Love is for life time (episode 15)


Final Episode: Episode 15:

Recap: Vivek realised his mistake n trying to get Swecha married with Arjun feeling guilty.

The episode starts with Swecha waking up n looking for Vivek. He is in balcony. Swecha smiled n went to him n hugged from back.

Swecha: Good morning Vivek

Vivek abt to catch her hands but remembering his fault broke the hug n turned towards her.

Vivek: Good morning

Swecha: You already got ready? Y didn’t u wake me up? Just 10 mins, I will prepare brk fst. sorry for waking up late

Vivek: No need to b hurry. Brk fst is already prepared.

Swecha: But y didn’t u wait for me

Vivek turned other side to avoid facing Swecha.

Vivek: I didn’t hav all the time to wait for u. I didn’t want to depend on anyone n I can do my works by myself

Swecha turned him towards her n kept childish face

Swecha: Sorry for the late

Vivek starred her for few minutes n then realised it.

Vivek: Ok

Swecha: I will get ready n will come

Swecha got ready n came.

Swecha: Vivek, r u free today?

Vivek: Why

Swecha: Shall we go out today?

Vivek: I am not interested

Saying this Vivek is going.

Swecha: Vivek, one minute

Vivek: What

Swecha: Y r u so serious? Is there any prblm?

Vivek: Yes. U r my prblm. I will b happy only wen u goes out of my life.

Swecha: Vivek, wat happen to u? Y r u talking like dat?

Vivek: Bcoz of u I am unable to answer my frnds n business partners. For 2 yrs, u r away from me n who knows with whom u r n whr u r

Swecha: Vivek

Vivek: Don’t shout. However its ur habit to b close to someone whenever I am away from u. First Arjun n now I don’t know who’s that. I will b happy when I will b free from this relationship

Swecha shocked listening his words n shattered.

Vivek(inner voice): I am sorry Swecha. I know u loves me a lot. If I didn’t talk like dis, then u won’t agree to marry Arjun. I am sorry for hurting u again. I know u nvr do anything wrong. Even in dreams, U won’t imagine anyone except me. Thats ur love on me.But I didn’t deserve ur pure love.

Swecha came to him n turned him towards her.

Swecha: Look into my eyes n then say it again.

Vivek unable to see her n looked another side. Swecha cupped his face

Swecha: Vivek, I know u didn’t say these words truly. U r hiding something from me. Tell me wats dat. Y r u acting before me. I know u r saying these words just to make me hate u but I know u r not doubting me. Pls tell me the reason

Vivek: Will u do anything that I ask u to do?

Swecha: I will do anything for u

Vivek: Watever I say

Swecha: Yes

Vivek: Promise me

Swecha: Promise

Vivek: sign on these divorce papers n marry Arjun

Swecha: What?

Vivek: This is my order. As u promised me u must do it

Swecha(tears): I hate u Vivek. I really hate u. U shattered all my drms n hopes. As I promised I will do watever u said. But its true I can nvr forget u. I nvr forgive u for this. Get lost from my sight

Swecha sat on floor n cried n decided something n called Arjun n asked for his help n he accepted understanding her love on Vivek. Then she went to Vivek.

Swecha::I am ready to marry Arjun as u said

Saying this she left. Vivek called Arjun. Aft sometime Arjun came there.

Arjun:Vivek, Shall I take Swecha out with me?

Vivek felt like something struck at his throat listening this.

Swecha: Arjun, y r u asking permission from him? In few days we will get married. So we can go out together. Come lets go

Vivek shocked listening Swecha as he didn’t expect these words from her. Arjun n Swecha are going n Arjun caught her hand. Looking this Vivek folded his fist controlling his anger. Swecha came home late at 10pm with Arjun. He dropped her n went off. She entered home n saw Vivek in hall. He saw her n came at once to her. Swecha scared a bit but acted as if she didn’t care.

Vivek: Whr r u till now

Swecha: With my would be

Vivek: I am just asking as its too late.

Swecha: But I am with Arjun. So no prblm

Vivek: Ya ya no prblm. Did u have ur dinner

Swecha: Yes at Arjun’s home


Swecha: Ok I am tired. Gud nite

Vivek: Good nite

Swecha went to her room n locked it n lied on bed with tears. Vivek sat on sofa n he too shed tears unknowingly.

Vivek(inner voice): Swecha, though its my decision to get u married with Arjun, still my heart is unable to bare seeing u being close to Arjun. How can I control my feelings on u? If u leave me, I am all alone n had no one. But I am sure u will b happy with Arjun. I am just doing this for ur hpyness. Pls forgive me.

