hi guyz…this is hemanshi….i know half of you know me well while half don’t…..i am thinking to start an ff on both swasan and raglak…. ””””love life……a swasan and raglak ff””’ guyz first of all tell me is the title suitable??? or you want me to change
and the charactter sketch of this ff is here::::

sanskar maheshwari:: a 24 years old college going boy doing industry management…..loves his brother a lot and can do anything for him…..his parents live in usa…..he and his brother,, laksh are alone in mumbai……he can even give away his life for his younger brother…..sweet and humble and also a caring guy with a good nature…..and is very handsome

laksh maheshwari:: the most hot and s*xy boy……21 years…….doing accounts specialisation to help his elder brother,, sanskar maheshwari……..loves and respects his elder brother a lot….can never say no to him….very joking…sweet…..humble and a kind hearted girl….loves his pet dog buddy a lot…..thinks swara as his elder sister and is very friendly to her family also but hasn’t met her sister ever……he is very friendly and makes everyone friend in first meeting itself

annapurna maheshwari and dp maheshwari are their parents…this is their family

abhimanyu gadodia:: ragini and swara’s elder brother…..loves his both sisters a lott…….helps his father in bussiness……kind hearted…..can even give away life for his mother and both the sisters……hates people who misuse girls

swara gadodia:: a sweet,,, kind hearted,, bubbly,, joking 24 years old girl…doing fashion designing……loves her sister a lott……and has deep respect for her elder brother,, abhimanyu gadodia….takes each and every advice from him….tells everything to her sister,, ragini and brother abhimanyu……she is the right hand of her mother and princess of father

ragini gadodia:: a sweet,, cute,, 20 years……doing interior designing……wants to take their family’s name to greater heghts,, loves her sblings a lot……and feels as if her brother is having lot of rules for safety and so loves him the most….

shekhar gadodia and janki gadodia are their parents….this is their family

guys it’s a story on a college life of swasan and raglak……you all want me to continue or not….guyz will you all be able to support me or not……if yes then only i will continue…..plz say guyz

love u all a lott…..and yes i will give swasan and raglak scenes equally so don’t worry about that….

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  1. Nice plot plz continue and advance happy new year

    1. Hemanshi

      Thankyou sooo muchhh dearrrr??
      And a very happy new year to you too…
      Lots of love…..keep commenting ??

  2. love ragini

    1. Hemanshi

      Thnx a lott….glad that u liked it

  3. A.xx

    Nice can’t wait for first part xx

    1. Hemanshi

      Thank you soooo much dearieee…..cant believe you liked it so much!!!!???

  4. Fairy

    hey dr!!
    loved rags charecter sketch…shez reallly sweeet 😀 …it wl b xcietng to see clg love life of raglak n swasan 😀 ….plz start it soon dr 🙂 ..n title is really nyc …no need to change :D…
    as u r jabra fan of helly….m also bht badi vali jabra fan of teja 😉 :D…waitng for d 1st part…keeep rockng n stay blessed sweety 😉 😀
    & advance happy new year 😀 have a blissful lyf ahead 😀

    1. Hemanshi

      Hiiii fairryyyy….. I know u earlier also….mmm u r kaku’s frnd na…..n i love ur bonding with her…love reading ur comments and her replies?????
      And glad that u loved her character??
      I will continue if i get a good response…and yes i know that just as i am jabra of helly but i like teju too just like that u are jabra of teju but like hellu too….haina???

      1. Hemanshi

        And a very happy news YEAR to you too ??

      2. Fairy

        hehe yap ekdm ekdm :D…. yeah kaku n her comments hehe wt to say 😀 ….!!!! u r gttng really awesome response …so waitng for ur ff 😀 …keep smilng 🙂 😉 lotz of love n hugs 😉

    2. Kakali

      Fairyyyyyyy my badi judwa behen? how r u? missed u a lot.. waa we didn’t get much time to talk na.. but my moron inbox is not working soo m not being able to reply u…?…*huggg…
      wish u a very Happy New Year dear… always stay blessed… ;-*

      1. Fairy

        oye hoye….meri pyaari patar patar…after a long tym 😀 ..ahh!!! kaise hai dearrrrrr???? oho prob. in ur msg box..shit yr 🙁 🙁 …
        haaappppppppy vala new year …meri choti judwa behan 😀 …hehe 😀 have a blissfull lyf ahead sweeety..keep rockng n stay blessed pikachu ki deewani 😀

    3. Kakali

      Fairyyyyy….. my moron inbox is no more… i dug him alive.. !! ?

      m fully fine dear. how about u? r u on fb?

