Love is for life time (episode 8)

Recap: Swecha’s birthday surprise

The episode starts with Swecha n Vivek getting into car.

Vivek: Open this box.This is ur 7th gift.

Swecha: 7th??

Vivek: Sari, necklace, ring, anklets, surprise party, bangles..6 gifts n this is 7th

Swecha opened the box. It is sandals with bluish green stones on it.

Vivek: Wear it now

Swecha: Thank u. Its awesome.

Swecha kissed him on cheeks.

Vivek: Hey I am driving. Careful dear

Swecha: I wanna drive

Vivek: No way

Swecha: Pls Vivek

Vivek: U nvr listen to anyone. As its ur bday, I won’t say no to anything u ask n want to do.

Vivek gave driving seat to her.

Vivek: Do u know driving madam?

Swecha: Of course sir. U r the one who taught me.

Vivek: Thats the prblm

Swecha: What

Vivek: U nvr follow my words. So now I am scared as I taught u driving.

Swecha: This is too much. Now a days I am doing watever u say. I am doing all works. I quit attending frnd’s engagement. I even thought not to celebrate my bday too.

Vivek: Ya ya. U r following my orders not bcoz u love me but bcoz of ur mistake. Anyways Swecha, before marriage I thought to give u full freedom n nvr to restrict. Actually on our first nite, I thought to promise u dat. I nvr thought to restrict u as most of the husbands do. But unfortunately now I am doing which I didn’t like.

Swecha: Aren’t u njoying it?

Vivek: Sometimes yes sometimes no. I forgot to tell u something. Nite I switched off ur mobile bcoz I am not sure whether ur frnds can hide the surprise party. So I took ur mobile. Take it

Swecha: Let it b with u. I want to get out of this gadgets world.Atleast for one day, I want to b with u by leaving everything aside. Will take tomorrow.

Vivek: Ur next gift..Ur fav nut n fruit chocolate.

Swecha: Wow

Vivek: I will drive now. Bcoz already its 10 am. I have to give u all gifts n surprises by 11:59 pm.

Vivek took the driving seat n they went to airport.

Swecha: Where are we going?

Vivek: Surprise..Come fast

They are in flight.

Vivek: 9th gift for u

Swecha: Lovely teddy with red n white combination.

Vivek: Ur fav combination..

Swecha: Ya. When did u plan all these.

Vivek: Long before

Swecha: I thought as u r angry, u won’t even wish me

Vivek: Mistakes r common. Anger is temporary. So punishment also should give temporary pain. If I didn’t celebrate ur bday n didn’t wish, it will b a bad memory forever. It makes u upset wenever u remember this incident throughout ur life. I didn’t want that.

Flight landed n they got down. They both hired a cab.

Vivek: Open this gift

Swecha took it n its a greeting card

Vivek: Open it

Swecha opened n surprised to listen the music from greeting card saying “Happy Birthday Mrs. Swecha Vivek”. Swecha looked him

Vivek: I want u to remember that u r my wife forever.

Swecha: I nvr forget that I am ur wife. I love this gift very much bcoz it said that we both are one n I am all your’s.

They reached the place n Vivek blindfolded her eyes n took her to little distance n took the blind fold.

Swecha exclaimed: Taj mahal

Vivek: I remember u saying to me that u want to visit Taj Mahal with ur husband. Now I hope ur wish fulfilled. By the way spark in ur eyes makes u look even more beautiful.

Swecha blushed.

Swecha: I am so lucky Vivek

Swecha hugged him.

Vivek: R u happy

Swecha: Yes..soooooo happy

Vivek: Just tell me ur wishes n I will make all ur wishes true one by one how tough they are. Next, Ur fav kind of watch..its ur 12th gift.

Its a watch which had their marriage photo as dial.

Swecha: Its very lovely.

Vivek n Swecha took photos there n then started again. They are in cab.

Vivek: 13th gift..The book u wanna read from a long time..its Sachin Tendulkar’s autobiography “Playing it my way”.

Swecha: Love u

Vivek:Love u too. U can see it in my actions too.

Swecha n Vivek are in flight.

Vivek: Next gift CD filled with ur top 100 fav songs.

Swecha: How did u spent such a long time for me?

Vivek: Anything for u. Time n money doesn’t matter to me. Because without u, none of them can give me hpyness. Just smile n then I will forget the time it took.

