Love is for life time (episode 13)

Episode 13:

The episode starts with Swecha waking up n seeing Vivek. Vivek already woke up.

Vivek: Good morning sweet heart

Swecha: Good morning Vivek

Swecha looks her mobile n found its already 8am. She is so scared remembering his warning to wake up at 4am. Vivek didn’t understand wat happen to her. He is caressing her hairs.

Vivek: Wat happen? Y r u so tensed? Is everything ok?

Swecha: I..Nothing..I am sorry

Vivek: I didn’t understand. Y r u saying sorry now?

Swecha: U told me to wake up at 4 n I set alarm in mobile too yesterday. But I didn’t know y it didn’t ring n I woke up at 8 now. Really sorry

Vivek: My dear, I was the one who turned off alarm in ur mobile.

Swecha: What? But y?

Vivek: Bcoz if u didn’t wake up at 4, I will get a chance to punish u.

Swecha: But its not my fault

Vivek: Oh. So u r baring me n my anger just bcoz of ur fault. Right?

Swecha: Tell me wats d punishment for not waking up.

Vivek: What?

Swecha: I am baring everything bcoz I love u. Not coz I done something wrong. So even now I am ready to bare anything except leaving u.

Vivek: Ok. Ur punishment is to hug n kiss me.

Swecha: What?

Vivek: Yes. Yesterday u told I shouldn’t touch u till I forgive u. So now u urself must hug n kiss me.

Swecha: I didn’t say u shouldn’t touch me. I said not to b sweet n loving towards me bcoz wen u bcom angry I am unable to bare it as u r so sweet till then. But I agree u hav all rights on me n sorry for saying like dat.

Vivek: I didn’t want rights that got coz of marriage. I want rights which I get coz of ur love on me. I mean only if u accept me.

Swecha came close to him n hugged him. She kissed on his cheeks.

Swecha: Shall I leave to bring coffee to u if my punishment is completed?

Vivek: So u won’t accept me?

Swecha: I love u

Vivek: Then y r u asking me to stay away from u?

Swecha: Bcoz I feel more comfortable wen u r away from me.

Vivek: Now I got it. As I said to Anju that u feel more comfortable if I stay away from u, u r angry on me.

Swecha: Yes. Now convince n make me accept u

Vivek: I will see how long r u going to stay away from me. Ok. Go n get ready. I will drop u at mona’s home

Swecha: I am not going today. Will go tomorrow

Vivek: Oh. But I planned a lot thinking u will go

Swecha: Wat

Vivek: I planned a lot with Anjali thinking u will not b there.

Swecha saw him seriously n went to get ready. She got ready.

Vivek: Coffee madam

Swecha: But y did u bring?

Vivek: To convince u

Swecha: R u going to prepare brkfst too?

Vivek: If u want me to prepare then surely I will

Vivek turned to move n she hold his hand.

Swecha: No. I will prepare. I am not doing all works as u ordered me to do. But I really love to do those works coz its nothing but taking care of my husband whom I love a lot.

Vivek: I love u Swecha

Swecha: Love u too. I will go n prepare brk fst.

Swecha is in kitchen n Anju came downstairs. Vivek is in hall reading newspaper. Anju is wearing beautiful pink salwar. She left her hairs loose n though she is weak, her style is making her look beautiful.

Anju: Hi Vivek

Vivek: Hi. U look very beautiful today Anju

Swecha shocked listening him.

Anju: I know u like this kind of dressing n style. Our tastes r always the same.

Vivek: Ya. I love………. I love ur style very much. (raised his voice looking at Swecha)

Anju went to Swecha. She is preparing upma for brk fst.

Anju: Hey u r preparing upma? Don’t u know Vivek didn’t like it

Vivek: She doesn’t know anything abt me Anju

Anju: What? Ur’s is love marriage.How come she doesn’t know anything abt u?

Vivek looked Swecha seriously.

Vivek: Leave it Anju. Y did u come downstairs? Go n take rest

Anju: I feel bore sleeping n sleeping from one month in hospital. I can’t Vivek. Today I will prepare ur fav food. U love to eat dishes made by me. Right?

Vivek: Of course. But now u r sick. So no need to do anything

Anju: No. I am going to prepare food for u today. dats it

Swecha: I will prepare. U go n take rest Anju

Vivek: Let her prepare Swecha. U just help her

Swecha: But Vivek…..