Vivek went to upstairs n going through Swecha’s room n heard her voice

Swecha: Hey Arjun, u r too much. Just few days n then no one can separate us. yes I will b happy with u. I am sure abt it. I think this is called destiny. finally we r going to get married

Vivek knocked the door. She opened the door. Vivek gave mobile to her

Vivek: Take Ur mobile… U forgot on dining table at hall. I didn’t know till now u can speak with a person who is away even without a mobile.

Swecha: I am doing rehearsal to talk to my Arjun

Vivek pulled her towards him,

Vivek(seriously): Come again

Swecha: Doing rehearsal

Vivek: last 2 words of ur sentence

Swecha: My ar……

He kept finger on her lips.

Vivek(shouts): Still he is not your’s.

Swecha: Till when

Vivek: Till u get married to him

Swecha: Obviously it will happen

Vivek: Till then u r my wife n my responsibility.

Swecha: So?

Vivek: Must come earlier to home

Swecha: ok

Vivek: U no need to do rehearsals that loudly which is audible to everyone in the street. Do it in low voice.

Swecha: ok

Vivek: wat ok ok???

Swecha: Anything u say

She is behaving as if she is in trance. Suddenly he realised his hand is on her waist n she is so close to him. He left her immediately n went off to his room. Swecha followed him.

Vivek: Y did u come here? Go n sleep in ur room

Swecha: How can I stay in that room?

Vivek: Y can’t u?

Swecha: Bcoz now I am guest. So will stay here in guest room. I can’t stay in ur room.

Vivek: Swecha pls go to ur room

Swecha: I can’t. Y don’t u sleep there

Vivek: I can’t sleep alone there coz of past memories with……..

Vivek turned back stopping his words.

Swecha: with???

Vivek: Nothing. Go to ur room

Swecha: U said that this house n everything in this house is mine n no need to take permission from anyone for anything. So I didn’t want ur permission to sleep here. Good night

Saying this she lied on bed. Vivek lied on other side but didn’t face her. Swecha hugged him.

Vivek: Wat r u doing?

Swecha: I am scared?

Vivek: Did u get nightmare today too

Swecha: No

Vivek: Then y r u scared?

Swecha: Scared of losing u

Vivek: Wat did u say

Swecha: I am scared of losing u. I didn’t want to marry Arjun.Pls Vivek. I love u

Vivek closed his eyes to hide his emotions from her. Then opened eyes taking a deep breath

Vivek: Then y did u accept at mrng? So agreeing for engagement, going out with Arjun, everything is action.

Swecha: Yes

Vivek: U know well I hate lies n action. U done both. I can’t agree to allow u to stay here as my wife. U must marry him

Swecha: Vivek, stop it. I know well u r acting too. U r hiding ur love n emotions.

Vivek: No. I don’t love u

Swecha: Ok. engagement is day aft tomorrow. Lets go out n spend whole day together tomorrow. If u didn’t have any feelings on me then u can easily agree for this condition.

Vivek: I don’t

Swecha: R u scared that ur true feelings will come out?

Vivek: ok. I will come.

Its morning n Vivek woke up n went to fresh up. Swecha brought coffee n is getting ready. Vivek came out aft fresh up. He got ready

Swecha: Coffee

Vivek: no need. I can prepare it myself

Swecha: Its the last day to drink coffee made by me coz from tomorrow aft engagement I won’t prepare it for u.

Vivek felt deep pain inside his heart listening her words as she will b away from him from tomorrow. He calmly tasted coffee prepared by her.

Swecha: Vivek, can u pls help me to keep this chain?

Vivek looked at her n saw the chain in her hands.

Vivek: Did u still have this chain with u? U said u lost it

Swecha: Ya. U gave this with ur first salary. How can I lose it?

Vivek: Then y did u say that u lost it?

Swecha: Just to tease u but u became angry on me

He remembered gifting her chain with his first salary n once she said she lost it when he is in abroad. He scolded her a lot n didn’t talk with her for one month.

Vivek: Y didn’t u say that u had the chain atleast wen I scolded u?

Swecha: Did u listen to me at that time? Whenever u r angry u won’t even give a chance to me to explain. More over at that time I too didn’t think to explain u.

Vivek: leave it. U won’t have such prblm with Arjun. Bcoz he is very cool n respects u a lot.

Swecha: Help me to wear this chain. Bcoz I can’t wear it from tomorrow.

Vivek made her to wear the chain. Swecha got ready. He starred at her once. She wore his fav magenta colour sari, chain gifted by him n everything that he likes. He is trying hard not to show his feelings to her. Swecha served his fav brk fst n both had their brk fst. Vivek took his car keys n looked at Swecha

Vivek: Whr u want to go with me now?

Swecha: Anywhere u like

Vivek: Acha. Ok then I would like to go our garden. Is it ok for u?

Swecha came near to him n hold his hand n leaned on his shoulder.

Swecha: Any place with u will b heaven to me Vivek,coz its filled with ur love.

