Love For life…prologue…Shivika OS by Anu

Hey guys!! Its me anu after a very long time gap..Its a bit difficult for me to start continuing my ff I will do that later and for now here as an OS for the start..and for your knowledge this is just an intro..or you can say a prologue..I am gonna post the whole OS within a day cause I dont have much time…

Love for life!!

Introduction- Annika is a lonely 22 yr old girl whose life revolves around her brother,Sahil,as he was the only one who loved Annika truly…she is in a relationship with Daksh,who is a business man..he has a great rivalry with a business man named Shivaay…Daksh is the second biggest business tycoon in India..

At the other side,Shivaay is one of the biggest and successful business tycoons in India..he has everything…money,fame,family,love etc..he is gonna marry a girl named Tia (yaar again I am bringing

So the story has two parallel lead Shivaay and Annika..who have no connection with each other..but just wait and watch.


Scene 1: Bakers Cafe,Mumbai

A couple is seen having coffee…0they both have holded their hands..the girl is consoling that boy..

Annika:Daksh I know its can surely be India’s most successful businessman of the year,dont worry.

Daksh:Try to understand Annika..until and unless Shivaay backs off.I cant win..

Annika:Its ok Daksh..leave it.

Daksh:How can I leave it Annika..Do you love me?

Annika:Yes I do,are you doubting my love for you.

Daksh:Then can you do this for me?

Ok guys…this is it for today….just take this as a prologue…do comment…

With love

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  1. Kanfi

    Hey anu…
    It seems quite intrsting..
    Waiting for OS..
    Do share the link..

  2. Fenil

    Interesting plot

    Dear Anu
    Starting Is Interesting?? Waiting For ShivIka Meet.
    Keep It Up?

    Take Care And Stay Safe?

  4. Nikita_jai29

    It is awesome.. Excited…

  5. Shabnam

    amazing intersting start keep writing stay happy

  6. Arwa78659

    Great plot waiting for the real story to start

  7. Sagithya

    Amazing…. Interesting too

  8. AIHA19

    Nice start will be waiting for next part .

  9. TUFriendsForever

    Interestingggg anu Tia n Daksh i love both the actors acting n intering n i am excited to read the next part when u post the next epi do share me the link with keep writing

  10. Alekhika20

    Interesting,cont soon

  11. Interesting sweetie….do update soon dear.

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