Flight landed n Vivek took her to favourite restaurant of Swecha.

Vivek: Asusual Schezwan fried rice n panneer 65??

Swecha: Yes.

Vivek: This is ur another gift..Along with it, open this box too.

Swecha: Love key chain?

Vivek: Specially for u. Press the button

Swecha pressed the button of the keychain.
“Happy Birthday Swecha. I love you. Your’s Vivek”

Swecha: Its wonderful. How did u personalised the music of key chain

Vivek: Any thing to surprise u.

They had their lunch n he took her to a resort.

Swecha: Wat did u plan here?

Vivek: Will show u

Swecha(inner voice): Vivek, I know u love me. But I really didn’t know that u love me this much. I am so happy for ur love today but scared to see ur anger again from tomorrow. If ur love is this sweet then ur anger too will b so bitter.

Vivek: Swecha, Come out of ur thoughts.

Swecha: Ya

Vivek took her to room in the resort.

Vivek: Wear this dress

Swecha: But why?

Vivek: For next surprise. Aft that u can get ready in saree again.

Swecha wore dress. T

Vivek took her to a place in the resort n clapped his hands. It started raining n music played.

Swecha: Woww..Rain…

Vivek: U can start rain dance now.

Swecha: If u didn’ get angry, I want to ask something

Vivek: Today I won’t get angry watever u ask or do..I told u already. Tell me wat u want

Swecha: Can u dance with me

Vivek: But I didn’t know to dance

Swecha: Pls Vivek

Vivek: Ok ok. Don’t b dull again.

Vivek caught her by placing his hand on her waist n joining another hand with her’s. Song started.

I’m… I’m so in love with you
Whatever you want to do
Is all right with me…
‘Cause you… make me feel so brand new…
And I… want to spend my life with you…

Let me say that since, baby
Since we’ve been together
Loving you forever
Is what I… need…
Let me… be the one you come running to…
I’ll… never be untrue…

Ooo baby…
Let’s, let’s stay together…
Loving you whether, whether
Times are good or bad, happy or sad
Ooooo… Oooo… Yeah…
Whether times are good or bad, happy or sad

Why, somebody, why people break-up
Ohhh, turn around and make-up
I just can’t deceive
You’d… never do that to me… (would you, baby?)
Stayin’ around you is all I see

(Here’s what I want us to do)

Let’s, we oughta stay together
Loving you whether, whether
Times are good or bad, happy or sad… Come on

Let’s, let’s stay together
Loving you whether, whether
Times are good or bad, happy or sad
And if you mess with me, you can’t set me free

Woman let’s, let’s stay together
Loving you whether, whether
Times are good or bad, happy or sad
And if you mess with me, you can’t set me free

Woman let’s, let’s stay together
Loving you whether, whether
Times are good or bad, happy or sad
And if you mess with me, oh woman, don’t go away

Let’s, let’s stay together
Loving you whether, whether
Times are good or bad, happy or sad
And if you do me wrong, I just might leave you alone.

Hearing the last lines of song,Swecha left the hand n is abt to leave.

Vivek: Wat happen

Swecha: Nothing

Vivek: Ok..u go to room. I will come

Swecha went to resort room n saw a dress on bed n note pasted on mirror “Get ready n come fast to parking”. Swecha got ready in white dress n went to parking.

Driver: Mam, pls come.

Swecha: Vivek

Driver: Sir told to bring u to some place n he is waiting there.

Driver took her to a concert hall. She went in n saw Vivek on stage. Vivek sighed to sit on front seat. She sat.

Vivek: Hello everyone. Thank u for attending this concert. This is special gift to my beloved wife Swecha from me. Lets welcome our favourite singer “Ms. Shreya Goshal” with a big applause to start the concert.

Vivek came n sat besides Swecha. Concert started.

Vivek: How is the surprise?

Swecha: Y did u leave me alone in resort

Vivek: To make arrangements here

Swecha: I thought u got angry on me n so u left me

Vivek: No. Today I won’t get angry on u today. Ok tell me how is the surprise gift?

Swecha: She is my favourite singer n I loved the surprise.

Vivek: This is ur another gift

He handovered a parcel of Durga mata idol with pearls n stones.

