Love is for life time (episode 4)

Recap: Vivek’s care on Swecha.

Episode 4:

The episode starts with Vivek coming into room n saw Swecha sleeping in sitting mode. Vivek made her to sleep on bed n covered her with blanket. He kissed her on forehead.

Vivek(inner voice): Swecha, I love u so much. But u must realise ur mistake by urself. Only then I will forgive u but not immediately. Its very difficult for me to hurt u but I am doing this to make u understand how much I got hurted coz of ur mistake. I won’t ask u directly bcoz u must accept ur mistake by urself. U must understand a small lie n a small thing we hide from our loved ones has the power to brk the whole trust gained from years n create cracks in relationships. But I nvr leave u bcoz I am just angry on u but can nvr hate u. Soon everything will b ok. I hope u will understand ur mistake soon without knowing from me.

Vivek remembers their past.

Fb starts:

Swecha is shown in white dress with simple hangings n loose hair with a hair clip. She is supervising the arrangements of a seminar in college. Seminar started. Students from different colleges attended the seminar. As Vice President of college, Swecha choosed few volunteers to help in the seminar in receiving guests, distributing refreshments to teachers n students, giving certificates to students for attending seminar etc. Swecha had a frnd who fears a lot to talk with new ppl. To eliminate her fear, she selected her as a volunteer to distribute refreshments. She is distributing water n Swecha is busy with seminar. Suddenly her frnd came running to her with tears.

Swecha: Vinni, wat happen to u? Y r u crying?

Vinni: I went to give water to the students n one boy said I Love You to me.

Swecha: Where is he?

Vinni showed him to Swecha. She saw a boy in black jeans n white shirt.

Seminar ended n Swecha went on to stage for vote of thanks. She completed her vote of thanks.

Swecha: Respectable guests n lecturers, if u permit me, I want to say few words to my beloved frnds.

She got permission to speak

Swecha: Thank u sirs n madams.

Dear frnds, this is a seminar. We all came here to gain information n enhance our knowledge. We are educated n we should keep up our respect. There are few rules to follow in seminars. We should nvr behave as we want n as we behave on streets. Ur behaviour shows ur character.

I came to know that one of my frnd was proposed by someone while she is providing refreshments. Pls notice my dear new frnd, I didn’t know y u behaved so. But it not creates bad impression on u but also on the parents who grown u up n teachers who taught u. I am sure no parent or teacher wishes to see u behaving like this, but ur behaviour blames them too. I request u not to behave like this again. Pls maintain the manners n embrace the information given by scholars in seminar n respect the volunteers who had grt part in making seminars successful. Sorry if my words hurt any of u. Thank u frnds.

Swecha came down from stage n the boy who proposed her frnd went onto the stage.

That boy: Dear respected sirs n madams, I want to speak something regarding the message given by Ms. Swecha.

He got permission n then he started speaking.

Boy: Hello everyone. I am Vivek. Ms. Swecha gave a very good message to all. But I didn’t like saying that parents n teachers are the reason for the way we behave. I think it depends only on our circle of frnds n on us. Sometimes even unknowingly we commit few mistakes n it doesn’t mean our character is bad. Anyhow I apologise for the incident happened. Thank u everyone.

Swecha is giving certificates to the students for attending seminar. Vivek came there. Swecha gave certificate to him.

Vivek: Sorry for misbehaving n thank u so much for not pointing out me n not informing anyone that I was the one who did it.

Swecha: Its ok but I hope u will nvr behave so again.

Vivek: Shall we b frnds?

Swecha: Not interested. if u move I will give certificates to others.

Vivek moved but still starring at her. He saw her talking to Arjun, Ram n Krish. He knew them as a part of student union in which he too is a member. He started frndshp with them n became close. Vivek started attended any seminar or intercollege NCC camps etc only for Swecha. Though Swecha saw him she nvr speak with him. In meantime he became best frnd to Krish. From Krish, he came to know that Swecha is childhood frnd of Arjun, Ram n Krish. One day he decided to propose her. He went to her college n at evng she came out of the college. Vivek came to her.

Vivek: Swecha, I want to talk to u

Swecha: What?

Vivek: Do u recognise me?

Swecha: Yes. U r Mr.Vivek. Right?

Vivek: Yes. I want to say something to u.

Swecha: Ya sure.

Vivek: Can u come for coffee with me

Swecha: Hmm. Ok

Both are in coffee shop

Vivek: Swecha, the first tim wen I saw u, I loved ur courage. U r kind too. On that day wen u didn’t complain abt me to lecturers but made me realise my mistake with ur words, I understood u will care other’s feelings too. I love you

Swecha: What? Is it ur hobby to say like dis to every girl?

Vivek: No. On that day coz of frnds force, I proposed her for fun but later realised my mistake. I really love u.

Swecha: Vivek,I am sorry, I can’t accept

Vivek: Coz of my past behaviour in seminar?

Swecha: No. My parents won’t agree n I didn’t even know abt u

Vivek: Lets b frnds for one year. U will understand me n then Its my responsibility to convince ur parents

Swecha: But

Vivek: Shall we b frnds?