      1. Fairy

        haww!!! hahha RIP *ur inbox 😛
        m also super f9 dr ;)….no dr m nt on fb…..r u in hangout or wtsapp…????

    4. Kakali

      My super bad luck…. Fairyyyyy…. noooooooo i don’t have that social media..?????

      1. Fairy

        k dr no worries….we”ll talk in diyaa’s ff hehe ..hope she dsnt mind 😀 ….happyyyyyyy vala new yr kaku hehe 😀 😉 😉 😀

    1. Hemanshi

      Thankyou soooooo muchhh dear sindhura?
      Lots of love….keep commenting ?

  5. Mica

    wweeewwww….awesome Hemuu

    1. Hemanshi

      Thank you soooo muchhh micaaaa?????

  6. Interesting and waiting for first episode

    1. Hemanshi

      Thank you so much dearr??

  7. Its good…pls continue

    1. Hemanshi

      Thanks a lot ??

    1. Hemanshi

      Thanks a lot ?

  8. yaa nice but first people say I give equal space than the ff become partial it becomes Swasan and actually I love tejesswi so much so I can’t bear partiality

    1. Hemanshi

      Thanks nikky…… Don’t worry i m a swasan fan as well as a raglak… ff wont become partial…..

    1. Hemanshi

      Thanks a lott?

  9. Alsha

    Interesting….plz carry on… waiting for the first episode

    1. Hemanshi

      Thnks a lot alshaa??

  10. Nagamanasa

    Diiii don’t scold me for being late to comment…chollyyyy *Holding my ears
    And ha intro is awesome di…waiting to read the story…Love u dii???

    1. Hemanshi

      Awwwwiee thank you sooo much my sisssy???
      And how can o beat my sister…..if i do so then ur nice/nephew wont talk to me!!!??

      1. Nagamanasa

        Dii but u know i want a cute little princess for me…I know that u want a Prince but I am in my jiju’s team now…I want princess…

    2. Hemanshi

      Hi nagamanasa….i am diya di’s sister…..and this ff will be written by me!!!??

  11. Anurta

    U know what just like u I’m also a huge….huge….huge fan of helly
    I’m also a fan of swasan love them alot and now I’m missing them alot?????
    So I’m waiting eagerly for ur story
    Post the 1st part soon

    1. Hemanshi

      Thanks a lot anurta?????
      Glad to know that u too are a helly fan!!
      Well u can tead my other ff also on swasan SWASAN LOVE ME THODA AUR ???
      you will love it!!!

      1. Anurta

        Will surely read it

  12. Raglakholic

    Amazing one
    Awesome character sketch
    Eagerly waiting to read
    Please do continue soon

    1. Hemanshi

      Thanks a lot….glad that u liked it….will continue….have written next part will post on 2nd jan

  13. Shibil

    Nice … ur writing is gud …am impressed in character sketch itself …keep doing throughout the ff …All the best…Advance happy new year

    1. Hemanshi

      Thank you sooo much shibil!!! Glad that u liked it!! Will impress u more and more in further episodes

  14. Jazzy

    me too a jabra teju fan heheeh and i liked ur concept and waiting for further episodes and happy new year

    1. Hemanshi

      Thanks a lottt jazzyy????
      I am pleased to know that u liked my concept!!!
      Will try to make u happy in further episodes
      And a very happy bew year to you too!!!

  15. Babydoll

    Oyeeeeee oyeeeeeeee jaldi seh next ep update karoh…. Sisyyyyyyy !! It’s very interesting….. I love it. Oyeeee you are kaku friend. Waasahhh didn’t know…. And yeah wishing you a very happy new year in advance….!! Your writing skill is superbbb…. Keep writing!! Cant wait for next update…. Love you sister…… Keep smiling and stay blessed!!!

    1. Hemanshi

      Wowwww i got a newww sister todayyy
      Thanks a lot ?????
      Glad that u liked it….have written next episode will post it on 2nd jan
      Love u tooooo????
      Meet u again for first epi?????

    2. Kakali

      Hilooo Doll !! sorry dear i can’t reply u since my inbox is not working… !! r u new in TU dear?

