Love is for life time (episode 7)

Episode 7:

The episode starts with Swecha n Vivek woke up n got ready. While having brk fst, Swecha got a call from Mona.

Swecha: Hey darling..hw r u? wats up

Mona: My engagement is fixed. Its day aft tomorrow. U must come

Swecha didn’t understand wat to say coz she is not sure whether Vivek sends her or not.

Swecha: Congrats swt hrt. Ya sure I will try

Mona: Not try. u must come

Swecha: I will inform u by evng.

Mona: Ok. Give mobile to jijaji. I have to invite him too

Swecha: Ya. Vivek, Mona wants to talk to u

Vivek: Hi Mona.Hw r u?

Mona: I am dng grt jijaji. hw r u

Vivek: Fine

Mona: My engagement is on day aft tomorrow. U n Swecha must come. pls

Vivek: Congrats Mona. I will try.

Mona: ok bye tc

Vivek: bye

Vivek gave mobile to Swecha. He is leaving

Swecha: Vivek, Shall we go for Mona’s engagement?

Vivek: No

Swecha: Vivek,pls. She is my best frnd n she gets hurted if I didn’t go.pls

Vivek(shouts seriously): I said no.dats it. I didn’t want u to raise this topic before me again. Now tell me r u going to court or not. Should I drop u or leave now?

Swecha: I didn’t hav any hearing today at court. will stay at home

Evening he came home n saw Swecha talking to Mona in their room. He didn’t go inside n listening their conversation.

Swecha: I can’t attend engagement. Sorry Mona.

Mona: Y? Coz of Vivek?

Swecha: No Mona, Vivek didn’t say anything. I have some important case tomorrow.So I am unable to come.

Mona: Am I not important to u?

Swecha: Arey its not like dat. U r important to me but pls understand.

Mona: U changed aft marriage Swecha.

Vivek came inside.

Vivek: Hello Mona

Mona: Hi

Swecha: U get fresh up. I will bring coffee to u

Both Mona n Swecha went to kitchen. Mona didn’t speak for sometime to her.

Mona: Swecha, I am sorry. Its ok. I think ur case may b really very important. Otherwise u won’t avoid coming to my engagement.

Swecha: Its ok. Thank u for understanding.

Swecha hugged Mona. Mona left to her home. Swecha n Vivek had dinner n lied on bed.

Swecha(in low tone): Tomorrow shall I go to my parents? Will come by the time u return to home.pls Vivek

Vivek: Swecha, it doesn’t suit u to talk that pleasingly. So talk as u are. By the way wats the reason to visit ur parents?

Swecha: Just I am missing them. So…

Vivek: You will miss them everyday. Wats spl abt tomorrow

Swecha: Nothing

Vivek: So no need to go. If u go then no need to return to me.

Swecha: How can u talk like dis Vivek

Vivek: Swecha, When I went to abroad, I left u here with full confidence that u won’t do anything wrong n nvr hide anything from me. But u urself broke the confidence. Now I can’t leave u even in ur home for some time without me.

Swecha: Don’t u trust me?

Vivek: I trust u that u won’t do anything wrong but u may hide anything from me. I don’t have confidence that my wife nvr hides anything from me. Now its too late. Let me sleep. Good night

Swecha: Good nite.

Swecha turned another side n tears flowed from her eyes. She slept like dat n Vivek too slept.

Next day:

He woke her up at 12am. Swecha woke up

Vivek: Happy Birthday Swecha

He kept her favourite sweet Rasamallai in her mouth.

Swecha: Thank u.

Without her notice he switched off her mobile. Swecha is looking at her mobile

Vivek: Wat happen

Swecha: Nothing.Mom,dad n frnds, mo one called me to wish

Vivek: May b they slept. Leave it. I wished u na. Are u not happy

Swecha: Ya I am happy

Vivek: Sleep now..

Both slept. At morning, Vivek got up n starring at Swecha.Swecha woke up.

Vivek: Good morning

Swecha: Good morning

Vivek: This is for u. Wear this saree today.

Swecha: Ok,Thank u. I will bring coffee

Vivek: First get ready

Swecha went n got ready. Its beautiful bluish green saree with golden border.

Vivek: Coffee for u

Swecha: But y did u bring it?

Vivek: Just like dat.Have it n get ready.

Swecha had coffee n is abt to keep accessories.

