Love is for life time (episode 2)

Recap: Swecha n Vivek’s love cum arranged marriage n Vivek’s saying to Swecha that he married just for revenge.

Episode 2:

Swecha wakes up in the morning. She tried to get up but Vivek hugged her in sleep. She slowly removed his hands n got up. She returned to room with coffee. She woke up Vivek but he didn’t respond.

Swecha: Vivek, pls wake up. R u not going to attend meeting. Wake up

Vivek: Let me sleep swt hrt. Please..U won’t allow me to sleep even wen u r far away from me. pls dear (talking in sleeping mode)

Swecha remembered waking him up by calling him everyday mrng wen she is pursuing law to till the date of their marriage. Bcoz he asked her that he wants to wake up everyday by hearing her voice. If she didn’t call for one day, he would b very tensed. Tears appeared in her eyes.

Swecha(innervoice): wat happen to u Vivek. How can ur love b fake? Wats the reason behind ur anger? Is it coz of past incident happened in clg? But how can I believe it? U r the one who accepted ur mistake n apologised on stage of the seminar. I am sure u loves me but y r u angry on me suddenly? I nvr saw u like dis till now.

Swecha came out of her thoughts n saw Vivek still sleeping. She gave a smile n then took bottle of water n poured on him. He woke up at once.

Vivek: Hey mad girl, Wat r u doing? Y did u pour water on me.

He rubbed his eyes n saw Swecha infront of him. He got up n hugged her.

Vivek: Good morning Swecha.I love u

Swecha: Good morning. Luv u too.

He came closer to her to kiss n suddenly pushed her away n his face became angry at once.

Vivek: How dare u to pour water on me? U…….

Swecha: U ordered me to wake u up early at mrng with coffee n said if I didn’t then u will punish me. So I tried hard to wake u up but u didn’t.So I poured water on u to wake u up. Did I do it on time? Am I right I followed ur order crctly? (innocently n as if scared -just acting)

Vivek shocked listening her words. He expected her to get hurt n scared coz of his previous day words but she didn’t. Swecha gave coffee to him.

Vivek: Hey wat r u thinking abt me. I know u did it wantedly.

Saying this he drank coffee n splitted it out.

Vivek: Is this coffee. Its bitter. Didn’t u add sugar in it?

Swecha: Actually coz of the shock u gave to me, I forgot everything. Sorry

Vivek saw her irritatedly.

Swecha: Ok I will make brk fst

Vivek: Add sugar in coffee

She left from there without hearing him.

Vivek got ready n came to dining hall. Swecha served him bf. He had it.

Vivek: Hey wat is dis? Is dis the food? How can humans eat it

Swecha: Sorry I don’t know cooking

Vivek saw her shockingly bcoz he knew she can cook well.

Vivek: Don’t try to fool me.I am sure u knew cooking. Y r u doing like dis?

Swecha tried to move from there but he stopped her from holding hand.

Vivek: U eat it then

Swecha: Sure

Swecha had it. Vivek is starring at her confusedly. He know well that she is so sensitive n emotional. But now he can find no emotions on her face.

Vivek threw all the plates n bowls on the table. Swecha controlled her tears n is cleaning it. A glass piece injured her hand n started to bleed. Vivek saw that. Swecha is still cleaning it. He saw for few seconds n unable to control himself went near to her n hold her hand. He dragged her to the room n threw on bed. He took first aid box n cleaned the injury. He bandaged the injury.

Vivek: R u mad? How many times should I tell u to b careful. Y r u cleaning it even aft injury? Don’t u know its painful

Swecha: Not more than the pain u gave to me.

Vivek: Look, watever it is, I didn’t want to get hurted. So no need to do any work. Just take rest. However the biggest punishment for u is not getting love from me.

Vivek is abt to go but Swecha hold his hand. He turned n saw her crying.

Vivek: Y r u crying?

Swecha: Tell me the true reason for ur behaviour

Vivek: Nothing. I hate u. dats it. I am getting late. Bye. Remember u r not allowed to continue ur law practice. U r not allowed to go out.

Saying this left. Swecha phone rang.

Swecha: Mona

Mona: Hey dear, hw r u? I felt as if I miss u. R u ok?

Swecha now really lost her control n started crying. She told everything to her.

Mona: But Swecha, I don’t think so. I saw love on u in Vivek’s eyes. But only on marriage day I observed anger. I think something else is happened.

Swecha: No yaar. He clearly said the reason n that he acted love. There is no other reason.

Mona: Dear, just cool down first. You knew him from 5 yrs. Did he ever behave rudely with u?

