Love is for life time (episode 14)

Recap: Vivek misbehaving with Swecha n Swecha fell unconscious coz of his Vivek misbehaviour

Episode 14:

Vivek reached home n Mona gave Swecha’s letter to him.


I am leaving. I can bare u n ur anger. But not ur molestation. This is not the way to behave with the one whom u love. U can change a person with love but not through rudeness. Still I love you but can’t stay with u sacrificing my self respect. I signed on divorce papers n gave it to Mona.

Bye forever,


Mona gave divorce papers signed by Swecha to him. Vivek teared them in anger.

Vivek: How can she leave me? Mona tell me where is she? I am sure u knew her where abts.

Mona: Yes I know. But I won’t say. U almost tried to kill her. May b u r not bothered abt ur wife but I am bothered abt my frnd. I want my frnd to be alive. Now u r not human n degraded to the level of an animal. Even if Swecha forgives u, I nvr forgive u. I nvr allow u to meet Swecha.

U tortured her abt true love. But do u really know wat is true love? Love is not to know ur tastes, likes n dislikes. Love is to b with u in ur bad n good times. To support n help u whenever u need it. Swecha truly loved u. She is with u in ur bad n good times. She is the one coz of whom u established ur firm in India. 5 months she is not in touch with u, but cared for u. She nvr shows her care n love but she loves n cares for everyone. I know at times she is rude n careless. But she is not the same always. Y did u marry her if u hate her this much? You didn’t deserve her Vivek. Stop troubling her atleast now. She may not b happy but atleast she will b happy.

Vivek(tears): Mona, pls tell me whr is she. I know I am wrong but it doesn’t mean I don’t love her. I love her. Pls give me one last chance. Pls forgive me

Mona: Did u give her one chance? Did u forgive her at that time? No I can’t trust u n I can’t let her life b placed in ur hands n see her dead. If u try to trouble her then I will file police case on u.

Saying this mona left n Vivek went to his room n again remembered his past behaviour. He remembered mona’s words saying Swecha’s care on him. He didn’t understand y she bared his anger n torture without even telling that she helped him for establishing his firm. He went to her home but didn’t find her there. He went to Mona’s home but she is not there. He contacted all her frnds but of no use. He returned home.

Anju: Vivek, I am leaving. I can’t stay here anymore. When u asked me to act before Swecha being close to u, I thought its just for fun n u r just teasing her. But I nvr thought u done all this to hurt her n its this serious. I am sure Swecha loves u a lot. Now u completely lost her n her love n trust. If u realise ur mistake atleast now, somehow find her n apologise her. Bye

Anjali left. Vivek is all alone. He remembered Swecha n their first meeting, acceptance of his love by her, Swecha’s love n care on him. He became totally mad. 4 days passed by n still he didn’t find her. As its Mona’s marriage, he went there thinking she will attend the marriage. But she didn’t. 2 yrs passed. He addicted to alcohol n started hurting himself. He incurred lose even in his business. Krish n Arjun came to him knowing his situation n admitted him in deaddiction n rehabilitation centre. But he is not responding to the treatment.

Krish: Vivek, y r u behaving like dis? pls take treatment. Otherwise ur life will become more worst.

Vivek: I hav no purpose to live. Its my mistake to spoil Swecha’s life with my foolishness. Now I hav no one in this world n its better if I die

Krish: This is not wat Swecha expected from u. If u do like dis, it hurts her more. Pls Vivek, try to understand

Vivek: I want to talk once with Swecha.pls Krish

Krish went off from there n met doctor.

Doctor: Now nothing is in my hands. Only his wife can save him. Somehow contact her.

Krish came to Vivek.

Krish: I will call Swecha

Vivek: Do u know whr is she? How is she?

Krish: She is fine. She is in Delhi. Now she is working as a High Court Advocate at Delhi. I will call her.

He called Swecha n kept it in speaker mode.

Swecha: Hello Krish. Hw r u? wats up?

Krish: Hi Swecha. I am fine. Hw r u?

