Love is for life time (episode 12)

Episode 12:

The episode starts with Swecha waking up at midnight. She felt as if she is missing Vivek. She went to Anju’s room n opened the door to see him. She opened the door n saw Vivek infront of the door.

Vivek: Wat r u doing here at this time?

Swecha: I came to…..

Vivek hold her hand n took her to the room n threw her on bed.

Vivek(shouting): Tell me why did u come there? R u inspecting me? Don’t u trust me?

Swecha: I didn’t to inspect u. I trust u. I just came there to see u as I felt I am missing u.

Vivek: Oh really? Should I believe this?

Swecha: Its true

Vivek: I nvr trust u or ur words. I nvr saw u missing someone till now. So don’t act now. Anyways I feel sleepy. We can talk later. sleep now.

Swecha slept but didn’t face him. He smiled remembering her words saying that she is missing him. He hugged her.

Vivek: Turn this side

Swecha turned towards him. Vivek took her close n made her to sleep on his chest. He is caressing her head.

Vivek: Sleep peacefully. I am here with u.

Swecha: What

Vivek: U said u r missing me. Now I am with u. So sleep peacefully.

Swecha: U said u r not trusting me?

Vivek: Shut up. U shouldn’t question me

He kissed on her forehead n she hugged him n slept.

Morning she woke up n got ready but didn’t find Vivek in room. She went to Anjali n opened the door n didn’t find Vivek n Anjali saw her.

Anju: Good morning dear Swecha

Swecha: Good morning Anju. Sorry Anjali

Anju: Hey u can call me Anju

Swecha: Ok. Where is Vivek?

Anju: In kitchen

Swecha: Ok. I will come again.

Swecha went to kitchen n saw Vivek there

Swecha: Good morning Vivek.

Vivek: Good morning. Is this the time to wake up?

Swecha: Its just 6 am Vivek. Usually I wake up at this time. Ur office is at 10 am. I will do everything by dat time.

Vivek: Usually u may wake up at this time. But now we hav a guest at our home n she is sick too. Can’t u wake up a bit earlier? From tomorrow u must wake up at 4 am. R u listening?

Swecha: ok

Vivek: Make juice n give it to Anju. I will get ready by that time.

Swecha: ok

Swecha gave juice to her. She went to give coffee to Vivek.

Swecha: Vivek, coffee

Vivek: Did u give juice to Anju

Swecha: Yes

By the time her phone rang.

Swecha: Hi Mona

Mona: Hi. R u coming today to my home?

Swecha: Today?

Mona: Ya. I told u to come before a week to my marriage. Did u forget?

Swecha: Haan. I remembered. Ya sure I will come today

Vivek: Swecha, who’s that?

Swecha: Mona

Vivek: Give me the mobile

Swecha gave mobile to her

Vivek: Mona, Swecha can’t come today to ur home. We will attend ur marriage surely. I am sorry

Mona: But jijaji

Vivek: Mona,pls don’t mind. Actually we have a guest at our home. Sorry dear. She can’t come.

Mona: Its ok

Vivek gave mobile to her.

Mona: is everything ok Swecha?

Swecha: Ya

Mona: Sure?

Swecha: Yes swt hrt. Don’t worry everything is alright. I will call u later. Bye

Mona: Ok.Bye

She disconnected the call n found Vivek looking her seriously. Vivek came forward to her n caught her hand.

Vivek: Wat did Mona ask u?

Swecha: Nothing. She just asked is everything ok

Vivek: Why did she ask that question? Wat did u tell her before? Did u share our prblm with her?

Swecha: Yes

Vivek: How dare u to share this with her? Don’t u feel shame to share our personals with others?

Swecha: She is my best friend. We don’t have any secrets between us

Vivek: Shut up. I think I must b so strict with u. U urself r compelling me to b rude n strict towards u. From now, watever happens between us, u should nvr share with anyone including ur parents. Otherwise I will send u out of this house. Remember it

Swecha: Ok.

Vivek: How can u say to Mona that u r coming today to her home without asking me?

Swecha: Because u urself permitted to go. Thats y

Vivek: At that time Anju is not here. So I permitted u. But now u r not allowed to go anywhere. U must tc of her in my absence. I am not sending u even to marriage

Swecha: Vivek pls send me at least to marriage. I will come as soon as marriage completes. I will tc of Anju too. pls

Vivek: No. Till her recovery, u r not permitted to step out of this home. dats it

Swecha: Vivek pls

Vivek: Stop arguing with me Swecha. I think I am giving u more freedom n that makes u to argue with me everytime. From now u should nvr speak anything in front of me. Just follow my orders. if u can’t then leave the house.

