Love of my life…… Sameer (Part 1)

Thank you so much everyone your support….. And plzz continue to read and cmmnt whether positive or negative…..

As usual there was a rush on the roads. Everyone was busy in there life. Chachaji run towards me on the first day of my college….
Chachaji:- Naina hurry up beta!!! Don’t be late at the very first day of your college. And forgot on your way you have to drop pralab to school so hurry….. If you’ll get late for the college your Chachaji will definitely taunt me …… So plzzz hurry up
Naina:- Chachaji chachiji….. Keep clam I haven’t forgotten anything….. You are getting more nervous then I’m….. I know this is my first day of my college and I don’t have to get late coz first impression is the last impression but it’s just 8 o’clock and my college starts at 10 and pralab’s school at 9 so we have alot of time don’t worry…..
Chachaji:- yeah yeah!!!??you are right I dont have to get nervous…. But right now go and get ready

I left and got ready. On my way I drop pralab to school and reached to the college. As I entered the college On the college gate it self I slipped and ……

Precap:- Naina is in arms of someone and her dupatta is covering her face.

Guys I hope you like it and plz do cmmnt…???

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  1. Maha_Aijaz

    Hey Vans! Nice start but it was kind of short so make it some long. Rest everything was good, eager to read further ❤

  2. Fenil


  3. Vans

    Sorry guys…. Typing error is there …. Convo is between chachiji and naina….

  4. Aayushi_kul

    Hey nyc start…bt its vry short…try to make a lil longer next tym…
    Bye tc

  5. Aastha_Reddy promised I am here. Make long updates for clarity and meaningful update so that reader will find it interesting. Ok..Keep going..I am waiting for Sameer Maheswari’s entry.

    1. Vans

      Thanks a lot and I’ll make sure I’ll try it to make more clear

  6. Anouskha Rathod


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