Vivek: Wait. Wear this jewellery.

He gave a necklace with earrings n bangles. Swecha is starring him as she didn’t understand him. Vivek turned her back n kept necklace in her neck. He slowly kissed her neck. Swecha closed her eyes. He kept earrings to her n kissed her. He took bangles n made her to wear it n kissed her hands. He kept a ring to her with the letters SV indicating first letter of their names n kissed her fingers.

Vivek: Swecha, How is this anklets? U love silver anklets a lot, Right?


Its silver anklets with white stones which shines in multicolour.

Vivek: Can u pls put ur leg on bed to keep anklets

Swecha: No..I will keep it myself..pls

Vivek: No. U must do watever I say without arguing

Swecha: But…..

Vivek: Now don’t make me angry

Vivek kept anklets to her n kissed her ankles. He stood up n turned her n hugged from back n kissed on her cheeks.He whispered in her ears:

Vivek: Happy Birthday Swecha

She caught his hands n tears flowed from her eyes. He turned towards him n kissed on forehead n wiped tears.

Vivek: What happen?

Swecha: I thought u forgot my birthday

Vivek lifted her head n looked into her eyes

Vivek: Till now did I forget ur birthday anytime? I can’t forget any occasion that related to u. Because I love u so much.

Swecha: Thank u n I love u too

She hugged him from side n rested her head on his chest. He carressed her hairs.

Vivek: Shall we go to temple?

Swecha: Yes. Vivek, Can I visit my parents pls? We shall go there n I will take their blessings n we will return in just 5 minutes. My birthday nvr completes without their blessings. Pls

Vivek: No. U r not allowed to go to ur home. Give me ur mobile too. U r not allowed even to talk with anyone today.

Swecha: ok

Swecha became dull n Vivek looking her face kissed her on forehead. Both went to temple n returned home. Swecha opened the door n surprised. Flowers n colour paper pieces are fallen on her. Her parents n frnds are there. Swecha stood at entrance with surprise.

Vivek: Shall we go inside

Swecha:U said that I shouldn’t see my parents today

Vivek: No. I said u r not allowed to go to ur home bcoz they themselves are coming to our home. I will do anything to make u smile on ur bday even before our marriage. Do u think I wil upset u on ur birthday aft marriage?

Swecha smiled n took blessings from her parents. Her parents wished her.

Mona,Arjun, Krish n Ram: Happy Birthday Swecha.

Swecha:Thank u

Swecha looked around n found entire house is decorated so beautifully with balloons n rose petals. On walls its pasted “Happy Birthday Swecha”. Vivek is busy in some calls. Mona n Swecha are talking to one another. Servants are serving sweets n food to guests.

Mona: Is he still angry on u.

Swecha: Yes. But somehow I want to clear this soon

Mona: Y didn’t u tell him dat u tried to call him many times to inform him regarding that?

Swecha: I can’t cover my mistake by putting blame on him for not giving time to me to talk at that time. Because from one year he is here n I got chance to tell that to him but I didn’t. He is right that its not a small issue to forget. Anyways I hope he will forgive me soon.

Krish: Swecha, Is everything ok?

Swecha: Ya Krish. Did u take sweet n all

Arjun: Wat happened Swecha? R u n Vivek ok?

Swecha: Nothing guys. we r happy.

Ram: If everything is ok then its ok. If not tel us if we can help

Swecha: U all are my swt frnds. I know how much u all love me n Vivek. But any prblm that existed between couple must b dealt only by them. Even parents shouldn’t interfere. Because interference makes prblm even bigger. So u guys, stop worrying. I n Vivek know very well how to handle prblms arised between us n love is the only thing which can solve any prblm. We love each other a lot. So soon everything will b sorted out.

Vivek: Wats up guys

Mona: Nothing. We r just trying to know wats ur plan for Swecha today.

Vivek: She is 25 yrs now. So I will give her 25 gifts + surprises today.

Mona: Dats amazing

Vivek: Can u 4 pls tc of party here, incase if u r free? Bcoz I want to take Swecha to some spl place

Krish: Yes we r free n will tc of all this

Swecha: No we shall go aft party

Mona: Its ok yaar.U go..we will manage.

Vivek: Can u pls come with me now?

Swecha: Sure

Vivek n Swecha left from there.

Precap: 25 gifts or suprises to Swecha making her day very special.

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