  16. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Yapiee,a new ff*jumping on bed…But di it will give you stress na*innocent face..Be careful while writing,okki??About storyline,it’s really interesting di.. Plz continue..Yes,name is perfect for story…


    1. Hemanshi

      Hii uma….i am hemanshi di’s sister….this ff will be written by me….and posted from her id rarely when i am not free she will write on my behalf…..and thanks a lott ???

  17. Superb one
    Nice cs

    1. Hemanshi

      Thanks a lottt???

  18. Silent_writer

    Yuppiee one more ff interesting concept dear plzzz post sooon n yuppp title is suitableeee update soooon n yeah a vry happy happy newwww year in adv to u as well may this brings lots lots of happiness

    1. Hemanshi

      Awww thank you sooo much dearrr???
      A very happy new year to you too???
      Nd thanks a lot once again….i have written the episode just waiting for 2 jan as tu wont acceot it till then…..???

      1. Silent_writer

        Heheheh yayyy on bdy w8ing for ittttt

  19. Kakali

    Hiloooooo Diyaaa.. remember me?*hug…
    loved d intro dear.. continue soon.. i would love to read ur further parts….&
    *ready with popcorn…
    wish u a very Happy New Year…stay blessed…
    Thnk u… ;-*

    1. Hemanshi

      Kakuuu diiiiii??? i was waiting for your comments ????
      Love u sooo muchhh ???
      We will enjoy a lot together ????
      I got one more diii???
      And wish u too a very happy new year?

      1. Kakali

        Yeiiii Diyaaaa.. we will enjoy together…! waaaa n i got one more cute sis here.. !! love u 9864 much.. !! ;-*

  20. Vyshu10

    superb….hema dii…i really wonder how u manage all the things….multi-tasker. Love u

    1. Hemanshi

      Vyshu diii….its me….diyaaa…. Hemanshi di’s Sister….i will write this ff and will post using her id!!!
      Hopw u like it??

  21. Zelena81196

    Yes, please! you’ve got to continue… seems fun…. hope you update the next chapter soon….

    1. Hemanshi

      Thanku thanku sooo much ??
      Will uodate the next one on 2nd jan

  22. post the first part soon .waiting….
    advance new year wishes

    1. Hemanshi

      Thanks a lotttt snehaaa???

  23. Same pinch… Me too a big jabra fan of helly… ??❤❤❤..n the plot is awesome dear… No need to change the title… Update soon… N a happy New Year…

    1. Hemanshi

      Awww thanks a lot ????
      Will post the next episode asap..
      And wish you a very very happy new year ??

  24. Simin

    Superb di

    1. Hemanshi

      Thnku simin???

  25. SNY

    Amazing di..
    Plz continue soon…
    Advance Hpy new year….keep smilling and tc

    1. Kakali

      Hilooooo Yazzzzzz… !!! wish u a very Happy New Year to u tooo my sis.. miss u tooo… ! waa sorry i couldn’t reply coz my moron inbox is not working…*huggg..
      have a prosperous year dear..stay blessed.;-*

      1. SNY

        No need to say sry sis…
        *hug …kakuuuu sis I wish this year bring happiness and blessed in ur life*. I rly miz u sis ????&&& luv uuuuuu????????? Tc of urself..keep smilling …

    2. Hemanshi

      Thankyou sooo muchhh SNY……and a very happy new year to you too!!!??

  26. Fats

    Great start. I love the characterisation of all the characters. Can’t wait to read more ?

    1. Hemanshi

      Thank you soooo muchhhh???

  27. nice..continue soon..happy new

    1. Hemanshi

      Thanks a lot ????

  28. Suppprrrrbbbb osmmmmm

    1. Hemanshi

      Thanks a lot ????

  29. Nice

    1. Hemanshi

      Thanks a lot ????

  30. Shifa96’s me who used to comment as afra..
    I have changed my user I’d..
    It’s awesome di…take care and happy new year.

    1. Hemanshi

      Thanks a lot ????….. I was thinking that only that y u havent commented!!!!?

      1. Shifa96

        Di I was too busy last week so i was hardly able to read or comment in TU and still I haven’t read your other ff which was posted and will read it later..
        Di, I hope u and baby r fine..take care.

  31. Amazing update

    1. Hemanshi

      Thanks a lot ????

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