Love life of samina (Episode 3)

So guys I read all your comments thanks for supporting me luv u
So here my story goes

Bombay college of commerce and accountancy:
Sameer and Naina entered the college with full swing. Suddenly Naina’s hand started Shaking.
Sameer : what happened Naina?
Naina:sameer I was a bit nervous cos of first day in our college.
Sameer :even me to but don’t worry I will be with you in every situation
Naina :hearing this Naina was a bit releived.

They entered the college and every boys and girls are went crazy for them.
They entered their classroom and some girls are trying to flirt with sameer seeing this Naina was so angry and sameer noticed this and tell the girls that this place is for his fiancé and hearing this Naina face became red like a tomato and they both sat with each other and they got new friends and evening came and our couple came back home and manna and pundit also came home and after freshing everybody came for dinner and
Pandit: Naina, sameer how was your day in college?
Samina:it was awsome

Hearing this everyone beacame happy
In kitchen swathi and preeti were cooking food and suddenly swathi fainted and preeti shocked and called out everybody name hearing her everyone came to kitchen and saw swathi in that condition
After sometime doctor came and checked her and came
Munna: doctor what happens to her is she fine??
Doctor : there is nothing much to worry Mr maheswari she is alright congratulations she is pregnant

Hearing this everyone became happy and munna was in cloud nine then doctor gone and sameer and pundit hug munna and said we gonna become chachu and preeti said and I am sweet chachi Naina say even she gonna became cha… Then sameer look at her and smiled and she blushed like nothing. Then munna went inside the room and sit on the bed and carreses swathi ”s hair and she woked up with that and munna says “slowly” hearing this she confused and munna hugged her and said we are going to become parents hearing this she smiled and tears rolled down from her eyes and munna kissed her eyes.
Then they all came in congratulate her and everyone is so happy that day.
Everybody ate the dinner and go to their respective room

Days passed 2,4,6,8 and this was 9th month for swathi.
It was a Sunday everyone was presented in hall
Suddenly Naina got a phone call and she attended it and she was so much happy hearing that news.
Naina: brains, bhabhi, sameer I became mausi shefali bhabhi gave birth to a baby boy.
Hearing this everyone was happy and munna called the agarwals and wished them and Naina’s father tell him that for this vacation he was coming to India with his family. Munna became happy hearing this and Nainas father asked him to keep it as a secret Coz
Naina father : munna beta I am coming India to fix sameer and naina alliance Cox they were finished their exams and waiting for their results and munna beta keep this as a secret OK bye take care beta

Munna:sure uncle bye
(so OK guys no villan in my story)

Agarwals in mm. Labour pain. Engagement.

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  1. Fenil the way story is progressing and NaiMeer scenes so sweet.Munna baap ban ne wala hain oh my god.hahah.Arjun and Shefali blessed with Boy wow .loved it.

    Dear Aruna
    SamIna scene? it’s interesting episode??????
    Take care and stay safe ?

  3. Very nice story line ,eagerly waiting for the next

  4. Aarti32 villain concept..I luv it?
    Arjun Shefali ka beta?
    Update soon

  5. Ghvpriya

    Wow!!! Interesting plot….. keep it yar and I am eagerly waiting for next episodes

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