Swecha: No

Mona: He bared the insults from ur parents. Till now he shared only his love to u. But now something is hurting him. Try to find it dear. But with love. Not with anger n doing tit for tat. It increases gap between u both. Listen, Just do wat he say. Let him understand how much u loves him. Only then u can make him say true reason to u. I am sure its not that small incident happened in clg. Just b cool.

Swecha: Thank u dear. U always advises me in right way. I love u sis cum frnd.

Mona: Love u too. Why didn’t u call me wen u r upset?

Swecha: I thought not to disturb u yaar

Mona: Shut up. U can call me at any time. We are frnds my dear

Swecha: Oh sorry n thank u. So now I should follow his orders.The most difficult thing in my life yaar. I nvr like instructions. I always do wat I think is right. Especially I don’t like dominance.

Mona: Yes I know. But u love him.Right?

Swecha: Yes

Mona: Then just have some patience. Everything will b ok. Just control ur anger n b cool. U know very well that sometimes its better to adjust than to brk relationship. Only with ur patience u can regain his love. In the mean time, I will ask Arjun, Ram n Krish to find out the reason.

Swecha: Ok.

Swecha slept thinking abt all these things. Vivek returned home n found a woman standing near his gate. He came out of the car n enquired her.

Vivek: Who r u? Y r u standing near my house

Woman(tears): Sir, I came to meet Swecha madam. Watchman didn’t allow me to meet her. My husband was falsely blamed to b involved in a murder case. But he didn’t do it surely. Madam promised me to save my husband. Today is the case hearing. But madam didn’t attend. They gave two more days time n madam didn’t attend, my husband will b sentenced.

Vivek: Sorry, She can’t attend the case. You better try another lawyer.

Woman: Sir, I didn’t have that much money to hire a lawyer. Swecha madam is dealing with the case without fee. Pls help us sir.

She is abt to catch his legs. He is shocked n stopped her from doing it.

Vivek: Pls u r elder than me n I respect women. Pls don’t do it. Come inside n talk with Swecha

Vivek told her to wait in hall n went to Swecha. She is sleeping.

Vivek: Pls wake up Swecha

Swecha woke up.

Swecha: I am sorry

Vivek: For wat?

Swecha: For irritating u in the mrng.

Vivek: Leave it. U can continue ur profession

Swecha: Y r u saying this suddenly?

Vivek: Because I came to know how ur profession can protect the life of ppl.

Swecha: But I am not in a mood to deal with the case now. Because I am unable to do justice to my life. So how can I do justice to others

Vivek: Swecha pls. Its not our issue to play with one another. U r matured enough to understand it. Ur client is waiting in hall

He left n Swecha washed her face n got ready. She went n met the client. Vivek is observing all this. He saw the hpyness n confidence in that woman’s face when Swecha assured her of saving her husband. He smiled n went off to room. Swecha brought coffee for him.

Swecha: Coffee

Vivek: I can’t drink sugarless coffee

Swecha: I decided to do wat u say

Vivek: Really

Swecha(closed her eyes to control anger): Yes

Vivek: Swecha, did u lie to me anytime?

Swecha: No

Vivek: Sure

Swecha: of course.

Vivek: Go n prepare dinner

Swecha went off. Aft sometime Vivek came to kitchen.

Swecha: Do u want anything?

Vivek: Tea

Swecha gave tea to her n he took a sip of it.

Vivek: Shall I ask u few questions

Swecha: ok

Vivek: Aft my graduation, I left u for 3 yrs to grow in my career. Did anything happened in these 3 yrs?

Swecha: I didn’t get u

Vivek: Did u became close to anyone?

Swecha: Vivek (shouts)

Vivek came near to her n caught her throat tightly for few minutes n left her.

Vivek: Don’t shout before me. I will kill u.

Swecha tried to move from there.

Vivek: My questions r not completed.

Swecha: Wat u want to know from me?

Vivek: Do u love me?

Swecha: Yes

Vivek: Do u love anyone else aft me?

Swecha: No. U r my first n last love

Vivek: Did u hide anything from me

Swecha: No

Vivek: Did u forget anything to tell me that happened in 3 yrs wen I am away?

Swecha: No

Vivek: Do u like marrying me?

Swecha: Yes

Vivek: Do u hav affair with anyone.

Swecha eyes filled with tears.

Vivek: Answer me

Swecha: No

Vivek threw the cup on the floor n went off. Swecha is calling him but he didn’t listen. He went to room n closed the door.

Swecha: Vivek open the door. Vivek pls

Vivek: Leave me alone Swecha.

Precap: Vivek’s possessiveness towards Swecha n shouting on her. Showing his love n care on her.

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