Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode 1


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And this story is all about Abhi and pragya their love and family and all!!
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Abhi – Rockstar
Pragya- A normal girl!! and singer
Bulbul-Pragya’s sister
Purab-Abhi’s friend and Bulbul’s MD
Aaliya-Abhi’s first sister
Peehu-Abhi and aaliya’s sister
Sarla -pragya&Bulbul’s mom
Dadi,Dasi are Abhi aaliya and peehu’s grannies

The episode starts with Sarla ask pragya to go for temple before she going to her recording as today is Janmashtami and pragya say its already late I have to go for recording and Abhi ll wait for her in recording theater I’m doing my first song for him in these years.Bulbul wishes her and ask her to drop in her office that she is getting late.Pragya refuses because and says ur office is just opposite to the direction of my recording theater and gives her idea to go in taxi.Bulbul upsets and smirks at her pragya smiles and says areey drama queen come I ll drop u don’t get upset and they both gets into the car.

While traveling in the car bulbul asks pragya so finally u gonna sing for ur childhood friend ryt( Abhi and pragya were neighbors in their childhood but they are not very much close but they know each other and they ll very rarely.Abhi knows pragya’s interest in music and she had sung some songs in film this time Abhi wants to use her voice for his album so he asked her to sing for him and pragya accepts)Pragya told bulbul yes and she says I’m not that much excited to sing for him but he is my friend so I have accept na.Bulbul says all the best di.. convey my wishes to Abhi too pragya nods s and bulbul ask the driver to stop the car as her office reached Bulbul says bye to pragya and she leaves and pragya is moving towards her recording theatre.

Abhi calls her and asks pragya whr r u pragya replies I’m on the way Abhi asks her to come soon otherwise I ll break ur chashma pragya laughs and says ok.

As pragya reaches recording theatre Peehu comes there and greets her.Pragya asks her didn’t u go for college today (She was studying MBBS).Peehu replies that no di I’m also gonna sing a track in bhai’s album.Pragya smiles at her and says finally ur bhai recognized ur talents they both smile.While entering in Pragya asks about aaliya did she returned India(Aaliya was doing MBA in London)Peehu replies no she ll return within 2 or 3 days!!They both enter the recording room and there Abhi was playing guitar and they both watched silently suddenly peehu’s mobile ringed and she went to attend the call Abhi stopped his guitar Pragya claps at him and teases him that u r a good guitarist and u had improved alot.Abhi smiles at her.

Pragya says him u use to play a dummy guitar during our childhood which ll irritate me more but now as ur wish u r a Rockstar.Abhi says oh meri maa thanks alot pls stop praising me.Pragya says I’m not praising u I’m just praising ur talent. Abhi says acchha Chashmish can we start.
Pragya fumes at him and ask him not to call her as Chashmish bcoz we both are grown up so we don’t want to use the same childhood names.Abhi says its very difficult for me but I ll call u Chashmish till I find a new name for u.

Peehu arrives and asks Abhi can we start.Abhi says yes doctor madam but u r late.I know but I have to attend that important call that’s y and apologized him by saying sorry bhai.Abhi replies its OK my angel come let’s go.They are ought to start the recording pragya and Peehu reading the lyrics.

Precap:Abhi just started the recording and he gets a call he gets annoyed and fumes on phone asking the girl on other side not to call him again and says he was busy.

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Credit to: Tisha

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