The episode starts with sanskar and ragini’s flight landing…….swalak were waiting outside the airport for them when they both came….as soon as ragini saw swara she induldged her into a bone crushing hug

Ragini: diiiiiiii

Swara: raguuu…..i missed you so much

In this laksh was so lost in staring ragini with a smile that he forgot that even sanskar has come and he won the singing competition also…..

The girls broke the hug and ragini’s gaze went on laksh……

Ragini: dii who is he…..

Swara: he is [interrupted by ragini]

Ragini: one min is he laksh your lucky  buddy [to laksh] are you laksh

Laksh nodded but was still lost in her

Ragini and sanskar both winked each other and started beating laksh…

Laksh: ahh oooohhh maaaa……swara diiiiii……ahhhh di bachaoooo

Swara was looking at them shocked but when she came in her senses she went and freed laksh

Laksh: thank you di

Swara: ragini why you beated him so much…..see his hands are bleeding

Sanskar knelt down towards lucky who was on floor

Sanskar: laksh…..this offer was for you na

Laksh: haa toh

Sanskar: first of all I am sorry for beating you but I did so because I am angry on you…..why did you miss such a golden chance…..why didn’t you go there…..and sent me

Laksh: because you sing well than me

Sanskar: but offer was for you…..

Laksh: so what… do so much for me….and one minute…..till now you have got 100 offers but you passed all to me… cant I do this much for you

Sanskar hugged laksh tightly and even he responded

Laksh: bhai itni jor se kyu mara

Sanskar chuckled and said: sorry

Swara: laksh is he your brother sanskar

Sanlak broke the hug and laksh nodded….swara smiled…..sanskar too smiled and was lost in her…..he was mesmerized to see her…..

Ragini: di where is abhi bhai……

But even swara was lost staring him… only ragini was in her senses….laksh was staring ragini and swasan were staring each other….

Ragini shook her head and first brought swasan in their senses and then beated laksh on his palm where it was bleeding

Laksh: ahhh

Swara: raguuuuu

Ragini: sorry diii

Sanskar shook his head

Sanskar: now are we going to our places or staying here itself

Swara: we are going back but to my place

Sanskar: and why so

Swara: that’s a surprise mr. maheshwari

Sanskar: m sanskar

Swara: I know

Sanskar: then why are you addressing me as mr. maheshwari

Swara: because I don’t call everyone by their name

Sanskar [in mind]: madam ha a good attitude

Swara: achha ragu and mr. maheshwari…..we have a party in our college so you both do one thing change now only and then we will directly go to college from home

Ragini: oh that’s why you are dressed now only

Swara: hmm……achha now go

Swara handed a packet to ragini and sent her to the VIP room booked of airport and laksh gave a packet to sanskar and he went to change in washroom


They were driving back to home…..raglak were sitting at front seat with laksh driving the car and ragini on passanger seat and swasan back seat


Swara was busy in doing her make up while sanskar was staring her lovingly

Sanskar [in mind]: she is so damn beautiful…….

Swara’s gaze went on him and she smiled a bit and he in turn smiled back

Swara again started looking her make up and still he was busy staring her


Ragini was busy in listening songs from headphones and laksh was staring her while driving

Ragini: laksh…..see forward and drive

Laksh: jee mam sab

This brought laksh in his senses and he started driving carefully

Soon they reached SR mansion

Swara: ragu don’t go now wait

Ragini: y to wait di

Swara tied a black handkerchief around her eyes and laksh around sanskar’s and brought them to thee hall and removed their handkerchiefs

All: surpriseeeeee

Ragini and sanskar were shocked and happy to all of the four’s friends there…….

