the episode starts with two girls video calling and talking and laughing…??….they both are swara and ragini respectively…..ragini from London and swara from Mumbai

ragini: achha dii I am coming back to india tomorrow….??

Swara: what…..pagliii pehle batana tha na [whattt….this u had to tell first na] I have to do so many preparations??

Ragini: di di diiii be cool and calm…….calm down…..and don’t panic???

Swara: what don’t panic my ragu is coming back to home after 1 year…..achha…what have you decided about your studies?

Ragini: dii here I have completed my first year and will complete the graduation and post graduation there in your college?

Swara: wow that’s such a great news… finally me and my sissy will be together everywhere??

Suddenly swara’s phone started beeping “LUCKY BUDY CALLING”

Ragini: di who is that idiot calling my diii disturbing our video call???

Swara: its lucky raguuu?

Ragini: that laksh na I will kill him one day????……always comes between me and my di’s talks…..the first thing I will do after reaching India is beating him black and blue??

Swara: arre arre raguuu……..kyu bechare ko curse karti ho….feel some pity on him??

Ragini: achha di now I have to go to college for meeting the principal?

Swara: achha ok go….

Ragini: bye bye di love you and give mmy cursings to your lucky buddy?

Swara: paglii?

Swara giggled and ragini gave her a flying kiss and ended the video call

Swara lifted laksh’s call

Laksh: swara di so much time just to lift a call??

Swara: arre arre lucky calm down …I was talking to raguuu…… know she is coming back to India tomorrow and will study with us in our college???

This brought a shy smile on laksh’s face

Laksh: wow…..great news achha even I have a news for you??

Swara: hmm say??

Laksh: my elder brother sanskar is coming back tomorrow as he went for the singing competitions

Swara: lucky you are so sweet…….you sent sanskar in place of you though this singing offer was for you

Laksh: arre di bhai does so much for me so cant I do this much for him which can make him happy

Swara: hmm…tabhi toh I say you are my younger brother

Laksh: achha di lets make a deal

Swara: what deal

Laksh: tomorrow you make me meet with your sister and I will make you meet my brother

Swara: achha ok…vese bhi my sister is dying to meet you

Laksh was on cloud nine hearing this

Laksh: her name is ragini na

Swara: haa…..and she is very cute sweet and loving and a big kidder like you….you will enjoy her company and only you can handle her the best

Laksh: hmm…..achha di meet you tomorrow in college with your sister and my brother byee

Swara: bye crazy buddy

Laksh: diii

Swara giggled and hanged the call

 HERE ragini was going to her college and was waiting for the taxi which she hired [you know na guyz that In foreign you call a number and you get a taxi for a lift]

She was crossing the footpath when a man was about to hit her but suddenly a boy came and pushed her

He was none other than sanskar

Sanskar: cant you see and walk…..what if something happened to you

Ragini: thank you for saving me

Sanskar: no need

Ragini: tell me something about you

Sanskar: I am sanskar maheshwari…..24 years old….doing industrial management in Aurbindo college of Bombay

Ragini: it means you are my elder brother….then I will call you sanskar bhai

Sanskar: ok madam but my sister pls walk carefully from next time

Ragini: achha bhai you know my sister is also studying in Aurbindo college of Bombay… know her??

Sanskar: whats her name

Ragini: her name is swara gadodia……she always roams with her lucky buddy

Sanskar: I know her very well……and that lucky buddy is my bro laksh maheshwari

Ragini: whattt

Sanskar: arre why are you so shocked……

Ragini: see na the world is too small….but bhai I want to kill that laksh….always interrupts between me and my di’s talks

Sanskar: haahhah…..then I am with you…..even I want to kill him

Ragini: achha bhai lets go for a coffee together

Sanskar: ok come

Ragini sat in his car and he drove

On their way

Ragini: vese why do you want to kill him

Sanskar: my brother and I both are good at singing…..he got a chance to sing in a concert here but he refused and passed it to me….he had such a good offer….he didn’t even come here….and that’s why I am angry on him

Ragini: hmm…he is caring for you and my di too

Sanskar: yes….he thinks swara as his elder sister…..sometimes when he is in a sad mood and is not getting convinced by me only swara can convince him 

Ragini: my di can convince anyone

Sanskar: vese what are you doing here….your di tells a lot about you to my brother and he tells to me

Ragini: I have studied here for 1 year but now my brother wants me to get back there as he is scared for my safety

Ragini: vese have you seen my di

Sanskar: umm….noo….but heard a lot about her

Ragini showed him a pic of both the sisters….

Sanskar was mesmerised to see her……he was lost in her pic

Ragini shook him

Ragini: bhai where are you lost

Sanskar: no no nothing

Ragini: fell in love with my di at the first sight itself??? I know my di is very beautiful

Sanskar: you are really crazy … minute have you seen my bro

Ragini: nooo

Sanskar showed him a pic of them

Ragini [in mind]: he is so so so cute…..i don’t wish to kill him…..ragini lets change your mind……no no what am I saying…….

