Love is for life time (episode 10)

Episode 10

The episode starts with Swecha waiting for Vivek. Its too late but he didn’t return home. Though she called him many times, he cut her call. Swecha msged him but he didn’t reply. Swecha sat in sofa n slept in it. Its 12 am n he knocked the door. Swecha opened the door n found him drunk. He drunk too much that he is unable to walk even. Driver took him to the room n left. Swecha changed his dress n took off his shoes. She tried to wake him up

Vivek: Get lost from here

Swecha: Did u eat anything? Pls have something n sleep Vivek

Swecha brought food n feeded him. She thought to move but he hold her hand n pulled towards him. she fallen on him n he hugged her tight. She tried to go.

Vivek: Don’t go

Swecha remained still hearing his words n then hugged him back. Swecha slept n Vivek opened his eyes n starred at her. He remembered acting as if he drunk too much by sprinkling wine on him n her care on him. He kissed her on forehead n made her to sleep properly. Then he slept.

Morning she woke up n got ready. Vivek woke up n Swecha gave coffee to him.

Vivek: Did u want to ask anything?

Swecha: U no need to act to hurt me. Pls b as u r Vivek.

Vivek: Wat do u mean

Swecha: I know u didn’t drink last nite

Vivek: Then y did u not ask anything yesterday?

Swecha: If hurting me really gives u hpyness, then I am ready to bare it.

Vivek: I want to spend time with u. Shall we go out?

Swecha: ok

Vivek: But on one condition

Swecha: Wat?

Vivek: I am going to wear ur fav colour dress. So u must wear my fav colour

Swecha: But Vivek I didn’t know ur fav colour

Vivek: Dats ur prblm. I can’t help. But if u didn’t wear my fav colour, then our program will b cancelled. U hav just 20 mins to get ready. Ur time starts now.

Swecha(inner voice): Wat should I do now? Wats his fav colour? Wat should I wear now? I will call Krish. He is his best frnd. So he may know.

Swecha took mobile to call.

Vivek: U r not alllowed to call anyone. Give me the mobile.

Swecha gave the mobile to him

Vivek: I will give u the clue. I like to b always high. Its constant but no one can touch it. But can aspire for it. It is the only limit for every successful person. Now think upon it. But mix ur love with it to know the answer.

Swecha went silently to wardrobe n took a sari n got ready. Vivek starring at her. She is wearing jewellery n he went n hugged her from back.

Vivek: U r so smart n beautiful too. U won the challenge

He kissed her on cheeks.

Swecha: If u r with me, I will win anything. So, ur fav colour is magenta. U wants to b always high. High is sky. It will b constant but no one can touch it. Anyone can aspire to reach the sky. Every successful person’s limit is sky. Its colour is blue. Mixing love with it. Red is the colour of love. Red mixed with blue gives Magenta.

Vivek: Yes I love pink especially when u wear it, When it reaches ur cheeks as u blush, I become even more crazy when I touch ur pink lips.

Swecha shocked listening his words. She didn’t understand y he is so loving n suddenly he kissed her lips softly. She hugged him tight.

Vivek: Shall we go out?

Swecha nodded. Both had brk fst n went out. He took her to shopping. He selected sarees n jewellery according to her taste.

Vivek: Now u select dresses for me according to my taste. Do u want any clue?

Swecha: No. I will try to select by my own.

Vivek: If u fail, u will b punished severely

Swecha: Its ok

Swecha selected few suits for him,a watch n shoes by her observation n guess work

Swecha: Shopping completed

Vivek: I won’t like this kind of dressing. Watch is ok. I like shoes

Swecha: I want to see u in this kind of dressing.

Vivek: Ok. But u failed so u must bare the punishment.

Swecha: ok.

Swecha understood his choice of dressing through his words n her observation. She decided something n stayed calm smiling at him. He bought everything selected by her. Swecha without his notice bought a shirt for him as per his choice. Its lunch time n he took her to a restaurant n ordered food. Waiter brought food n served them.

Vivek: Have it

Swecha: Vivek, I can’t eat…….

Vivek: I know u can’t eat non veg. But its ur punishment.

Swecha: pls Vivek. From childhood I nvr had non veg. I hate it. Pls (crying)

Vivek: If I say u must eat it

Swecha closed her eyes n took a piece to eat. She took it near to her mouth n it touched her lips. Tears r flowing from eyes. She opened her mouth to eat it. But stopped as she felt someone hold her hand to stop. Swecha opened her eyes n looked. Vivek hold her hand to stop.

Vivek: No need to eat. Leave it

Swecha: Its ok. I will eat. I will try ur fav food.

Vivek: Look Swecha, I love u. Its really hard for me to trouble u. I can’t force u to leave ur principles.