Vivek forwarded his hand. Swecha remembered her frnds’ Arjun, Ram n Krish’s words abt him saying that he is good person. Swecha smiled n gave shake hand to him indicating beginning of their frndshp.

Their frndshp started n she fell for him within just 3 months for his love.

Swecha: I love you

Vivek: I love u too. But I want to say u one thing

Swecha: What?

Vivek: Fron now I nvr hide anything from u.I will b true to u watever happens. I nvr hurt u n will love u forever. But I need same from u bcoz I hate lies n hiding secrets from me. If u do so I nvr forgive u n dat will b the end for our relationship. I too nvr do it if I do anytime u can give any punishment to me too.

Swecha: Ok. I promise I nvr do anything that hurts u.

They completed their studies n Swecha started law practice. Swecha informed abt her love to parents. They objected to their marriage as he is orphan n had no status or money. Only Swecha knew abt his family where everyone thinks he is an orphan. Later on Vivek promised her that he will wait for her till parents accept. He went abroad for 3 yrs n came to India n started a firm of manufacturing hardware parts of systems n laptops with the help of bank loan n frnds. He succeeded in the business n within a year he cleared the loan n now he is a successful entrepreneur. Swecha parents seeing his hardwork to develop in career n love on Swecha changed their decision n got them both married.

fb ends.

Next day:

Swecha wakes up n gets ready. Vivek wakes up n sees his clothes n everything arranged by Swecha already. He got ready. Swecha gave coffee to him. Vivek didn’t speak to her anything. She served brk fst to him. He completes it n asks her to come with him to drop her at court.

Swecha: Actually I am not going to court today. Mona n Krish trio are coming to home today

Vivek hold her hand tightly.

Vivek(shouts angrily): With whose permission did u invite them? Its not ur home to do watever u want.

Swecha: I didn’t invite. They themselves told they r coming n as Krish is ur best frnd, he told he will inform u. So…..

Vivek: So u thought u hav no responsibility to inform me

Swecha: No, I didn’t think like dat but watever its my mistake to not inform u. I am sorry. I nvr do it again. Pls sorry. I will call them now n will say some excuse n ask them not to come.

Vivek: No need. Let them come this time. But if u repeat it again, I won’t forgive u. Remember it. I am not going to office n will join with u guys

Swecha: Really? Thank u so much.

Swecha came near to hug him with hpyness but he went away.

Vivek: Don’t do over action. U know well that I hate over action. Just b in ur limits.

Swecha went off to room listening his words.

Precap: Swecha frnds coming to home n while talking she realises reason for Vivek’s anger n remembers his words of saying not to hide anything from him n gets scared. She apologises him but Vivek behaves rudely with her.

Guys, seminar episode is the incident happened truly. But that girl n that boy are still just frnds but good frnds. Remaining story is my imagination. In this serial, I wrote abt a character Mona, it is also true character. She is my best frnd who is really a very good frnd n equal to sister to me. She always advises me crctly n supports me. By the way her original name is also Mona. Mona darling, Thank u for being my friend n understands me crctly. Love u sisy.. ??

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  1. Nice one……..

    1. Thank u Alia…

  2. what swecha hide vivek pls update soon sindhu

    1. In next episode dear…

  3. What is the mystery?

    1. Read next episode dear…

  4. What was the thing which was hidden by swecha ?

    1. Next episode is it dear..u will know..

  5. Wowww seminar speech was too gud

    1. Thank u dear Hayathi…

  6. Aftr reading the fb I had a thought tht Thr is nothing wrong hapend … But still there is something which she hid … Hmm waiting …

    Again thank you for such a wonderful motivating episode …. It truly showed a good value tht by pointing out a person’s mistake in public and Nairobi him will bring more problems rather by telling in common it urges tht person’s guilt more …. Thank u ….

    Lovly so this a real situation ….. PLZ continue ….
    Wow lucky to have such a frnd …. Keep ur frndship strong … No misunderstanding should happen … If it happens also clear it sooner …. (Hmm I am becoming philosophical sory, just said wat I felt coz I suffered a lot with frndship misunderstandings ūüôĀ )

    B happy dear ….

    1. Yes dear..u r right..If we make his name public n then my frnd’s name too comes out. It may create prblm for both my frnd n me.. But watever dat incident gave a very good frnd to me. Actually after that I came to know he is a good person but coz of his frnds, he did it. He had many good qualities too. He is living his life by his own, a topper n a volunteer in some orgs, helps frnds without expectations. I learnt many things from him.

      Misunderstandings between me n mona? already happened twice.. we fought a lot n cried a lot. But none of us had a thought to end frndshp, so we sorted out misunderstandings n forgot everything n united again..She is really so loving frnd..
      I know dear its very painful wen frnds misunderstand us..I too faced few times but in this stage I realised dat who r true nvr leaves us n if not true no need to b with us..

  7. Awesome episode sindhu dearrrrr, it’s superb episode, loved it very very much. ..

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