Love is for life time (episode 5)

episode 5

Recap: Vivek n Swecha’s love story

The episode starts with frnds coming to Vivek n Swecha. Swecha hugs Mona. Everyone settled in hall chitchatting.

Vivek: Swecha, Did u prepare lunch for all of them

Swecha: Not yet.I will…….

Vivek sees her seriously but stops seeing frnds.

Vivek: Ok. lets order from outside.

Swecha: I will prepare everything in half ab hour. Guys, can u wait for sometime pls?

Frnds nodded. Swecha stood to go to kitchen.

Mona: I will help u dear.

Vivek: Mona, u r our guest. So no need. I hope she can manage alone. Isn’t it Swecha?


Mona: But jijaji, I am not the guest. I am her frnd n more over sis too.

Vivek: ok

Swecha n Mona are in kitchen.

Mona: Did he bcom normal or?

Swecha: Not yet

Mona: Did u ask him the reason?

Swecha: Yes but didn’t answer

Mona: Just try to remember all the important incidents happened in 3 yrs.

Swecha: I am unable to think anything. He is behaving as if he want. Sometimes loving, sometimes bcoms angry. He asked me did I hide anything from him.

Mona: Just remember if u forget anything to tell him or though u tried to tell him but coz of few situations u r unable to tell him etc.

Swecha : Mona, I remembered. I think he is angry on me coz of Arjun’s incident

Mona: Omg.Didn’t u tell him that till now?

Swecha: No. At that time I tried to tell him but he is busy n didn’t listen to me. Aft that I forgot. Till now I didn’t say this to him.

Mona: U must tell it soon

Swecha: Yes dats the only thing I didn’t tell him till now. Today I will tell him for sure. But don’t know how will he react.

Mona: Its ok. Don’t worry. He will understand u. Lets see. But one thing watever happens b cool n don’t lose ur temper.

Swecha: Ok guruji

Both smiled. They all together had lunch. Theu spend a good time n frnds left. Vivek is in room. He is working on laptop by sitting on bed. Swecha hesitatingly came to him.

Swecha: Vivek, R u free? Shall I talk to u for few minutes?

Vivek: From wen did u start asking permission to talk to me? I didn’t remember telling u to take permission from me to talk to me

Swecha didn’t respond to him as she is collecting words to explain him the thing that she hided.

Vivek: Did u do anything wrong?

Swecha: What? No

Vivek: As far as I know abt u, u will take permission n will b so cool only wen u do something wrong not according to others but to u.

Swecha: I realised the reason for ur anger on me

Vivek: Good. Now there is nothing remained to talk as u urself accepted u done wrong.

Swecha: I did wrong by hiding it from u. I want to explain u everything now.

Vivek: When did the incident took place?

Swecha: Before 2 yrs

Vivek: Wat did u do till now? Why didn’t u tell this before our marriage? R u saying this now as I came to know this?

Swecha: I thought to tell u but coz we both r busy, I didn’t find time to tell u. Aft dat I forgot too

Vivek: Is it that small issue to forget?

Swecha: No but…..

Vivek: Anyways I am not the one who takes decision without knowing facts. So tell me wat happened.

Swecha: When u left abroad, Arjun proposed me.

Vivek hold his fist tightly to control anger for hiding this from him.

Vivek: Is this the only thing u hide from me?

Swecha: No

Vivek: Then

Swecha: I rejected him. He committed suicide. He cut his wrist. But fortunately he is saved. Aft dat he went into depression. I came to know he is loving me from 10th class. His parents consulted psychiatrist. But Arjun refused to use medicines. He tried committing suicide again. But Krish saved him. Doctors informed his parents dat only if I come he will b saved. On their request I went with them. As per doctor advice, I acted as if I accepted his love. Slowly he
recovered. Aft dat I explained him everything with help of frnds and doctor. Finally he recovered.

Vivek: Did u finish saying?

Swecha: Yes

Vivek came near to her n pinned to wall

Vivek: As a part of ur action, u roamed with him too

Swecha:No. We all, I mean Me, Mona, Arjun, Krish n Ram went together to few places as doctor said if we take him out he will recover soon. I didn’t go anywhere alone with him.

Vivek: Once u said u have crush on him in ur childhood, Isn’t it?

Swecha: Yes. But its just crush.Now I didn’t love anyone

Vivek: Didn’t love anyone? Even me?

Swecha: Except u. Vivek pls I am sorry for hiding this from u. Forgive me pls. I nvr do it again.

Vivek:(shouts) Shut up. When I am away, u roamed with him n acted love with him. U didn’t even say this to me. How can u think I will forgive u?

Swecha: I am sorry Vivek. Please

Vivek: Get lost out of my sight. I can’t trust u or ur words anymore. Trust once broken can’t b rebuilt again. U will understand it now. U can leave to ur house tomorrow.

He threw a newspaper on her face. Swecha saw the pic published by a newspaper in which Arjun n Swecha are there.

Swecha(tears): Vivek, I am so sorry. Pls forgive me. Just give me one more chance. I didn’t do anything wrong. I just pretended as if I love him to save his life on request of his parents.

Vivek: Shut up Swecha. I didn’t have any doubt on ur character. I said I can’t trust u bcoz u hide it from me. When secrets exist between couple then trust can’t exist. I am not saying u r wrong in saving ur frnd’s life. But y did u hide it from me?? Did u thought I didn’t deserve to know? I told u on first day itself u should not lie n nvr hide anything from me n u promised it too. But u broke that promise. Watever I can’t trust u n can’t love u anymore. U can go tomorrow to ur home.

Swecha: I won’t go. Only this is my home. I won’t go anywhere leaving u. I am ur wife.

Vivek came very close to her. Swecha scared. He can clearly hear her heartbeat.

Vivek: Did u agree its ur mistake of hiding this from me

Swecha: Yes

Vivek: if u didn’t want to leave this house n me, then u have bare the punishment n my anger. U have to bare the torture from me. R u ready for it?

Swecha: ok

Vivek: U will b restricted n have no freedom at all. U should do wat I say n should not which I order u not to, without questioning or arguing.

Swecha: ok

Vivek: I can do anything to u. U should nvr refuse

Swecha: I think u forgot. I am ur wife. U hav all rights on me. I nvr refuse.

Vivek: Acha..ok then now I will……

Saying this he came near to her n kissed her on forehead,eyes n lips. Swecha hugged him. He went away from her.

Vivek: U should not hug me.

Swecha: Why

Vivek: Because u hav no rights on me. I hav all rights on u. I can tell u anything. But u shouldn’t. I can ask u anything. But u should nvr question my actions or behaviour.

Swecha: But y?

Vivek: Bcoz till now I didn’t hide anything from u but u hide from me. I didn’t act love with anyone but u did. So its ur punishment now.

Swecha: Till when?

Vivek: Till u regain my trust


Swecha abt to go but he pulled her to him by holding her hand

Vivek: Did I permit u to go?

Swecha: sorry

Vivek: Its ok. From now without my permission u shouldn’t leave me like dat

Swecha: ok

He hugged her from back n kissed on her cheeks n left her.

Swecha: Shall I go now?

Vivek: To where? ur home?

Swecha: No. To spare bed room

Vivek: No. U r not allowed to leave me. sleep here.

Swecha slept n Vivek hugged her n kissed her again.

Precap: Vivek teasing Swecha to irritate her.

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