Swecha(tears): Ok. I will bring brk fst for u n Anju.

Swecha freed herself from his hold n abt to go

Vivek: Wait. Did I tell u to go? Still I didn’t complete my words. U should not leave as per ur wish without my permission when I am talking to u.

Swecha: Ok. I nvr do it again.

Vivek: Look at me

Swecha turned towards him.

Vivek: Remember, this is my last warning to u. Here aft when I say no to something u must obey it without argument. Otherwise next time, u will b punished severely n u can nvr forget it in ur life. Then u will nvr dare to argue with me. Understand?

Swecha: Ok

Vivek: One more thing, in my absence, u must take care of Anju. If u do any mistake in that, I don’t even hesitate to kill u. So b careful.

Swecha: Ok.

Vivek: Now u can go. Bring brk fst for me n Anju to Anju’s room.

Swecha brought brk fst to them. Vivek made Anju to eat it carefully n then he had his brk fst. He left to office even without telling to Swecha. Swecha lost her control n shattered completely with his changed behaviour.

Vivek at office unable to focus on his work.

Vivek(inner voice): I am sorry Swecha. I know I am hurting u a lot. But u must bare it n only then I will trust u that u r loving me as much as I love u. I want to see whether ur ego will get hurted or u. If u fight with me or leave me then it means u won’t change n still u value ur ego than relationships. If u bare it n still try to convince me then I will understand u r changed n loving me.

Vivek threw everything on table. His secretary(Ajay) came to him.

Ajay: Sir, r u ok?

Vivek: I am ok. Don’t allow anyone to meet me for sometime.

Ajay: ok sir.

Its evng n he went to home. Swecha saw him.

Swecha: Hi, U go n get fresh up. I will bring coffee for u aft giving medicines to Anju.

Vivek: ok

Swecha behaved very normally as if nothing happened. He is just observing her. She gave him coffee n is doing her work. He went to see Anju.

Vivek: Hi Anju. Hw r u?

Anju: Fine. Hw is ur day

Vivek: Good. Did u take medicines today

Anju: Yes. Swecha gave medicines on time. U r so lucky Vivek. She is so caring. She really cared for me a lot.

Vivek shocked listening her words as he know that Swecha won’t care much abt anyone.

Vivek: Ok. I hav some work. Will see u later.

Anju: Ok

Vivek went to Swecha. She is preparing dinner n didn’t see him.

Vivek: I need some water

Swecha saw him n gave water. He is just starring at her.

Vivek: Did u prepare dinner?

Swecha: Just few minutes. U go n wait in room n I will bring dinner to u both.

Vivek: Give just Anju’s dinner in room. I will have dinner with u.

Swecha: As u wish

Swecha gave dnr to Anju n is serving Vivek.

Vivek: I said I want to have dinner with u.

Swecha: I will have later

Vivek: Did u hav ur dinner yesterday?

Swecha: I had

Vivek: Really? I told u not to lie to me

Swecha: I didn’t

Vivek:Did u have brk fst n lunch today?

Swecha: No

Vivek: Why

Swecha: I am not hungry

Vivek: Again u r lying to me

Swecha(shouting): If u know the reason then y r u asking me

Vivek: Do u think u hav right to shout on me?

Swecha: Sorry

Vivek: I told u not to say sorry

Swecha is abt to leave

Vivek: I told u not to leave like dat when I am talking to u. Did u forget everything.

Swecha: ok. Tell me wat should I do now

Vivek: Come n sit near me

Swecha sat near him. Vivek feeding her with his hands

Swecha: I will hav by myself

Vivek: R u angry on me?

Swecha: No. nothing like dat.

Vivek: Then let me make u eat with my hands.

Swecha: ok

Both had dinner n went to their room.

Swecha: R u going to sleep here

Vivek: Should I take ur permission to stay in my room?

Swecha: No. I didn’t mean that.

Vivek: Then wat do u mean by that?

Swecha: U said u should give medicines to Anju. So I thought u may stay there.

Vivek: Do u mean u want me to stay there

Swecha: I didn’t mean it

Vivek: Then wat do u mean by that

Swecha: I mean………

Vivek: U mean??

Swecha: Nothing. I feel sleepy. Gud night.

Vivek: I want to talk with u

Swecha: Shall we talk tomorrow?

Vivek: No now.

Swecha: ok tell me

Vivek: R u giving permission to me to talk

Swecha: No

Vivek: Then??