Ragini went towards abhi was standing there and hugged him tight

Ragini: bhaiiiiiiiiii

Abhi: raghuuuuuuuuuuu……

All ttheir friends welcomed them and they all were enjoying a lot….one of their close friends,, Arjun went to the stage

Arjun: hey guyz… enough of talking now its time for playing and dacing but we don’t have much time so I have an idea…..we are 15 boys and 15 girls so now I have chits of names of all girls in one box and boys in other….abhi bhai will take out one one chit from each box and this will make a pair and this pair has to dance together…..hows the idea

Everyone started shouting and were eager to play… abhi came on stage and took out one one chit and at last 2 pairs were our favourite……SWASAN AND RAGLAK

Now the couples started dancing

BACKGROUND SONG::: jeena jeena


Sanskar’s hand on swara’s bare waist as she was wearing a one piece which had a slight cut from one side swara’s hand on sanskar’s chest…..both dancing romantically…..sanskar twirled her due to which she was now facing his back…he now back hugged her and rested his chin on her shoulder….his hot breaths were affecting swara a lot…..both were enjoying their dance….his hands were intertwined with swara’s


Laksh was again and again twirling ragini and at last she landed on his chest

Ragini whispered: how many times will you twirl me

Laksh chuckled

Both again lost in their dance……laksh pushed her slightly from her hands and pulled her back with a jerk which caused her to press her lips on his chest….both now started avoiding eye contact but couldn’t….they both danced lost in each other…..


All gave a big loud hurray for their dance

Arjun went to the stage again and said: so guys….now the winners are two….SWASAN AND RAGLAK

This was shocking for both swasan and raglak…..both weren’t able to believe but at last had to

After some time everyone were enjoying and having dinner when ragini held laksh’s hand and took him somewhere secretly….without anyone’s notice…..

Here sanskar asked swara for going out for a walk as now all were busy in each other and they both were alone


Ragini brought laksh to the store room

Laksh: why have you brought me here…..are you thinking to beat me again??

He is asked being scared  

Ragini giggled and said: no no

Laksh: then why

Ragini: wo actually laksh….

Laksh: haa say

Ragini: m sorry

Laksh: for what

Ragini: for beating you badly In morning

Laksh reminisced that and got scared

Ragini chuckled and held his hand which was bandaged

Ragini: is it paining

Laksh nodded his head in a yes and then no….then yes and then again no….yes no yes no and kept on doing like that which made ragini laugh loud and he was mesmerised to see her laughing


Swara and sanskar were walking in the garden where swara had planted a lot of lowers of every colour

Sanskar: are these flowers planted by  you

Swara: haan….i feel very good in doing these things

Sanskar: you are so humble

Swara: thanks

Sanskar extended his hands towards her and stopped walking

Sanskar: friends

Swara shook hands with him and said: friends

Both smiled and started walking again

Sanskar: you know you dance very well

Swara: and I know you sing very well but haven’t seen you singing

Sanskar: you want to listen me singing….

Swara nodded her head vigorously

Sanskar: ok then tomorrow at college come with me to music room…vese lucky told even you sing

Swara: hmm……but I don’t think I can sing well

Sanskar: I have never heard you singing or playing guitar….so tomorrow lets see each other’s talent

Swara smiled and nodded: okk

Sanskar: vese we don’t know each other much…so tell me about you

Swara: but you know my name…..occupation….about my family and friends na

Sanskar: but I don’t know your favourites

Swara: umm….voh toh even I don’t know yours…ok then I will tell you my favs and you tell yours

Sanskar: ok so you start

Swara: so first my favourite food…..its pani puri and Chinese…then my favourite colour is red….my birthday comes on 7th of jan and my favourite subject is economics… favourite people are my brother and my sister and of course lucky buddy… favourite place is Switzerland and Bangkok

Sanskar: hmm so now coming to me…..i love pani puri and Italian and yes indian dishes also… favourite colour is blue… birthday comes on 29 august and my favourite subject is accounts….i like to visit new York and venice…….then my favourite people are lucky and you

Swara: me….

