Love For life…part 3…Shivika OS by Anu

Hey guys its Anu here back with the next episode of love for life..thankyou so much for a great you all…
I am having exams next week ….so I am helpless……I cant write a lot…
So here is the next part . Happy reading ishqies…
Love for life….Shivika OS by Anu
Recap-Annika and Shivaay meet…Shivaay appointed her as his wedding planner…he did so as he wanted to take revenge…Anika and Daksh planned to destroy Oberoi’s…
Part 3
Annika reached Shivaay’s room…she got inside without knocking (lol there is a reason)
She looked inside and saw no one…she decided to sneak in his room so that she could find the documents…
She looked around and saw many drawers…when she was gonna open one she heard the door open..she quickly hid behind the curtain..
It was Shivaay…he had just come back from office and was really tired…..he neatly arranged everything in its correct position and the opened the cupboard…she got scared because she was just near to him…she was afraid whether she’ll get caught or not…
She started praying….God heard her prayers and he went outside the room..she came outside and was relieved….she quickly went outside the room…
Someone was hiding behind the door….
That person was texting someone…
Plan going on as it is….now it time for the real game…
Annika decided to start acting as a wedding planner so that no one doubts on her….
After some time Shivaay came…he saw Annika doing work…he just stopped and kept on starring at her..he himself didnt know why he was loking at her like that…he felt a kinda connection with her….he then saw her hand..he got shocked as he saw a birthmark on her hand….
Shivaay (in his mind)-chutki!!!!

Thankyou guys for so much support. .I am unable to post daily cause I am having exams next week…wish me luck..sorry for writing so less..
With love

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