Vivek: Am I right that u r searching for this kind of idol to buy from yrs. Right?.

Swecha: I saw it in my childhood n searching to buy it. But didn’t saw that kind of idol till now. Its really a very precious gift Vivek.

Concert is finished. Vivek took her to a foundation.

Vivek: U r going to sponsor a girl child n we r going to bare expenses of her study n everything as per ur wish. All the procedure was completed. Just u need to sign the papers. This is ur another gift.

Swecha hugged Vivek.

Swecha: U r the best husband. I love u

Vivek: Luv u too till u r true to me

Swecha signed the papers n adopted a girl n came out.

Swecha: Wanna go home

Vivek: Ok. Till we reach home, go through this album, next gift.

Swecha: Our pics?

Vivek: See it will understand

Swecha opened album. It is full of her achievement pics. Its comprised of pics of receiving prizes from school level in academics like bcoming school topper, clg topper, winning goldmedals n other cultural activities such as memory competition, essay etc. Her first case success pic, her success story pics in newspaper etc.

Swecha: How did u collect all these?

Vivek: I had ur pics from clg days. Remaining I collected from ur parents n frnds.

Swecha: I am really sorry

Vivek: What?

Swecha: I am sorry for hiding Arjun’s incident from u

Vivek: Did u realise ur mistake now?

Swecha: Realised ur love now. I know u loves me a lot but didn’t know that u r loving me this much.

Vivek: Swecha, I am not with u for 3 yrs but I always used to care for u. I used to know abt u from time to time. Do u remember Swecha when ur father lost his business n u didn’t say it to me. But I transferred money to ur account to help ur father start new business. I know everything abt u even though I am away from u. I want u to b happy all the time.

Swecha: I remember n I am shocked wen u helped me at dat time even without asking.

Vivek: When u r pretending love with Arjun, u r not in touch with me for 5 months. I tried hard but u r unable all the time. Aft 5 months u contacted me n said u want to talk something important. As I am busy with project, I didn’t receive ur calls but I called u many times aft my office. But u didn’t pick my calls n u r in

Swecha: I am at Arjun’s home. But Vivek

Vivek: Will talk tomorrow abt this. Lets b happy today.

Vivek n Swecha reached home. Vivek gave coffee to her.

Swecha: Wow

She saw her picture in the foam of the coffee.

Vivek: How is this gift?

Swecha: No words at all

Vivek: Ask any wish u want me to fulfill except to forgive u.Its ur next gift

Swecha: Hmm.. I want..I..

Vivek: Don’t worry. I won’t shout on u today. Ask anything

Swecha: U may get angry bcoz u told me not to take that topic again

Vivek: Hmm..So ur wish is to attend ur frnd’s engagement

Swecha: Yes

Vivek: If u love me u would nvr ask something to which I said No once.

Swecha: ok.I won’t…….

Vivek: Ur wish will b fulfilled. Tomorrow u can attend engagement of ur frnd

Swecha: But its ok, I won’t

Vivek: Its ur gift. U must accept. Come lets have dinner on terrace.

Both went to terrace. Swecha surprised to see the terrace decorated with candles. Vivek took her to table n chair arranged there.

Vivek: Another surprise for u

Both had their dinner. They went to their room n both chitchatted for a longtime. Its 11:55pm

Vivek went on his knees with a bouquet.

Vivek: 25 variety of roses. The 25th gift for u. I love u Swecha. Wish u a very very Happy Birthday once again. I am the first n last to wish u on this birthday

Swecha took the bouquet.

Swecha: I love u too. Thank u for every surprise n gift u gave to me. This birthday is really very special for me Vivek. U remembered every word of mine n my drms. U even remembered my drms which I said so casually.

Vivek: U r so special for me Swecha

Swecha(inner voice): Vivek, from now I will do everything according to ur wish. I nvr hurt u. Till now I done everything just to convince u but from now I will do everything with love on u. When we love someone then we won’t feel their words as restrictions or snatching freedom. I will make u understand that I didn’t do wrong to u n will make u understand that.

Vivek hugged Swecha n kissed on her forehead. Both lied on bed n Swecha slept on his chest hugging him. Vivek hugged her back.

Vivek: Good night

Swecha: Good night.

Precap: Bitterness of Vivek n love of Swecha. Swecha trying hard to make him forgive her.

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