Sanskar; haa…you….i know its been just one day we are together and know each other…but I like your company… are very sweet and humble and yes I do not need to mention very beautiful

Swara blushed a little…..they both were walking when suddenly a rock hit swara’s leg and she was about to fall and sanskar held her and in this both fell down……and sara’s lips touched sanskar’s white shirt……

Both had a cute eyelock and were lost in each other


Both ragini and laksh were talking to each other on random things when ragini saw a rat and jumped on laksh…..he hed her and now she was in his arms….she hided her face in his chest

Ragini: ahhh lakshhhhhh ratttttt

Laksh: ragini calm down…..calm down….see the rat also went away hearing your loud noise

Ragini saw and found no rat there and got down from his arms and started beating him and he held both her hands but lost his balance and both fell down with ragini on laksh……both lost in each other

Soon they got senses and avoided eye contact and went outside and got busy

Ragini: oh god where is diiiiii

Here laksh was also busy in looking for sanskar

Laksh: now where did bhai go yarrr

HERE SWASAN were lost in each other…….its been 15 mins both are in the same position……just then they heard a sound of fake cough….both lifted their head and saw raglak standing with arms crossed

Ragini: dii will you please get up and tell me whats happening here

Swasan got up and composed each other

Swara: voh voh nothing raguu…..come lets go bhai must be waiting

Sanskar: haa laksh….come lets go

Swara took ragini hurriedly

[sanskar’s black blazer hided that kiss mark]

Sanlak too went

After some time the party got over and sanlak went to their home……..


He had taken out his blazer and that kiss mark was visible but it wasn’t seen by him……laksh entered his room

Laksh: bhai

Sanskar turned around and faced him…..laksh saw his shirt and the mark on it and bursted out laughing

Sanskar: lucky what happened to you why are you laughing like this

Laksh: bhai see that mark on your shirt

Sanskar saw the mark and was shocked when he realised what had happened when swara fell on him….a smile came on his face

Laksh: anyways leave that…..give me my tee

Sanskar: which tee

Laksh: actually while arranging your clothes you took my tee which I used to wear at nights….you know na I loved that tee so much that I wore it once in 4 days

Sanskar: laksh you are really crazy

He went to his cupboard and took out his tee and gave to laksh…..laksh took out the tee which he was wearing and now his mark was visible [remember guys ragini’s lips touched his chest]

Now sanskar started teasing him and after a lot of teasings both went to their rooms respectively


Sanskar had changed his dress by now and was having that t-shirt in his hand

He smiled and thought: she is so humble…so cute….caring loving beautiful and gorgeous……lets talk to her

He called her and there swara was arranging her bed and lifted the call and kept it between ears…

Swara: haa sanskar

Sanskar: how do you know its me

Swara: I guess we exchanged our numbers right

Sanskar: oh haa…I forgot

Swara: you called so late at night…everything ok

Sanskar: haa voh I just thought to call you….how are you

Swara: seriously sanskar you called this time for asking this

Sanskar: ha voh…I was getting bored

Swara:  achha now don’t get disappointed…..and sleep because we have college tomorrow and yes bye good night meet you tomorrow at college

Sanskar: bye


Ragini: yarr I am getting so bored…..di bhi so gayi hogi…..ideaaaa……lets call laksh

She called him… laksh was sleeping peacefully and snoring when his phone started beeping and irritating him….He took his phone kept it on his ears

Laksh in a sleeping voice: hello
Ragini: hi laksh
Laksh: ragini…Is everything OK
Ragini: yes why
Laksh: if everything is OK why you called so late
Ragini: voh I was getting bored
Here laksh again went to deep sleep after saying his line and started snoring again
Ragini heard this and shouted: lakshhhhhhhhhhh
Laksh woke up with a jerk
Laksh: ah ah toofan toofan runnnnn
Then ragini said to him: lakshhhhhhhhhhh
Laksh came back to sense and realised ragini did this to wake him up…Here ragini couldn’t stop laughing and laksh was embarrassed

Hey guys hope you all liked it….Sorry if it was boring….Please comment guys….I didn’t get good response in previous episode!!!

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