Swecha: U told u want to talk. I said ok. I am obeying ur orders. dats it

Vivek came near to her n she turned back. He hugged her.

Vivek: R u getting irritation with my words?

Swecha: No

Vivek: R u getting hurt by my behaviour?

Swecha: What

Vivek: Am I hurting u with my worst n rude behaviour?

Swecha: May b I deserve that rude behaviour n scoldings for my rude behaviour n egoistic attitude in the past.

Vivek: I didn’t ask whether u deserve it or not. Answer directly to my question

Swecha: Yes. I got hurted with ur behaviour.

Vivek: Do u want to beat me?

Swecha: wat? No no I don’t. I mean I won’t.

He turned her towards him n cupped her face with hands.

Vivek: Now tell me y didn’t u have dinner yesterday

Swecha: Bcoz of….

Vivek: Bcoz of me?

Swecha just bent her eyes without answering.

Vivek: Wat did I do

Swecha: Nothing

Vivek: Hmm. ok. I will tell the answer. As I shouted on u n didn’t care for u, u felt bad n didn’t hav food from yesterday

Swecha nodded n her eyes filled with tears.

Swecha: How do u know I didn’t hav dinner yesterday?

Vivek: Bcoz I observed u. Wantedly I behaved as if I didn’t notice to make u feel I am avoiding u. So that u will taste the pain of avoidance.

Swecha: Then y did u made me to eat today?

Vivek: Bcoz u r so stubborn n if I didn’t care for u even today, u will skip food today too.

Swecha: I didn’t want to talk to u?

Vivek: I am sorry

Swecha: Good night. I am sleepy

Vivek: Sorry Swecha

Swecha: I cried a lot thinking u didn’t care for me

Vivek: So u like if I care for u

Swecha didn’t speak anything

Vivek took her close n hugged from back.

Vivek: I always care for u Swecha. How did u think I will ignore u? I love u so much. Yesterday at nite,u came to see me as u r missing me n found me near the door. But do u know I too missed u n coming to u at the same time. Thats y u found me near the door.

Swecha: I am sleeping

Vivek: Aren’t u going to talk to me?

Swecha: No

Vivek: Ok then

Vivek broke the hug n is going

Swecha: Whr r u going?

Vivek: To Anju’s room

Swecha: What

Vivek: I am feeling bore n u r not talking to me. So I will chit chat with Anju

Swecha: Ok then go

Vivek: Really? Shall I go?

Swecha: Go

Vivek again came to her n made her to sit on bed n he sat besides her. Vivek cupped her face.

Vivek: I am so rude to u. I behaved so stupidly. I am really so sorry Swecha. Pls forgive me. I can’t bare if u didn’t talk to me.

Swecha hugged him n crying. Vivek caressed her hairs

Vivek: I am sorry n I love u.

Swecha: I am really trying hard not to make any mistake n irritate u. But even though sometimes mistakes r happening. I really care for ur words. Yesterday I didn’t listen to ur words but I didn’t do it intentionally. Pls give me some time to change myself. But I can’t bare u ignoring me.

Vivek: Its ok. I nvr pretend ignoring u again. I promise. But u must know one thing. Whereever I am n Watever I do, u will b there always in my thoughts. Bcoz u r the only one whom I love. Anjali is really just a frnd of mine. No one can replace u. No one had the spl place in my heart except u. However u are n Watever u do, I love u. I love u so much. But on one condition

Swecha: What

Vivek: U should nvr leave me

Swecha: No. I nvr leave u. But u urself told that u will leave me aft some days

Vivek: On that day I am so angry on u. So I told I will divorce u. But I can’t do that. Bcoz I can’t live without u.

Swecha: I love u.

Vivek cupped her face n kissed on left cheek.

Vivek: Love u too. Ok tell me one thing dear. Do u want to go to ur frnd’s home tomorrow?

Swecha: Its ok. I won’t.

Vivek: If u want to go then I will drop u there tomorrow mrng. I don’t have any objection

Swecha: Then who will tc of Anju

Vivek: I will hire a nurse for her

Swecha: I didn’t want to go

Vivek: Y coz Anjali is there n if u r not there,then we both alone will b here,So………

Swecha: I trust u Vivek

Vivek: Then?

Swecha: I will miss u

Vivek smiled n took her close to him by hugging from side.

Vivek: I feel very happy when u say that u will miss me. Yesterday u said that as I am not in our room u felt missing me, I felt very happy

Swecha: Really? But u said u r not trusting my words?