Her mind and heart were fighting with each other….one saying that don’t kill him while the other one says kill him

Sanskar shook her now

Ragini: haa haa bhai

Sanskar: hahaah  ragini look at your face its so red……you loved my bhai so much

Ragini: no no how can I love this duffer who always interrupts

Just then sanskar got laksh’s call

Ragini: see again he interrupted

Sanskar giggled

They both went to a café and had coffee and went to their respective places


Swara was getting ready when a man of 26 years came there

He was abhimanyu gadodia,, ragini and swara’s elder brother

Abhi: shonaa

Swara: bhaii

She hugged him

Abhi: how is my shona

Swara: bhai  I am fit and fine and you know ragu is coming back tomorrow

Abhi: what really…..finally now we all will live together

Swara: bhai I am thinking to keep a surprise party for her

Abhi: yeah sure…..but at home or in any hotel

Swara: bhai we have such a big mansion with a party hall in it so why to party outside and how will we bring ragu there she will understand everything and my surprise will be flopped

Abhi: ok ok meri maa… onething I will call the caterers and the decorators to decorate the house and then we will go for shopping

[guys there parents also live in US]


The day starts with swara waking up in the morning and extending her hands above…….she took her phone and saw the time was 10……..she stood up in a hurry and went to the washroom to get ready

Swara [while going]: swara aaj tu gayi [swara now you are dead] how can you forget that you have to make so many preparations for ragu’s arrival…..i have to make her favourite kheer……and I have to invite her and mine friends also and oh goddd how can I forget to call lucky buddy

Swara went to washroom and came out in a bathrobe

Swara: today I will wear ragu’s favourite dress

She went to her cupboard and took out a black mini dress

Swara: ragu likes to see me in this….i remember now also


Swaragini were getting ready for a party…..swara wore a smiple black one piece with a minimal make up,,,,,,,

Ragini: diii we are going for a party not for killing someone by your looks

Swara [shyly]: raguuu stop it

Ragini: ahaannn someone is blushing

Swara hitted her playfully and she giggled

Ragini: vese you know my jaan is looking very pretty today…

She said hugging swara

Swara: and my ragu baby is looking like a doll

Ragini: diiiii pls don’t call me baby am not a baby anymore

Swara: vese ragu you know pink colour suits you a lot

Ragini: and black colour to you


She wore that dress and was doing a bit make up when she got laksh’s call

Swara: laksh its good that you called me…I was calling you only

Laksh: arre swara di leave that voh I need a help

Swara: hmmm say fast because even I have to say something

Laksh: di voh I was thinking to keep a party as bhai won that competition also and he is coming back also

Swara: what……even I am keeping a party for ragu’s arrival and I was calling you for that invitation only

Laksh: diii our circle is also same just that bhai’s some friends will l add can we keep the party together

Swara: ya sure why not even I was thinking that….but it’s a surprise to both ragini and sanskar

Laksh: ok di byee and love u

Swara: by buddy love u too

Swara called ragini’s friends while laksh called sanskar’s and both of them called some of their school and college’s friends


She woke up in a pink tee and black shorts

Ragini: good morning raguuu

Then her sight went on the clock 8 am…….she woke up with a jerk

Ragini:oh no I have to do packing…then I have to make swara di’s favourite chocolates and abhi bhai’s favourite cupcakes….but first lets take bath…..swara di always says [mockingly] “NEVER DO ANYTHING BEFORE TAKING BATH”

She went and selected a pink dress and got ready…….when she got sansakr’s call [they exchanged their numbers yesterday]

Ragini [happily]: bhaiiiiii

She lifted the call

Ragini: bhaiii

Sanskar: what is my sissy doing

Ragini: making di’s favourite chocolates for her

Sanskar: wowww even laksh loves chocolates……anyways I came to know you are going back to india today

Ragini: yess I am leaving at 6 in evening

Sanskar: wow even I am leaving for india today by indigo at 6 in evening

Ragini: it means our flight is also same…wowww then meet you at 6  at airport

Sanskar: ok my sissy byeee

Ragini hanged the call and thought: I sould make some chocolates for laksh also

She made 4 big packets of chocos and went to pack her bag 

 Swara then went to prepare ragini’s favourite dishes

She was preparing her dishes when she got an idea

Swara: I am preparing for her why not to prepare for sanskar also….it will be good

She then called laksh

Laksh: yes di

Swara: lucky I wanted to prepare something special for your bro…..what he loves that I can prepare

Laksh: di your hands have a magic prepare anything he will love it….vese diii aaj tak bhai ko dekha bhi nahi or pyaar hogaya kya

Swara: laksh shut up

Laksh giggled and cut the phone and swara made rasgulla for sanskar and a cake

Swara  started decorating the house though there were decorators….then abhi came

Abhi: shona what are you doing….and why have I called these decorators….they are here na to decorate then why you

Swara: bhai I want to do something for my ragu

Abhi: and u made kheer rasgulla and cake for her na….she will be happy in this…I know my sissy well

Swara: bhai I am not satisfied in that I will do this and I will…..if you want to join me you can but if not then also ok

Abhi: ok my stubborn child

Swara smiled and they both decorated the whole house…..


Hi guyz how was the episode pls tell by your comments and say I shud continue it as a ff or turn it into a 10 shot………this episode didn’t had the couple’s meet and romance it was just an introduction episode…..??

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    1. Hemanshi

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