Vivek freed from her hold n went away from her.

Vivek: I think u didn’t know english well or u r confused between the words hell n heaven. If I am with u in any place, it will b hell for u. Y can’t u understand?

Swecha: Lets go to our garden n then talk

Both sat in garden. Swecha is starring at rose n Vivek looking her.

Swecha: Do u like rose?

Vivek: Flowers are liked by girls.

Swecha: Do u agree many ppl love roses?

Vivek: Hmm yes. So what?

Swecha: Rose is a very beautiful flower. Its colour, texture n fragrance mesmerises everyone. So everyone likes it.

Vivek went to the plant n plucked it n gave it to her.

Vivek: Take this rose but stop lecture on Rose.

Swecha: I love roses Vivek

Vivek: I know

Swecha is abt to pin it to her hair but its throne pierced into her finger n a drop of blood came out. Vivek took her hand n stopped bleeding by holding it tight n then saw her seriously.

Vivek: U r always careless Swecha. Y can’t u b careful. Give it to me. I will keep it in ur hair

He kept it in her hair.

Swecha: Vivek, Rose is a beautiful flower with thrones. Sometimes it hurts like this but as everyone loves it, no one blames it for its thrones. Rose is the symbol of love. I often think its perfectly suitable as symbol of love. Do u know why?

Vivek: Tell me

Swecha: Bcoz in love there will b few prblms which hurt us as rose had thrones. But love is a beautiful feeling which makes us forget prblms. Ur love, attitude, care n support are as beautiful as the rose but ur anger is a throne which hurts sometimes. As everyone neglects the throne of a rose n prblms in love, we too should neglect ur anger. Then u will understand how perfect u r to me. If u focus only on darkest side of ur’s, then u can nvr see the brightest qualities in u.

Vivek: Is ur speech completed?

Swecha:For ur love, care n support, I can bare ur anger too. I love u Vivek. Just for one reason I can’t miss n leave u

Vivek: U already left me for 2 yrs Swecha. I know its all coz of my anger

Swecha: No. I left u with confidence that u will realise ur mistake one day. I nvr thought to leave u permanently.

Vivek: U have signed on divorce papers too. I know how much u got hurted by me

Swecha thought for a minute.

Swecha: I know u won’t file those papers for divorce. Thats y I just gave them to u to make u understand ur love on me.

Vivek: Shall we go out?

Swecha n Vivek went out for shopping. But his mind is filled with thinking abt her words. He took her everywhere she likes. She surprised him by choosing his fav type of dresses n ordering his fav food. His heart is shouting n arguing with him not to miss her. Both reached home late at night having dinner n watching movie. Swecha insisted to stay in her room. He is unable to say no bcoz the thought that from next day she will not b with him is killing him inside. As he thought Swecha slept he went to his room n threw everything n messed up everything n took alcohol bottle to drink which he bought on the day he talked abt marriage proposal with Arjun. He hardly controlled himself till now as he didn’t want Swecha to know that he will restart his addiction if she leaves him. He is abt to drink but stopped seeing Swecha.

Swecha: Have it. Do u want me to give company to u?

Vivek: Swecha. Didn’t u sleep?

Swecha: Are u allowing me to sleep peacefully anytime? Initially u r angry on me n hurted me. Now u r angry on urself but still hurting me. U r making me mad day by day.

Vivek: I am sorry

Swecha: Who wants ur sorry? I want ur love not sorry. With ur foolish n stupid decisions u r suffering me n urself too

Swecha is so angry n is shouting in him. Vivek smiled looking her.

Swecha: Y r u smiling?? I am not praising u

Vivek: Do u want me to tell the truth?

Swecha: Haan

Vivek: U r talking as before. I mean as past Swecha. At that time wen u used to talk like dis I felt that u r disrespecting me but now I am seeing ur love in ur anger.

Swecha: I am sorry

Vivek: Don’t b bcoz u r right I am foolish n stupid.

Swecha: I am saying sorry for cancelling engagement tomorrow without informing u.

Vivek: What?

Swecha: I am not ready for this marriage Vivek. I told this with Arjun n his family. I requested them not to tell u all this.

Vivek: How dare u to do all this without informing me? How can u cancel engagement without my permission? Thats y I told u nvr value me n my words. Now wat they will think abt me? U insulted me a lot Swecha. U will b punished for this.

Swecha: I am ready for anything except leaving n missing u permanently.

Vivek: If the punishment is hurting n more painful?

Swecha remembered the past n scared hearing his words.

Vivek: But this time I didn’t even allow u to go away from me as u did last time. R u ready for any punishment?

Swecha: Yes

Vivek came forward to her n wiped her tears.