Vivek: Yes bcoz U nvr said u r missing me at least once when I went abroad.

Swecha: Bcoz I didn’t……….

Vivek: U didn’t love me at that time

Swecha: Yes

Vivek: Now I will kill u

Swecha: Y? U said I should not lie. So I said the truth. I didn’t love u at that time

Vivek: hmm. ok. wat abt now?

Swecha blushed.

Vivek: I can feel the answer but I want to hear it

Swecha: I love u so much

Vivek looked into her eyes. He came close to her face n softly kissed on her lips

Vivek: I love u too

Swecha: Did u forgive me?

Vivek: Did u know everything abt me now?

Swecha: Not yet

Vivek: I too didn’t forgive u completely. But forgave only little bit. Bcoz now I decided to trust ur words.

Swecha: Not me only my words

Vivek: Yes. It takes some more time to trust u.

Swecha(kid’s face): How long?

Vivek: I bared n tolerated for 5 yrs. Can’t u bare my anger for few more days

Swecha: Its so painful n hurting

Vivek: If u want me then must bare it

Swecha: R u going to b angry on me again?

Vivek: How can I say that? If u respond to my words immediately n listen them carefully, I won’t b angry. If u do watever I say n won’t share our personals with anyone then surely I will b loving towards u without scolding.

Swecha: R u taking revenge on me for my past behaviour?

Vivek: No, not revenge. Its ur punishment. U must bare it. U must prove me that u r changed n left ur ego n proud. U must prove me that really u r loving me.

Swecha: I already left my ego. I am not behaving proudly as before.

Vivek: U shouldn’t show ur proud n ego not only to me but also to anyone.

Swecha: Vivek, I am not like before

Vivek: Now don’t argue with me. If I feel ur change is true then I will forgive u n stop punishing u. Till then surely I will b very strict towards u. But don’t worry bcoz I will love n care for u too. I won’t ignore u. Tell me r u going to mona’s home or not?

Swecha: I can’t decide bcoz I want to go but didn’t want to leave u for one week

Vivek: Ok then I will drop u at mrng n pick u at nite everyday. So u can njoy the function n no need to miss me too

Swecha: ok. Thank u

Vivek: But u must follow few conditions. Only then I will allow u to attend the marriage.

Swecha: What

Vivek: 1. U must pick my calls wenever I call u. If u didn’t pick the call at least must call back within 30mins from the time I called u.

2. U should not dance with any male frnds as part of marriage ceremonies. I didn’t mean u will dance with others but just telling u bcoz personally I hate my wife dancing with anyone except me.

3. If I ask u to come home at anytime in between the function, u must come without arguing with me.

4. U must b very careful as u got a call from someone threatening u.

5. U must behave according to my wish n not as u wish in the function though I am not with u.

Swecha: ok

Vivek: Agreeing all conditions?

Swecha: Yes

Vivek: one more condition

Swecha: What

Vivek: Discord all conditions except 4the condition. Take care of urselves. Enjoy the function with ur frnds n forget everything. I am just kidding. No need to follow any conditions. Be as u like. But seriously pls b careful.

Swecha: I can’t understand u. U r confusing me

Vivek: I am just showing u ur behaviour dear. Its not my behaviour.

Swecha: I nvr behaved like dat

Vivek: I think u forgot the past

Swecha: U remembered everything na. its enough

Vivek: Are u angry on me

Swecha: Yes

Vivek: Oh. So now I should convince u

Vivek came close to her to kiss but Swecha stopped him.

Swecha: No need. I can’t bare. Being sweet n suddenly serious. Its really so hurting. Till u forgive me just b serious n not sweet. Its better than being sweet n serious suddenly.

Vivek: Sleep now. Good night

Swecha: Good night

Swecha slept turning another side.

Vivek(inner voice): I am sorry. I will end this drama soon. Even if u didn’t change I will leave all this. Bcoz I love u. I can’t do this anymore. But even now I can’t trust that u changed truly. Tomorrow I will surprise u n will make u happy forever.

Vivek hugged her.

Swecha: Vivek, pls leave me

Vivek: I can’t leave u.

Vivek kissed her back n turned her towards him. Vivek kissed her lips n Swecha is unable to resist though her eyes r filled with tears. Vivek saw her n wiped the tears n took her close to him.

Vivek: Sleep now. Don’t cry.

Swecha slept silently.

Precap: Anjali- Mirror of Vivek. Swecha’s fight with Vivek regarding Anjali. Does this fight makes Vivek to realise her true love or increases his anger further?

Credit to: Sindhu K S V


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