi..u itself say..Black bed spread ll suit this bed..Pragya says,No..peach..Dadi holds her head n leaves the room.Ziva says,Bhai..whts happening here..Kush says,whatever..Come let’s watch..TV.Ziva asks,So u ll become as Virat na she asked with a pout.Kush pulls her cheek n says, princess..Sure..I ll become a batsman like Virat n Captain like Dhoni..Ziva says,U r the best n kisses him.Then they both settled on bed n started to watch TV.Pragya walks to the wardrobe n says,I ll use peach..Abhi follows her n says,No black..he hugs her from back..Pragya says,Wht u r doing?Leave me..Abhi says,Missing u alot..n kisses her cheek..Pragya says,Someone is missing me alot..and I too missing him n abt to kiss him.Suddenly, Ziva shouts,Mumma..Kush shouts,Papa..Abhi says,Ufoo..kiss miss..Pragya smiles.They both entered the room n asks,Kya hua..Kush and Ziva laughs n says,Nothing..Wht u both doing inside..AbhiGya says,U naughties n starts to chase them..Suddenly Abhi falls on bed then all the trio falls over him.Pragya asks,How is ur family burden now?Abhi laughs n says,I’m loving it..Love u..Pragya Kush Ziva shouts,We too love u Papa…Abhi hugs them…They shouts,Love..Love..Happy.. Love..


Okay Guys…Now I should thank Shabir Sriti their adorable role Abhi and Pragya Kumkumbhagya for inspiring me to write this story..Then I don’t wanna mention my readers name coz sure I ll miss some names so I wanna thank all each and every readers commentators silent readers all over the India..All over the world thank u so so much for spending ur valuable time over this ff..I’m just overwhelmed as this ff reached 100 episodes this ll b never possible without ur support.. I got too many friends coz of this ff coz of kumkum bhagya..Thank u all..Always be Happy make other happy.. Spread love 🙂 :* Solve ur misunderstandings immediately don’t give a break in any relation..If someone in life who doesn’t deserve u pls don’t feel for that..God ll give u more than Wht u deserve..Love ur parents.. LOVE IS GOD..FAITH IS GOD..So be happy stay happy stay blessed spread love Love u all..Keep supporting!! See you soon with another story..God bless 🙂

Credit to: Tisha

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  2. Srimathi,
    am sure i will miss LOL (LOVE OF LIFE).It was beautiful, lovely, so cute. I still remember the those initially days. There may be many ff but this will last in my heart #alwaysandforever
    Three cheers to u (Hip hip hurray -3). ??????????

  3. ash(akshaya kannan)

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    You’re Special!

    Keep Up The Good Work!

    First Rate Work!

    Fantastic Work these words are copied frm google but i know it suits you but the only thing is i am gonna miss it badly dii just think of renewing it for second season pls dii love u loadzz dii..

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