Love is for life time (episode 6)

Episode 6

The episode starts with Swecha waking up n starring Vivek. She remembered wat he said last nite.

Swecha(inner voice): I love u so much Vivek. I am ready to bare everything to convince u. But at that time I tried to call u many times to talk abt Arjun. U r busy with ur works n didn’t give time to me. Watever I should have said this to u before. Its my fault. I know to fight wen I am not wrong n I know to accept fault n tolerate anything wen I am wrong. Anyways I really feel lucky to have u as my husband. Bcoz though I said I love u to Arjun n pretended as I love him, u said u trust me n nvr doubt my character. I saw many ppl in my profession who doubt wives even if they talk closely with someone. But u r not like dat. I know just coz of angry u asked me abt Adarsh but really u didn’t doubt me. I love u

She is abt to kiss him on forehead but remembering his words not to touch him, she went away. Vivek opened his eyes n saw her n smiled as she is not seeing him. He pulled her towards him by holding her hand.

Swecha: Good morning

Vivek: Good morning. Give me a kiss

Swecha: What

Vivek: Do u want me to say it again? Just do wat i say.

Swecha smiled n kissed him on his forehead.

Vivek: Did I ask u to smile?

Swecha: Leave me. I will bring coffee

Vivek: No. I am missing u a lot these days swt hrt. I love u

Swecha: Really???

Vivek: I just said I love u but not I forgave u

Swecha kept her face like a kid.

Vivek: U r looking so cute like dis. Don’t u love me?? I said I love u but y didn’t u

Swecha: Because u said u can say anything but I shouldn’t say anything to u.

Vivek:Now I understood y ppl says u r a good lawyer.

Swecha: I love you so much

Vivek: I know

Saying this he kissed her lips softly n left her. He went to get ready n Swecha brought coffee for him. Vivek got ready n came out. She gave coffee to him

Vivek: Only coffee?

Swecha: Brk fst is also ready sir

Vivek: Acha. Make lunch n dinner also ready. Then serve them to me altogether at once.

Swecha: As u said sir. I will do it now itself

Vivek: Swecha

Swecha: What? do u want any thing else sir?

Vivek: R u angry?

Swecha: No sir. How can I be angry on u sir? I have no rights sir. I have to do watever u say. dats it sir

Vivek: Stop it. Y r u calling me sir? dat too continuously??

Swecha didn’t respond. He pulled her towards him n kissed her on cheeks.

Vivek: I am ur Vivek forever. Just call me as Vivek. I am not a master to call me sir n u r not student. I love u Swecha.

Swecha: Love u too

Vivek: Who permitted u to say I love u??

Swecha looked him shockingly with a bit of anger

Vivek: Its ok. Now say it again

Swecha(very low voice): I hate u

Vivek: wat did u say

Swecha: I love u

Vivek: I hate u??

Swecha(acting as she got hurt): U hate me but y?

Vivek: No no. I love u so much. I mean I am asking did u say I hate u just before?

Swecha: I said I love u.

Vivek: Ok. May be I am confused. Ok u get ready. We will go for brk fst.

Swecha served him brk fst. He tasted it n saw her seriously.

Swecha: Is it not tasty?

Vivek: Not like dat. But I want to eat Alu paratha

Swecha: Now???

Vivek: Yes dear

Swecha: Vivek, it takes long time. U didn’t say before to me

Vivek: I have all the time in the world. I will wait.Now can u pls go n prepare it for me.

Swecha: But today I have imp case. I am getting late

Vivek: Just tell me r u going to prepare it or not for me now?

Swecha: Ok I will. But pls give me 5 mins to make a call to Adarsh regarding case.

Vivek: No. U must prepare it for me first n only then u r allowed to call or go out.

Swecha(controlling her anger): Ok

Swecha went to kitchen n abt to start preparing paratha for him. Vivek came n hugged her from behind. Swecha felt to push him away at once but controlled herself as she didn’t want to fight with him.

Swecha: Pls Vivek, leave me. I have to prepare ur brk fst n leave to court.