She stopped her words sensing seriousness in his eyes.

Swecha: Ok

Anju prepared his fav food n is serving him.

Vivek: Its very tasty Anju. Thank u

Anju: Magic in my hands

Both smiled n Swecha is looking them. She sat opposite to them to hav brk fst. Vivek suddenly caught his eye n is screaming

Swecha: Vivek wat happen

Anju: Wat happen Vivek

Vivek::Something fallen in eyes Anju

Anju went close to him n blowed air into his eyes. She is seeing him with love n concern.

Vivek: Thank u Anju. its gone

Swecha felt disgusting n eyes filled with tears. She thought to leave. But Vivek sighed her with eyes not to leave without having brk fst. She sat n is pretending to have food. Vivek n Anju r talking abt their frndshp n closeness n Swecha found dat their tastes r common listening their conversation. She felt as if Anjali is a mirror of Vivek. Aft sometime Swecha went to her room. Vivek followed her. Swecha turned back seeing him

Swecha: I want to talk to u

Vivek: Tell me swt hrt

Saying he hugged her.

Swecha: First leave me

Vivek: Y should I? You are my sweet wife n I love u so much

Swecha: Oh do u remember I am ur wife? Really do u love me Vivek?

Vivek smiled at her anger n again pretended seriousness n turned her towards him n cupped her face.

Vivek: Don’t u know whether I love u or not?

Swecha: I don’t know. I don’t know anything about u

Vivek: Wats ur prblm now?

Swecha: Don’t u know wats my prblm

Vivek: How can I know wats up in ur mind

Swecha: I hate u

Vivek left her. Swecha sat on bed turning back as she can’t control her tears realising wat she said. She really didn’t mean to say that but said in anger. Vivek is controlling his anger coz he know that she said it in anger. Vivek came to her n sat besides her n turned her towards him. Swecha is still in tears

Swecha: I am sorry. I didn’t mean to say that

Vivek: Its ok. I know. Don’t cry

He wiped her tears n in fact he is njoying her anger.

Vivek: So tell me y r u angry

Swecha: I hate u being close with ur frnd Anju

Vivek: I didn’t do anything wrong Swecha

Swecha: I don’t know all those things. U shouldn’t b close with anyone except me. I am ur wife and u r only mine. Caring for Anju, praising her beauty n cooking, saying that she know everything abt u, its all disgusting. Seeing this I am feeling the pain as if my heart is squeezed by someone. I know u don’t do anything wrong n u r just pretending in front of me to tease me, but even though I can’t bare it.

Vivek looked into her eyes n cupped her face.

Vivek: Don’t u think I felt the same pain when u r close to Arjun n not in touch with me for 5 months?

Swecha calmed down with his straight question n now she clearly understood his pain n anger on her.

Swecha: I am really sorry Vivek

Vivek: U r close to someone n hided it from me n didn’t even think at least once how I feel if I know this. How can u do that to me? Don’t u think I am human n I too have feelings?

Swecha unable to control herself hearing his questions. She hugged him tight

Swecha: I am sorry Vivek. I am really very sorry. I just thought that I am pretending love n not really loving him.So there is nothing wrong in it. But now I realised how much it hurts to see our loved one being close to someone else ignoring us. I am sorry

Vivek closed his eyes n tears flowed from his eyes. He hugged her back.

Vivek: Its ok. But nvr do it again.

Swecha: I promise

Vivek: I am sorry for hurting u by being close to Anju. Its true that no one can b as beautiful as u r. Watever u cook, it will b delicious bcoz u will add ur love to it.

Swecha: I don’t believe ur words now. Bcoz just now u said Anju is so beautiful n u love her style.

Vivek cupped her face

Vivek: I said I love ur style seeing u n not Anju. Anju is beautiful but not as beautiful as u r.

Swecha: What?

Vivek: Yes darling.

Swecha: Don’t u like upma? Y didn’t u say that to me anytime?

Vivek: Bcoz I love watever u cook. The food u cook doesn’t matter to me. Only ur love on me matters to me.

Swecha: I don’t know. I am still angry on u. I am not convinced.

Vivek: So u want me to convince u?

