Love is for life time (episode 3)

The episode starts with Vivek n Swecha getting ready next day to leave for their jobs. They both had their brk fst n Vivek dropped her at court. He is abt to leave but saw Swecha talking with someone n laughing. He left seriously. Its evng n Vivek picked her from court n they reached room. Both went to their room.

Suddenly Vivek holded Swecha’s hand tightly.

Swecha: Wat happen to u?

Vivek: Who is he?

Swecha: Who?

Vivek: Who is the person whom u r talking n laughing with at mrng?

Swecha: Adarsh

Vivek: I didn’t ask his name. How is he related to u that made u both so close

Swecha: He is my junior.

Vivek: seeing ur closeness I thought its ur bf

Swecha(angrily): I am not like u

Vive pinned her to the wall

Vivek(shouts):Wat did u say??? Say it again. U r not like me??? Exactly. Because till now there is no other girl than u in my life. But u r not like me. Who knows whether I am the only one or not in ur life.

Swecha: Don’t u know abt me? U r also seeing me from 5 yrs.

Vivek:Watever just remember from now, u should not talk much with anyone. If I find u being overfrndly with anyone, surely I will kill u.

Swecha: Leave me

Vivek: If u didn’t even like my touch then y did u marry me? Tell me whom u want to touch u if its not me. Anyways don’t think that I will leave u as per ur wish. U r mine n will b mine. I won’t leave u. I hav all rights on u. I can do watever I want.

Swecha(tears): Vivek, this is not u. My Vivek nvr talks like dis. Leave me pls

Swecha bent her head to hide tears from him

Vivek: Look at me

Swecha looked him. He kept his hand on her waist n pulled her closer. He kissed her harder on lips for few minutes n then left her. Swecha ran from there with tears remembering his words.

Vivek (inner voice):Oh shut. What did I say to her. How can I? Though she did a mistake, I know well abt her n her character. Now she is really upset n angry. Whenever she had fight with me, she will skip her food for sure. I must convince her. Though I am angry on her its true I love her.

Vivek went to kitchen n found Swecha there. Swecha saw him

Swecha: Do you hav anything more to ask me?

Vivek: Yes. I want some water.

Swecha gave water to him

Swecha: Can’t u go to ur room? Do u have any work here?

Vivek: I am so tired. So I thought to prepare food to relax

Swecha: Wat r u saying? If u r tired pls take rest. I will bring the food to ur room aft preparing. Now u pls go

Vivek: I mean I love cooking. It relaxes me from stress

Swecha: Acha. From wen have u developed hobby of cooking?

Vivek: Now

Swecha: What

Vivek: I mean from 2 yrs n Now u came to know. Leave it lets cook together.

Swecha: I will cook alone

Vivek: No I want to cook

Swecha: Ok. I will go to room. U prepare dnr only for u coz I am not hungry

Vivek: Why

Swecha: Just like dat

Swecha went to her room.

Swecha(inner voice): Vivek,wat happen to u. How can u talk like dat to me. Don’t u know abt me. Y r u that angry on me? Did I hurt u by any means unknowingly? Wats the reason behind ur anger?

Vivek knocked the door. Swecha opened n sat on bed. Vivek came to her with dinner plate.

Vivek: Actually I prepared food only for me. But as I didn’t know the quantity, It became more. I didn’t want to waste it. So take this n eat

Swecha: I am not hungry.

Vivek: I didn’t like wasting food. U must eat it if u………

Swecha: If I love u???

Vivek: No. If u respect me

Swecha grabbed the plate from him n started eating. Vivek smiled looking her. As Swecha looked at him, he gave serious look again.

Swecha: Do u have some more?

Vivek: Wait a minute

Vivek brought food again to her.Swecha is having food

Vivek: U said u r not hungry.

Swecha: Yes but as u didn’t like wasting food, I am having it.

Vivek: Do u need somemore?

Swecha: I am not a giant to have some more

Vivek: Is it enough for u?

Swecha: Yes

Vivek: I am sorry for talking like that.

Swecha: hmm

Vivek: R u angry on me?

Swecha: Nothing like dat.

Vivek took her hands into his hands.

Vivek: I am really sorry. Swecha, I love u so much. I can’t hurt u. Because wenever u get hurted coz of me, its hurting me too. From now I won’t ask u anything. Do watever u want n be as u want. But don’t expect love n care from me. Though we stay together n are married, lets b separate at home. Because I can’t forgive u.

Swecha: Vivek pls tell me wat did I do? I don’t think that such a small reason makes u this angry on me. Knowingly I didn’t do anything wrong that hurts u. So if I do anything unknowingly I am really sorry. Pls forgive me once. And tell me wats my mistake n I nvr do it again. Please Vivek

Vivek looked her seriously n went off. Swecha leaned onto bed n closed her eyes filled with tears.

Precap: Flash back- Vivek-Swecha first meeting

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  8. Oh some wrong misunderstanding of vivek on swecha …. Awesome yar… Continue … Bye …

  9. Awesome episode, so many mood swings of vivek…swecha keep bearing his torture. .poor her…eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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