Vivek: Aren’t u going to have brk fst?

Swecha: No time.

Vivek: Come with me.

He took her to dinning table n made her to sit. He served her brk fst n feeded her with his hands. Swecha is looking him

Vivek: I am sorry. I am just teasing to make u angry. As u are done with ur brkfst, shall we leave to our work now.

Swecha: Ok

Vivek: By the way brk fst is just awesome. U said earlier that u didn’t know cooking. But really even though its so tasty. Its so sweet like u.

Swecha: Its not dessert to b sweet..

Vivek: I mean its so delicious. Ok now lets start..u saiqd u have to leave as soon as possible.

They both left. As Swecha tired she reached home earlier but forgot to inform Vivek. He went to pick her as he didn’t find her,he reached home. He saw Swecha sitting in sofa leaning her head back on sofa. He saw her seriously for not informing him.

Vivek: Can’t u even make a call to tell me that u reached home? U nvr change Swecha

Swecha: Vivek, I am sorry. I am so tired today.

Swecha unknowingly got tears in eyes as she felt Vivek didn’t understand her n shouted on her. Vivek went off to his room. Swecha closed her eyes n slept in sofa like dat. Aft sometime she opened her eyes n saw Vivek massaging her forehead n head.

Swecha: Wat r u doing?

Vivek: Take rest my swt hrt.

Vivek brought coffee for her.

Swecha: Thank u

Vivek: How r u now?

Swecha: Ya feeling better. Sorry for not calling u to say that I am at home.

Vivek: Its ok. no prblm. I was just tensed as I didn’t find u at court n u didn’t pick my calls too

Swecha: Did u call me too? I didn’t know

Vivek: Leave it now. Talk with ur frnd Mona.U will feel relaxed n peaceful.

Swecha smiled n called her frnd. She is laughing talking to frnd n Vivek starring at her. She went to her room n got fresh up n then came to kitchen to prepare dinner. But she saw Vivek already preparing dinner.

Swecha: Y r u preparing dnr?

Vivek: I am hungry. Thats y. I don’t know wen will u prepare. Coz u r tired

Swecha: R u really angry on me?

Vivek: Of course. Very much angry on u. But I didn’t hate u. Because I love u. Anger is temporary n love is for lifetime. But don’t think I won’t punish u for ur mistake. U must bare punishment for ur mistake. At the same time, I will care for u as u r my swt hrt whom I love a lot. I cannot stop caring for u just coz of temporary anger.Now go to our room take rest. We shall hav dinner there itself.

Swecha: I Love U Vivek.

Vivek: Love u too. Now go from here

Swecha: I will help u

Vivek: Not necessary bcoz its almost completed. Just 10 more minutes.

Swecha: Ok

Swecha n Vivek had their dinner n Swecha slept. Vivek smiled seeing her n caressed her hair. He kissed on her forehead n then slept.

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  1. Why is he so hard to understand…… but I like his love for her

    1. Because he loves her but didn’t like her to hide anything from him. He had some reason for that…

    1. Thank u Aaliya..

  2. thnx for the epi dr…awesome …sorry dr I can’t come for few days..I will read all ur chapters when I get u..take care

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  3. awesome. ……

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  4. fantastic dear

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  5. Such a nice episode sindhu today vivek was soo good

    1. And yaa thank you so much for two episodes in one day

    2. Thank u dear Dais..

  6. Yeh kis tarah ka pyaar hein yaar

    1. Ha ha ha…variety love…

  7. He is so unpredictable…

    1. Yes he is…lets see wat happens..

  8. Aah such a cute couple…The line which Vivek told about temporary anger and love is just so amazing.. 🙂 <3 loved it

    1. Thank u dear..I am glad u loved it..

  9. Hey Sindhu this story is different one. Just loved this episode. Vivek was so caring…

    1. Yes he is so sweet n caring.. But u will see his anger too in upcoming episodes..

  10. sindhu pls update judgment ff

    1. Sure I will do it..

  11. Superb episode dear.

  12. Awesome episode, loved it very much

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