Swecha: Its not like dat. If u love ur wife, obviously u must convince her.

Vivek: I love my wife so much

Vivek took her close n kissed on her cheeks n lips. Swecha hugged him tight. Vivek whispered in her ears.

Vivek: I love u

Swecha: I love u too

Vivek broke the hug.

Vivek: I am getting late. Shall I leave now to office? Is ur anger went off?

Swecha: Ok. I nvr get angry on u Vivek bcoz I love u so much.

Vivek: Shall I tell u one thing?

Swecha: What?

Vivek: I forgave u completely. I trust u n ur love. From today I nvr hurt u. I can really feel ur change n love. U r not like before. U changed a lot. I am so sorry for being so rude n harsh to u till now.

Swecha hugged him

Swecha: Thank u. Its ok. Lets forget everything.

Vivek: Ok. B ready at evng. We shall go out for dinner.

Swecha: ok

Vivek: I am leaving to office now. So give me a kiss n send me to office with ur smile.

Swecha kissed him on cheek. He left to office. Evng he returned home. Entire house is so dark n all lights are off. He turned on the lights n went to his room. He didn’t find Swecha anywhere. He called her name. But of no response. He went to Anjali.

Vivek: Anju, where is Swecha

Anju: She went out at mrng. She gave my medicines n food n told will return soon.

Vivek: Did she say anything like whr did she go?

Anju: No. Y r u so tensed? call her Vivek

Vivek: ok

Vivek tried calling her n its switched off.

Vivek(inner voice): Whr r u Swecha? Y r u behaving like this again? I thought u changed. But u didn’t. U nvr change.U r so irresponsible.

Suddenly he remembered something n went to her maternal home. Her parents are in hall n they said Swecha is in her room. He controlled his anger in front of them n went to her room. He opened the door n went inside n found her sitting on bed. He locked the door. Hearing the sound she turned towards him n saw him.

Swecha(smiling): Vivek? I am just abt to start to our home. But u urself came.

Vivek: Shall we go?

Swecha: Ya

He is driving the car but he is so silent.

Swecha: Y r u so silent? Is everything ok

Vivek: Will u shut ur mouth for sometime?

Swecha: R u ok?

Vivek: Shut up

Both reached their home. Swecha got down from car n immediately Vivek hold her hand tightly n dragged her to their room. He threw on bed. Swecha got shocked seeing him so serious

Vivek: With whose permission did u go out? Don’t u know to inform me? I am always sure that u won’t change. U nvr care for anyone. U hav no responsibility n nvr value me. My love on u blinded me n made me to trust that u r changed.

Swecha: Vivek, pls listen to me once. Let me explain u

Vivek: Shut up. Now u listen to me. From now in my life, I won’t forgive u. U must bare my torture n rudeness forever. U must follow watever I say. U will b good only wen I restrict n b rude to u.

Swecha: Y r u talking like dat. its hurting. Pls Vivek, once listen to me.

Vivek: Just shut up. This time U really hurted me a lot

Saying this he punched on dressing mirror. Mirror broken n his hand started to bleed. Swecha got scared n worried. She went immediately to him n abt to touch his hand

Vivek: Don’t touch me. Let it bleed n let the love on u flow out like this. Even now my heart wants to trust n love u. This is my punishment for loving u.

Swecha hugged him

Swecha: Vivek, I am really sorry. I nvr go out of this house again. I will do watever u say. I nvr argue with u. I am accepting my fault. Pls forgive me n let me stop bleeding of ur hand. I can’t see u in pain. Pls Vivek. I am begging u. pls. This is the last time n I am ready for any punishment u give. But don’t hurt urself for my fault.

Vivek: R u really ready for any punishment?

Swecha: Yes

Vivek: It will b very painful n hurting

Swecha: I am ready for any punishment

Vivek: Ok. Clean the injury

Swecha brought cotton n bondage. She is taking the glass pieces pierced into his hand.

Vivek: Swecha, its paining

Swecha: Sorry, I will do it slowly.

He can see tears in her eyes seeing his injury. She is blowing air slowly on his hand n took out glass pieces. She tied bondage to him applying antiseptic lotion. Her care, concern n love can b felt in her actions well. But he really became blind with anger on her. As soon as she completed dressing his hand, he threw her on bed n came close to her. He caught her very tight. His touch is so rude representing his anger.

