Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode-10


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Recap:Pragya walks on the road desperately.

The episode starts with Abhi sits in his car and saying himself I’m sorry Pragya I know how u ll feel now bcoz I have no other choice but still u r my everything and cries(Jag soona lage plays)Pragya walks desperately on road and says herself,How could he done this to me,Is I’m nothing to him.But Abhi u r my everything.How could you left me alone like this and cries hard(Jag soona lage plays).Abhi reached home,Dadi says,Abhi.. Where u had gone?Tomorrow we wanna go to bride’s home day of the tmrw is engagement then mehandi then shadi.Abhi gets irked and went to his room and thinks why Dadi is doing like this.Abhi thinks to say about Pragya to dadi but he stopped and thinks if Pragya doesn’t have any feelings for me then how could I face dadi and gets disturbed alot and drinks alot and he sleeps.Pragya reached her home wiped her tears and lies down on bed.Bulbul asks,What happened di..Why u r so sad?Pragya replies,Nothing..I feel sleepy.Bulbul nods and goes.Pragya cries hard(sun raha hai na tu roraha hu main plays) and she sleeps.

Next morning,Dadi wakes up Abhi and asks him to get ready as we wanna go bride’s home.Abhi wakes up and thinks what to do.Dadi asks him to get ready soon.Abhi gets ready and came down.Dadi says,Chalo..beta..Abhi nods and Abhi and Dadi gets into the car.Dadi says,While going stop the car in sarla ji’s home.Abhi asks,For what?Dadi says,Engagement is gonna happen in their KUMKUMBHAGYA hall and i wanna see the arrangements.Abhi asks,What’s the need for that dadi I’m not agreeing with this.Dadi says,Beta..please we have lots of friends in our old area that’s y I wanna ur engagement there.Abhi says,Do whatever u want and gets angry and thinks about Pragya’s words on their first meeting what she said about love and bhagya of kumkum.Pragya wakes and comes and sits in sofa.Sarla asks, Pragya..u didn’t go for classes toady?Pragya says,No..maa I took leave in low voice.Sarla asks,Is everything is ok beta.Pragya nods yes and asks about dadi and janki maa.Sarla replies,They are looking the arrangements in hall.Pragya asks,Is there any booking?Sarla says,Haa..beta..Abhi’s engagement is gonna held here.Pragya gets emotional and says,OK maa and leaves to her room.Abhi stops the car in sarla’s home and asks dadi to meet her and come fast and I ll wait for u in car.Dadi says, ll took more time as I wanna see all the arrangements.Abhi thinks,Dadi is just impossible she is just…and nods yes and comes in.Sarla welcomes them and Dadi asks,How was the arrangements?Sarla replies,its going on its Rockstar’s engagement na it should be more special and smiles.Abhi sits uninterested and looking here and there for Pragya.

Pragya comes out of her room behind Abhi.Dadi sees her and asks,Haa..beta how r u?Abhi just turned around and sees her.Pragya stand behind him and says,I’m find..and u..Dadi says,Gud beta and smiles.Abhi feeling embraced.Dadi asks sarla,Can I see the arrangements?Sarla says,Yes,Ofcourse come I ll show u.Dadi smiles and says,Abhi I’m gonna look all arrangements along with Sarla ji it ll take some time.Abhi says,OK dadi I ll leave now after finishing ur work give me a call.Dadi says,Areyy..We wanna go bride’s home na wait here I ll come within in some time.Abhi smirked.Sarla asks Pragya to give Abhi coffee and says,I’m going with Dadi.Pragya nods.Dadi and Sarla leaves.Pragya didn’t speak anything to Abhi and she goes to make coffee.Abhi says,No..I don’t want coffee.Pragya didn’t react and goes to her room.Abhi thinks y she behaving like this and says himself Abhi..obviously u know y she is behaving like this..then y u r thinking like stupid.Abhi follows her and says,Pragya..but she doesn’t react.She about to leave.Abhi holds her hand says,Pragya..look at me..say me something..Pragya asks him to leave her hand and says,I even don’t want to see ur face.Abhi holds her hand tightly and asks her to look at him.Suddenly,someone came inside and calls Pragya.Pragya says,Yes..I’m coming..and asks Abhi to leave her hand and says,I wanna go.Abhi nods no.Pragya pushed him away and loosen her hand and came to hall.She smiles at the person.(He was pragya’s colleague shiva).Abhi follows her.Pragya asks,Shiva to sit and asks what a surprise u came home today.Abhi watches him from Pragya’s room.Shiva says,u took leave na tats y I came here to see u that everything is fine.Pragya says,ya..fine.Shiva asks her about the seminar,Pragya says,it was awesome and thinks her day with Abhi and looks at Abhi.Shiva asks whom u looking for inside.Pragya replies,no..nothing.And they continued their conversation for 10mins.Shiva cracks a joke about their colleague Pragya smiles by hearing his joke.Abhi gets irked by him and felt jealous.Abhi comes out of the room and says Shiva,Is ur purpose of meeting is over pls leave bcoz we wanna go out.Pragya signs Abhi not to speak him like this.Shiva asks,this is Rockstar Abhi na?Abhi says,Yes..y do wanna take photo with me.Shiva says no.Then Abhi says,Then plz excuse us.Shiva says,Sorry..Pragya and leaves.Pragya becomes angry and asks Abhi,Why u r behaving like this he is my friend.Abhi says,Just shut up..just shut..up and holds her hand tightly and drags her to her room.Pragya says,leave my hand u r hurting me.Abhi leaves her hand and shouts u r hurting me.I hurted ur hand but u r hurting my heart..hurting my behaving like this and says,U don’t wanna see my face but u r smiling at that guy do u think I’m a mad and asks do u have any feelings for him and comes near Pragya and holds her face and says,U r hurting me Pragya..u r hurting me..u damn..did u know that how much I’m hurted bcoz of u.I was talking to u but u pushed me away for him..U r behaving rude on me but smiling at him.What’s going on he is that much important to u than me.Pragya shouts,Shut up…Just shut..up..and pushed him hardly.

Precap:Pragya says,When u said me na..u gonna marry a girl of ur dadi’s choice at the moment I’m just killed by ur words.Honestly I wanna hate u for that.But while ur saying that I saw a pain in ur eyes for me..that made me to love u more.When u came into my home with ur dadi to see ur engagement arrangements I wanna hate u but when I saw ur eyes are getting jealous for me I wanna love u more and more forever.But I can’t do anything,I’m helpless and cries hard and says,because u r getting married to Someone and asks,u gonna get married na?U know how much it hurts me.Abhi just looks on Pragya with tears in his eyes and being speechless.

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Credit to: Tisha

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