Vivek called waiter n ordered her choice of food. Aft lunch they went to home. Swecha slept n Vivek is busy working on laptop. Swecha mobile rang.

Vivek: Swecha, ur mobile is ringing.

Swecha didn’t wake up. Vivek received the call

Other side: Hello Lawyer Swecha, this is ur last warning. Leave that Nahan’s case. Otherwise b ready to die.

Phone disconnected. Swecha woke up aft sometime.

Vivek: Coffee

Swecha: Thank u

Vivek: I want to talk to u

Swecha: Did I do anything wrong again?

Vivek: Yes

Swecha kept coffee cup aside.

Swecha: Wat did I do

Vivek: Have coffee first

Swecha: No tell me wat happen

He can clearly sense fear in her voice n sorrow in her eyes. Vivek kept his hand on her shoulders n took her close to him.

Vivek: Relax. Swecha, u got a call at evng. I received it. Who is he?

Swecha: Vivek, Y r u talking like dis. I did a mistake but it doesn’t mean I am always wrong

Vivek: Wait wait. Wat r u talking. He warned u to leave the case n otherwise will kill u. Who is he? Wats wrong? If u r in a prblm, y didn’t u share it with me?

Swecha didn’t talk but hugged him. Vivek caressed her hairs.

Vivek: Who is he?

Swecha told everything to him.

Vivek: Relax. I will take care of it

Swecha: No. Its my prblm n I can deal with it. Actually only if he gets arrested, my client will come out. So I am planning for it.

Vivek: I think its risky

Swecha: Risk is necessary to succeed.

Vivek: U nvr listen to me

Swecha Not like dat. But sometimes we should risk to protect innocent ppl.

Vivek: But b very careful n if u think u can’t manage then tell me for sure.

Swecha: ok

They heard the door bell n Swecha went to open it.

Mona: Hi

Swecha: Hi..Come in sweet heart

Swecha hugged her. Vivek came downstairs.

Mona: Thank God u both are at home. Thats the reason I came at evng.

Vivek: Is anything special Mona

Mona: Actually I came to give wedding card to u both.

Mona gave wedding card to both of them.

Mona: U both must come. Swecha, u must come before a week.

Swecha didn’t understand wat to say.

Vivek: Sure. We will come for ur marriage. Swecha will come before one week as per ur wish.

Mona: Thank u jijaji. Thank u so much

Vivek: Ok. U both talk. I have work. I will go to room. Mona, Have dinner n go

Mona: Sure

Vivek went to room n Swecha asked Mona to wait. She too went to room.

Swecha: Vivek, Is it ok if I go to Mona’s marriage before a week? Don’t u hav any objection?

Vivek: No. I don’t hav any objection. U can go. But take care.

Swecha: Do u need anything? I think u r working from a long time.

Vivek: Tea

Swecha: ok

Swecha gave tea to him. She is abt to go but slipped n caught Vivek n turned towards laptop. Vivek tried to close the laptop n stopped as Swecha hold his hand.

Swecha: Aren’t u working on laptop? U r
just seeing my photos.

Vivek: Actually I am working. As u r abt to slip, U caught me n I think buttons are pressed. So unfortunately ur photos came on laptop.

Swecha: Acha

Vivek: Go n prepare dinner. Don’t irritate me. Leave my hand first

Swecha: Ok

Swecha went smiling n Vivek smiled seeing her.

They had their dinner n Mona left to her room. Swecha completed her works n is going to her room.

Vivek: Swecha, Whr r u going?

Swecha: U said I should not stay with u. So….

Vivek: Now I am saying to stay in our room from today

Swecha: I am not a puppet to do wat u say. I can’t go n come whenever u want.

Vivek came near to her. Swecha bent her eyes which sighs Vivek that she is crying. Vivek made her to see him n wiped her tears n kissed her on forehead. Swecha too can sense his love n tears which he is trying hard to hide from her.

Vivek: I am sorry. I nvr do it again. Please stay in our room.

Swecha: Ok

Both are in their room. Swecha slept n Vivek hugged her. Swecha is not facing him. Her eyes filled with tears mixed with pain n love. Vivek too had the same feelings in his heart. He loves her so much n now knowing that she nvr cared n gave no importance to him making him sad. His sorrow is bursting out in the form of anger. But its not anger, its love which is awaiting for his beloved’s love. Swecha realised wat is love. Now she know love is caring abt a person every second n understanding them well. She slowly caught his hand tightly n slept. Only he can understand wat she meant to say by catching his hand though he refuses to listen. He too slept aft sometime thinking abt her.

Precap: Entry of Vivek’s frnd Anjali. Is Anjali character makes couple apart or together..?

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