Swecha: Vivek, its painful

Vivek: It must b painful n harsh. Its ur punishment. Not only now but everyday u have to bare this punishment. He kissed her lips n bited on her lower lip. She is crying literally but still his anger didn’t go off. He slowly moved his fingers on her neck n suddenly pierced his nail into the skin. Swecha screamed with pain.

Vivek: Shut up. Ur shouting is disturbing me.

Swecha really got scared with his behaviour as she nvr even imagined this kind of behaviour from him even in dreams. He hold her hand tight n squeezed it.

Vivek: Don’t shout. Otherwise it will b more painful.

Swecha: Vivek, wat r u doing? Y r u behaving like this

Vivek: Bcoz u deserve it. From now u won’t dare to do anything that makes me angry.

He switched off the light. They consummated their marriage. Its the worst nite of her life. He intentionally gave her pain which is really unbearable for her. He did watever he can to hurt her. Till 2 am he played with her according to his wish without considering her as a human. Then he slept slowly leaving her. She slept screaming. Its morning n he woke up n saw her sleeping. He woke her up. She slowly opened her eyes n scared seeing him.

Vivek: Get me coffee immediately

Swecha tried waking up but she can’t coz of shock (shocked coz if his behaviour) n pain. Vivek saw her seriously.

Vivek: Don’t act before me. Stop acting n bring coffee soon.

Swecha woke up crying n is going slowly. He saw her walking slowly n can sense that she is walking hardly. He ignored his inner feelings of guilt n love n got fresh up n went to dressing table to take clothes n found his night suit. He again became angry on Swecha for not arranging his clothes. He is abt to shout her name but he found a note pinned to the clothes. He took the note to read. Its written as:

Dear Vivek,

I am going to my maternal home. Mom called me saying that papa had become unconscious. I called doctor. He is coming n I have to b there by that time. I tried calling u to take ur permission but ur mobile is switched off. I msged u to ur mobile too. I am sorry for going without ur permission. Pls don’t b angry on me. I will return as soon as possible. Pls get fresh up n I kept ur clothes on dressing table. Coffee is in flask on our table n u will find snacks beside it. Sorry for disappointing ur plan of going out to dinner. Hope u understand.

Your’s Swecha.

He was shocked reading the note n found she kept the note yesterday before leaving which he didn’t notice. He saw flask n hot box on table. He remembered switching off his mobile as he attended a meeting. He checked his mobile n found her msgs of asking permission, informing him abt going to her maternal home n last msg saying that there is no charging in her mobile n in few minutes it will b switched off.

Tears flowed from his eyes remembering his words n how he misbehaved with her. He cursed himself for his worst behaviour. He is totally shattered for his deed last nite. He went to kitchen n found Swecha fallen unconscious on floor. He tried to wake her up but she didn’t respond. He sprinkled water on her but still she didn’t wake up. He lifted her in his arms n took her to bed n then called doctor. Doctor treated her n gave medicines n went off. He went n called Anju. Anju came to their room. She got shocked seeing her n understood wat happened.

Anju: Wat is dis Vivek? How can u behave like dis? R u out of ur senses? I nvr knew u r so cruel. U just behaved as my husband

Vivek: Anju

Anju: Yes. There is no difference between u n my husband who is sadist. U ppl r so cruel n heartless. Is this ur love on her? I don’t understand y u guys will treat wives so badly where as u will b so good even with strangers.

Vivek: Pls tc of her Anju. I am leaving to office

Anju: What? R u going to office leaving her in this stage? wat kind of a husband u r? U helped me to get my husband arrested for his misbehaviour with me. I stayed in hospital for one month coz of him. Now u too did same with ur wife. How can u behave like dis with the one whom u love?

Vivek: Bye

Vivek left from there n called mona.

Mona: Hello Jijaji

Vivek: Hello. I need a help from u Mona

Mona: Help?? pls tell me

Vivek:Swecha is not feeling well. Can u pls visit her once

Mona: What happen to her

Vivek: I can’t say anything now. But pls go to her. I know its not crct time to disturb u now during the rituals of ur marriage. But I am really helpless

Mona: Don’t worry. I will visit Swecha now itself.

