Love of my life…… Sameer (Part 2)

Hey!!! Guys thank you so much for your love and support and plzzz do cmmnt as you all are doing……

So here we start with our part(2)

As I entered the college, I got a puch from behind and I slipped. I closed my eyes while I was about to go on floor I realised that some has caught me. I slowly opened my eyes but wasn’t able to see anything as my face was covered with my dupatta….
I heard a voice of a boy:- are you okay!!

I was totally numb. Because for the first time in my life a boy touched me and secondly we were so close. I really wanted to see him. As soon as I got up and took of my dupatta I realised that the guy was gone …. I still remember his voice.

Naina:- Prerna..??? Where were you?? I was looking for you everywhere.
(Prerna is my childhood friend)
Prerna:- arre!!! There was a group of people who was raging. By luck I just escaped from there.
Naina:- RAGING???but it’s not allowed. It’s totally ban Prerna. I think we should go and ask them to stop. Maybe they don’t know that it’s not allowed.
Prerna:- ARE YOU MAD?? Don’t even dare to do that. They are rich spoiled brats. If you will go to stop them they will make our life hell in the college.
Naina:- hmmmm…. I think you are right. We should inform about this to senior authorities….
Prerna:- meri maa…why are you not understanding. Okay!!! Listen to me …..we are not doing anything.
Naina:- but….
Prerna:- not but and all. We are going to our class or else we’ll get late
Naina:- OK as you say….

We were in our class, when mr. Gupta entered.
Mr. Gupta:- good morning everyone!!!
I’m Dinesh Gupta your maths teacher. So as you all are new so let’s start with everyone’s introduction. We’ll start from here.

Everyone started giving introduction about themselves. As the last student got up mr. Gupta interrupted….

Mr Gupta:- oho ohoo ohoo!!!! Don’t waste your energy in introducing yourself. Come I’ll introduce you.from last 2 years you are doing this so for the 3rd year we’ll do something different. Come to me I’ll introduce you.

As everyone was looking to both of them mr. Gupta started….

Mr. Gupta:- so class …. This is my one of the favourite student. He loves me so much that he is not ready to leave me. Since he joined the college we both are together.

The guys head was low. Everyone started laughing….. As the person looked up there was a pin drop silence….

Mr. Gupta:- so class I know you all would be excited to know the name of this person. So without wasting anymore time let me tell you his name…..he is Sameer Maheshwari….

Hope you guys liked it and plzz do cmmnt whether positive or negative…..

Precap:- some group of student are raging Naina…..

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  1. Aastha_Reddy

    Oh bete ki!! agar Sameer loves college and Mr. Gupta this much how much more will he love Naina Agrawal!!?? Waiting for their conversation yaar.

    1. Vans

      Hahahaha ????well said

  2. Fenil

    Good going.

  3. Anouskha Rathod

    Wow !!!!!! That’s amazing. I love it.

    1. Vans

      Thank you so much sweetie

  4. Jiya09

    It was really sweet… I enjoyed it a lot. The intro of Sameer , so sad for him.. This type of teacher really exist. I request can u make the chap a little longer ? If possible.. Keep writing.❤❤

    1. Vans

      Thanks a lot dear ???

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