Swecha: I am dng grt

Krish: R u free? I need to talk something important

Swecha: Ya.Tell me

Krish: Vivek is in hospital

Swecha: I didn’t know anyone with that name. Don’t mind Krish, don’t call me regarding this topic anytime again. Bye

Vivek: Swecha, one minute pls

Hearing his voice aft 2 yrs, her eyes filled with tears. Though she thought to disconnect the call, her heart stopped her from doing so. She heard his voice filled with love, pride, anger,rudeness till now. But now his voice is filled with regret, sorrow, repentance n guilt. She really lost control on herself n unknowingly she started speaking

Swecha(tears): Vi….Vi…vek…Vivek

Vivek: I just want to say one thing. I didn’t know whether I will b alive or not by the time u reach here or I will meet u in my life or not. pls Forgive me Swecha for everything I hav done with u. I nvr understood u n ur love. I am sorry for my deeds. I am not asking u to come to me. I know u can nvr forgive or trust me. But if u can, then pls trust me once. If u trust me then come back to my life bcoz u r my only hope.

Krish: Swecha

She disconnected the call. Vivek lost his hope. Swecha eyes filled with tears. Treatment started for Vivek. He fell asleep coz of the medicine n suddenly he felt the touch of Swecha on his forehead n opened his eyes. He found her besides him caressing his hairs.

Vivek: Swecha

Swecha: I still trust u Vivek. But I can’t see u like dis. U must recover soon n succeed in ur business. I want to see past courageous n loving Vivek. I will meet doctor n will b back to u

Vivek: Don’t go pls Swecha

Swecha: I will come within 10 mins

Vivek nodded no n caught her hand tight as if a frightened child. Tears rolled in Swecha’s eyes. She caressed his hairs n kissed on forehead.

Swecha: I will come just now Vivek pls leave me

Vivek remembered his past deed forcing her n hurting her though she begged him many times to leave saying that she is unable to bare n everytime she begged he tightened his grip n tortured her more on that nite which is a nightmare in their life. He immediately left her hand n turned another side to avoid seeing her. His eyes shed tears. Swecha understood his mind. She stayed calm for few minutes n left to doctor’s cabin.

Swecha: Doctor, I want to take Vivek to home. He will continue his treatment from there.

Doctor: Its highly risky Swecha. He may bcom dangerous at anytime. We can’t assure safety of him n ppl around him.

Swecha: I will tc of him

Doctor: You must b very careful bcoz u r the one who stays with him 24 hrs. He can harm u anytime. If u want to bare the risk then u can take him home

Swecha: I think if he is treated from home, he will recover soon. I am ready to take risk for him.

Doctor: Ok then I will discharge him

Swecha: Thank u doctor.

Swecha went to Vivek

Swecha: We are going our home.

Vivek: Will u be with me? Otherwise I will stay here itself. I can’t stay alone in that house. I can’t

She can sense how disturbed he is by leaving alone by his words n fear in his words. She hold his hands tight n tapped them assuring him that she will b with him.

Swecha: Relax. I will b with u in our home

Vivek: Promise?

Swecha: I promise

Swecha took him to home. She found alcohol bottles everywhere in hall, their room. Entire house is a mess. She cleaned sofa n made him sit in sofa n cleaned their room. She took him to room n gave medicines to him. He slept. She cleaned entire house. Its nite n she feeded him dinner. Both had their dinner n slept. Morning she woke up n didn’t find him in room. She got tensed n went downstairs n found him in kitchen. She went to him

Vivek: Good morning Swecha

Swecha: Good morning. Wat r u doing here

Vivek: Preparing coffee for u.

Swecha: No need.

Vivek: R u still angry on me

Swecha came near to him n hold his hand.

Swecha: No Vivek. I will do everything. U just go n get ready. U r going to office from today.

Vivek: I didn’t want to go anywhere leaving u

Swecha: I am also coming with u.

Vivek: Ok.

He went to his room n got fresh up. He saw his clothes arranged on table. He smiled n wore them. Swecha came by that time n gave coffee to him. She too got ready n both left to office. She helped him to regain in his business. Within 6 months he left his addiction to alcohol with her love n caring. His fast recovery suprised even doctors. His company again started rising n earning profits with her ideas. Vivek became normal as before. Swecha stopped accompanying him to office n he himself managed everything as before. He tried many times to apologise her heartfully n ask forgiveness but Swecha nvr gave a chance to him. She is showing extreme love n care on him which made me to regret n feel guilt even more. Most of the time they used to discuss only company matters n nothing else. Vivek slowly stopped talking to her. Swecha too didn’t brk the silence n continued it. Vivek shifted to guest room as he can’t stay with her in same room with guilt. 6 more months passed in silence n he became as before who is courageous n confident. He established his mark in business.

Vivek reached home at nite n found Swecha slept. He came slowly to her room n sat near her feet.