Vivek went to his farm house. He is unable to control himself. He remembered his moments with Swecha,her concern n tears seeing his injury n accepting that she done wrong without any fault. He threw everything there n behaved as a mad person. He came into sense hearing his mobile ring. Its from Swecha n he is unable to talk but received the call as he want to know how is she.

Vivek: Hello Swecha

Mona: This is Mona

Vivek: How is Swecha?

Mona: She went off

Vivek: What?

Mona: Swecha went off from u

Vivek: Where?

Mona: I don’t know. She told to give a letter to u. If u come to home now, I will give it to u.

Vivek: I am coming

Precap: Vivek read her letter n her decision made him shocked n emotional. Vivek searches for her but didn’t find her anywhere. Where is Swecha n Wats her decision?

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  1. Yes she did right going away from him

    1. Yes dear..He crossed his limit by this deed..

  2. Seriously why didn’t he listen to her once. Disgusting. What kind of love is this?

    1. Its not love..its his male ego..Love can’t hurt the loved one..

  3. awesome. .I can’t wait much plz update soon

    1. Sure evng will update..

  4. u made me cry sindhu how vivek behave like monster i hate vivek i think swecha take right decision leaving vivek .hate you vivek.but i love you sindhu.

    1. Ha ha ha..Yes I too hate Vivek..Love u darling,tc..

  5. Sindhi I wanted to write before bt I got the time now ..fab story…. really why kind ov love is this he always loses his temper n then says sorry n n wen she says sorry he says tht her sorry lessens the value ov it ….wen u love some one u trust him or her complety I know he was hurt thy she didn’t talked with him for once bt she never tried to hide it he was also bzy with his career a..she never cared for him thts ok n true love is not hurting ur loved ones not to make hurt em n not to make em realisse them their faults likee this his way was too wrong a..he should have also talked too her n by her he should make her understand her problems he knew she was grown up wit different values n his behavior hot n cold unbearable I know swecha was at fault… she was honest wid him for 5 years he spoilt her marriage n she bore all tht bcz she loved him she changed her self a lot jet for him n tht lawyer thing was not her ego bt self esteem earlier I thought thy swecha was wrong bt if u really love someone u will not ask her to change according to u …i hate vivek a lot he crossed all the limits why guys wen lose thief cool doesn’t see whys ri8 n wrong I think swecha should leave him now she bore all his worst behavior for him changed jet for him n accepted her fault n he the rules which u apply for others must be applied by u bt vive thought tht he got all the wri8 cz ov her fault he is insane n what he did today after this no girl can accept such person …… I just said this for vivek ur story isn’t wrong its a beautiful story nt like those cheesy or nt ablanaris type I love ur story a lot a..update soon dear I hope swecha leaves him even though I know thy she cant stay away from him… I wrote a lot I guess warm tight hug for u

    1. I really loved ur comment.ur views are awesome. Absolutely he is wrong in his way of changing her. He just took advantage of her love, patience. She may b wrong in the past but now she realised her fault. She tried her best to convince him n to make him forget the past. She bared everything, sometimes she bared his anger even without her fault. But he didn’t understand. He just thought that as she done wrong,he can do anything to her. If he really love her he can nvr see her in pain n can’t hurt her too.Thank u for ur beautiful views on my story..

  6. vivek must be at a huge loss for his ruthlessness.he was like an animal.brutal .disgusting.male chauvinism crap.
    Luv ur ff sindhu.

    1. Yes dear..he behaved as a sadist n psycho..He totally forgot wat is love n lost his sense…

  7. plz post judgement …..waiting eagerly.

  8. pls post judgment ff pls sindhu

  9. Will update my judgement episode in 2 days..sorry guys for making u to wait..

  10. Very heart touching n emotional episode. ..I just hate vivek for what he did to her….I know he loved her n she too but the way he behaved now n in the past was really insane….I totally agree with lucky…n in a general not for this story…this story is just a mirror of reality…It happens n these men they think their wives as own property as they can use them anytime….even without their wish…just in the name of marriage. sorry sindhu if I hurt you in any manner but your stories are very true n shows the real face of this community n society. ..I just love the way you narrate everything so professionally, thx dear for sharing your amazing stories with us….love you soooooooo muchhhhhh

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