Love Life…Swaragini ki (Epi 5)


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Recap: raglak and swasan as pairs for project work and raglak selected for inter college
Precap: Raglak at Chennai
In the morning raglak start to Chennai by bidding bye to their families they reach Chennai through
plane. There they directly go to the venue of the competition and the competition is going on and it
is raglak’s turn and they perform well answer all correct and it is result time and then
Host: the winners are Ragini Gadodia and lakshy Maheshwari from Kolkata
Ragini gets excited and jumps and go to Lakshy and hug him Lakshy is shocked but reciprocates to
the hug and they go and get the prize and they call to swasan
Swara: hello ragini what happened what is the result (the phone is on speaker both swasan are
Ragini: swara we won

Sanskar: congratulations Ragini and where is Lakshy
Lakshy: here only the phone is on speaker ok bye I am having some work I have to leave ragini in the
guest house and leave to that work ok bye
Sanskar: ok bye (he understand about the work) all the best for the work
Ragini: bye
Ragini: what work do u have Lakshy I want to go to shopping
Lakshy: we will go to shopping tomorrow please understand it is very important please
Ragini: ok let us go
They leave to mm guest house
Swara: ok let us leave Sanskar it’s becoming late
Sanskar: ok and they leave and are at parking lot

There in parking suddenly a man comes from back of swara and puts his hand on her shoulder and
swara turns and see him and gets excited and hugs him Sanskar seeing this he is fuming in anger
because he realised that he loves her when he is doing the project
Swara: (to that man) when did u come and a pleasant surprise
Man: I know my darling will be surprised I told ur mother not to tell that I am coming
Swara: by the way he is Sanskar my best friend pointing to Sanskar
Man: hi Sanskar nice to meet u
Sanskar: gives fake smile and says hi and asks swara who is he
Swara: oh yes he is Mayank Sharma (Arjun Bijlani) my brother actually he is mausi’s son but he lives
with us as they all died in an accident and I love him very much
Sanskar: relaxes after listening to the word bhai and says Mr. Mayank Sharma nice to meet u and
shakes hand
Mayank: no Sanskar don’t call me Mr. Mayank u can call me just Mayank and now we are friends ok
darling where is my cutie Ragini
Swara: she went to Chennai with his brother Lakshy as they both are partners for that competition and she won it she will be back by day after tomorrow
Mayank: ok don’t tell her that I came here I want to surprise her also so Sanskar I think u will also

not tell right
Sanskar: as u wish Mayank ok bye time to leave bye swara
Mayank: bye and they leave in car
In car
Mayank: (driving) (swara drinking water) swara do u love Sanskar
Swara: splits water from the mouth and what?
Mayank: do u love him
Swara: why did u get that?
Mayank: because I saw it in ur eyes while u r introducing him
Swara: ok no more hidings bhai yes but don’t know he loves me are not
Mayank: he does I saw him fuming when u hugged me
Swara: really bhai
Mayank: why do I lie to my darling?
Swara: ok bhai now it’s time to him to open up let raglak come we will plan for his open up
Mayank: deal

Lakshy warned ragini to not go out of the guest house and he went out for his work and ragini got
bored after sometime and came out ignoring Lakshy’s warning and when she was walking on the
road then some people attack her suddenly hand comes and saves her from beating of the goon and
he is none other than Lakshy he fights with the goons and ask him who sent her and
Goon: her name is Kavya
Lakshy: shocked what?
Goon: she told that she loves u and she told us to kill ragini and he escapes
Lakshy runs towards ragini and hugs and cries I told u not to come out why did u come if anything
happens to u how can I live without u and he says I love u ragini I love u a lot I don’t imagine my life
without u please don’t do like this again please and he releases the hug and see ragini in teary eyes
Ragini: I love u too Lakshy sorry I didn’t think this much would happen sorry
Lakshy: in happiness I love u and kisses her on forehead and they both leave to the guest house
At guest house
Lakshy: ragini get ready we have to go out now

Ragini: where
Lakshy: surprise
Ragini: ok
They get ready and they go out in a car then Lakshy blind folds ragini and ragini asks what is this Lakshy
Lakshy: shh do u trust me rags nods in yes and Lakshy: then be calm and come with me ok and they
go to place it is well decorated with all beautiful roses and colourful lights and there is a table with
two chairs and then Lakshy says ragini to open her blind fold and open her eyes slowly and ragini
sees Lakshy sitting on his knees and showing his hand and says
Lakshy: ragini after u entered into my life I never thought of any other to be in my life except u and I
love u a lot and do u love me
Ragini: I love u too Lakshy and then Lakshy gets up ask her for dance she agrees and they both have
a eye contact and dances very heart fully (Gerua plays) they end the dance and have dinner and they

leave to guest house after reaching to guest house ragini calls Swara
Swara and Mayank are chitchatting in the room and swara’s phone rings she sees ragini’s name and
signs Mayank to not to speak and she receives the phone and she keeps it in speaker
Swara: hello ragini is everything ok
Ragini: ha swara everything is fine but I want to tell u one thing and narrates the whole goons
incident and says that how Lakshy proposed her
Swara: happily really Ladoo I am very happy for u by the way u got ur love right
Ragini: yes swara I am very happy ok good night
Swara: ok good night enjoy with my would be jijaji ok bye and cuts the call
Mayank: it means both my sisters love the siblings right
Swara: bhai tum bhi na
Mayank: my darling and he remembers something and says oh freak today I am gone and he goes
from there to his room
Swara watches him strange as she don’t understand what he is speaking about and she ignored and
went to sleep while thinking about Sanskar.
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Precap: Raglak back to Kolkata and another new entry

Credit to: dharani

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