Vivek: Swecha, I love u so much. But I know I didn’t deserve u. Though I treated u badly, u forgave me n came to me n made me successful again. U gave my lost prestige, wealth n success. Really today I bow down before ur love. U showed me wat is true love. Atleast once, u didn’t blame me for my behaviour. Still u r trusting n loving me. But I am not suitable to u. I will leave u from this hell soon n will make ur life happy. U no need to bare me anymore.

When u r awake, I am scared even to see u n apologise u. Now I want to apologise u Swecha. Pls forgive me n my all faults. I am sorry for everything I did.

Saying this he touched her feet n tears fallen on her feet. He immediately left from there. Swecha opened her eyes n woke up from bed. She wiped her tears n went to his room n opened it. Vivek is changing his dress n saw Swecha opening door. Swecha turned back seeing him without shirt.

Swecha: I am sorry. I should have knocked the door

Vivek changed his dress.

Vivek: Don’t b Swecha. Ur every sorry is making me to remember the past n my faults. Its creating pain in my heart. So pls don’t say sorry ever. U no need to knock the door bcoz this house n everything in this house is your’s. So permission is not required

Swecha(inner voice): everything is mine? including u Vivek? How can I say that I can’t stay away from u n still I love u. I want to brk this silence n rebuild our relationship. But how can I say this to u.

Vivek: Do u hav anything to talk to me.

Swecha didn’t respond

Vivek came near to her n slowly touched her shoulder softly.

Vivek: Swecha

Swecha: Yes. Sorry I am………

Vivek: Pls don’t say sorry n I am sure u didn’t listen me coz thinking abt me.

Swecha: Yes

Vivek: Do u have anything to tell me?

Swecha: No nothing

Vivek: I am a bit tired. I want to sleep

Swecha: Dinner?

Vivek: I am not hungry

Swecha: But I am hungry

Vivek: What? Didn’t u have ur dinner?

Swecha: Not yet. I am just tired n lied down on bed. Shall we have dinner together

Vivek: U pls have it dear..sorry Swecha. I am not hungry

Vivek(inner voice): I didn’t deserve ur love Swecha. U deserve true love n better person who loves u unconditionally. I am sorry. I am hurting u again.

Swecha left to her room expecting him to come as she said she didn’t have dinner till now. Vivek came to her with plate.

Vivek: Swecha pls have it.

Swecha: No.I will have only if u have ur dinner

Vivek: ok

Both had dinner. Swecha went to her room n Vivek is leaving to guest room.

Swecha: Whr r u going?

Vivek: Asusual to my room

Swecha: Leaving me alone?

Vivek sat besides her.

Vivek: Wat happen to u today? Y r u behaving like dis?

Swecha: I got a nightmare n I am so scared today

Vivek: What? R u kidding ?

Swecha: No. Really. I am so scared pls stay here

Vivek: I can’t

Swecha: U r always like dis. U nvr care for me

Vivek:Swecha pls

Swecha: If u care for me then sleep here.

Vivek slept in their room. Swecha smiled without his notice n hugged him acting as if she is asleep. Vivek tried to take off her hand. But she kept her face as if she is so frightened n seeing that Vivek took her close n caressed her hairs n remembered calling Arjun to his office that day.

fb starts:

Vivek called Arjun to his office. Arjun came.

Vivek: Arjun, I want to ask u one thing. Answer me frankly

Arjun: Tell me

Vivek: Do u still love Swecha?

Arjun: Vivek, Y r u asking like this

Vivek: Pls tell me Arjun

Arjun: Yes. I love her even now. Thats y I didn’t marry yet.

Vivek: R u ready to marry Swecha?

Arjun: What?

Vivek: Yes. She faced hell in her life coz of me. She need someone who loves her to the core n not me. I know u love n understand her well than me. R u ready to marry her?

Arjun: Yes

Vivek: Does ur family ready to accept her? I didn’t want Swecha to face any troubles further

Arjun: Yes they love her a lot. Surely they will agree her as daughter in law. But do u think Swecha agrees for this marriage?

Vivek: Ok. I will convince her

Vivek went to Arjun’s home n talked with his family n they too accepted for the proposal.

Fb ends.

Vivek(inner voice): Only few more days aft that u will b very happy Swecha. Arjun n his family loves u a lot. U will b happy there forever.

Swecha(inner voice): I love u Vivek. U realised ur mistake. its enough for me. I can forget everything that happened. Soon we will b happy forever.

Precap: Final episode- Engaugement of Swecha with Arjun. How Swecha agreed for the engaugement? Is she going to marry Arjun or forgives Vivek?

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