Vivek: I am sorry for not understanding u n hurting u till now. I love u Swecha. pls don’t cry. I am really sorry. I realised wat is love bcoz of u. Love is not to blame our beloved n to find fault in them. Not to criticise n make them feel guilty of their behaviour. U accepted me as I am n removed my guilt n hatred on myself. Thank u Swecha. Do u really forgive me? I know I almost tried to kill u. Can u forgive me just once?

Swecha: I will forgive u on one condition

Vivek: I will do watever u say except being away from u. I can’t live without u

Swecha: U should nvr drink again

Vivek: I promise.

Both lied on bed. Swecha is sleeping on his chest. He is caressing her hairs.

Vivek: May I kiss u?

Swecha: Did u take my permission before?

Vivek: But from now I will

Swecha: Aha, if I say no, won’t u

Vivek: Ya

Swecha: Then No

Vivek: Swecha pls once

Swecha: No

Vivek(fake anger): Hmmmm. Ok. Good night

Vivek closed his eyes n Swecha kissed him on forehead.

Vivek: U said no

Swecha: Yes u hav no rights on me coz u tried to leave me. I have all rights on u. So I can but u shouldn’t.

Vivek smiled remembering his words which he said earlier to her when he is angry on her.

Vivek: So now u r going to take revenge on me by using same words which I used. But my dear swt hrt, u r not as cruel as me to do so.

Saying he kissed her forehead, eyes n lips. He kissed on neck n hugged her. Both slept hugging one another. Next day, they woke up n got ready. Vivek is leaving to office but stopped seeing Mona, Arjun, Krish n Ram. Swecha is busy in cooking something for them n they are in hall. He thought to leave to office. He went to kichen whr Swecha n Mona r there.

Vivek: Swecha, I am leaving to office.Bye

Swecha: Mona wants to talk to u

Mona: Jijaji, one minute pls

Mona didn’t call him jijaji from the day Swecha left n wenever he contacted her abt Swecha, she talked to him calling as Vivek. He is surprised to listen her calling jijaji again.

Vivek: Tell me mona

Mona: I am sorry for talking rudely with u all these days.

Vivek: U r not at wrong in behaving so. U r really a very good frnd to Swecha. Anyone who had a frnd like u are really lucky. So pls don’t b sorry.

Mona: Thank u

Vivek: Swecha, Can u come with me once? I am not able find a file.

Swecha came with him n is searching cup board n table for file. Vivek hugged her from back

Swecha: Wat is dis Vivek, let me search the file. U will b late to office.

Vivek: U can’t find it dear

Swecha: Y? How can u say that I can’t find?

He kissed her on cheeks n smiled

Vivek: Bcoz its in office

Swecha: Wat? Then y did u ask me to search

He kissed her again n winked. Swecha blushed understanding y he called her

Vivek: Usually I heard that girls look beautiful when they blush, but u r so…

Swecha: Am I not beautiful?

Vivek: U r so so so beautiful

Swecha smiled n blushed.

Vivek: Bye,tc.

Swecha: Bye

Vivek went to office n returned at evng. He opened the door n its dark. He stepped in n switched on the light n petals of roses fallen on him. He didn’t find Swecha n went to his room. Room is decorated beautifully with flowers n candles. He found heart symbol on bed. He saw Swecha in balcony who wore his fav sari. He went n hugged her from back n kissed her.

Vivek: Will fresh up n come.

He got fresh up n came. Both haf their dinner n came to room. Both sat on bed.

Swecha: Lets start new life from today.

Vivek: Aft my mom, u r the only one whom I loved a lot Swecha. When my father married another woman n my mom committed suicide, I felt all alone. From that day though my father is alive, I am living as an orphan. When I came to know that u didn’t love me, I lost myself completely. That made me lose my coolness n rationality n behaved as an animal forgetting values. But I love you Swecha. From now u will nvr be restricted by me. U can be as u r. Missing u for 2 yrs is quite a long time to realise my mistakes. I nvr hurt u again. Now I am hpy to have u as my wife who loves me a lot.

Swecha: Love u too. However u r not alone responsible for the things happened. I promise I nvr hurt u n will nvr b careless towards u. Now I know everything abt u. I understood u completely.

Vivek took her close n kissed her on neck, forehead n eyes. He softly kissed on her lips. He switched off the light n they lost in love of one another.

Leap of 2 years:

They are so happy now with their 2 children Samhita n Vidhaan who r twins. They know abt each other completely now. Vivek became one of the top 5 successful entrepreneurs in India. Swecha is happy with his love n is as usual a successful lawyer. He nvr hurted her n though they fought few times in these 2 yrs, their fights ended with love n sweetness. Swecha too nvr behaved carelessly towards him n gave her pure love to him.

Thank u guys for ur support n love..Love u dear frnds..I will update judgement ff soon n it will b posted regularly here after..

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