Love For life…part 2…Shivika OS by Anu

Hi guys….its me Anu back with the new episode of Love for life..I am sorry I said its an OS but I have no time to write to write everything at a stretch so this will be a few shots…hope you enjoy…
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So here is the next part . Happy reading ishqies…
Love for life….Shivika OS by Anu
Part 2
Annika enters Oberoi Mansion..she goes to Dadi …
Dadi-beta kyaa tum Shivaay aur Tia ki wedding planner ho???(dear are you Shivaay-s and Tia’s wedding planner)
Annika-Yes dadi…..
Annika goes into flashback…
She was walking through the street and suddenly car hit her…
Annika got an injury on her leg… (not a big one ok)
Annika-ohh hello cant you look and drive..ouch…I cant walk
She was gonna fall when somebody gave her support so that she doesnt fall..
She looks up to see who it is….
They had an eyelock…she just got lost in those blue orbs….those eyes were something that hypnotised her….
It was Shivaay…
Annika balanced herself and stood properly leaving shivaay…
Shivaay-Are you okay??
Annika-how can I be okay Mr.Shivaay..I cant even stand properly…its all because of you..cant you look and drive…
Shivaay was getting angry as annika kept on blabbering and shoiting at him…
At last out of frustration he took a bundle of money and slammed it on her face..She was shocked….
Annika-how dare you!!
Shivaay-people like you always need money….just take it and leave

He started walking towards the car…
Annika got angry and took a metal rod kept near the road…and she hit the rod on the windshield with all her force and it broke…
Shivaay aaw this and looked at annika with anger…his blue orbs turned into green out of anger…he came near her and..
Shivaay-how dare you!!
Annika slammed that same bundle of money on his face..
Annika-I know I am not as rich as you but I have self respect…understood Mr.Tadibaaz
Shivaay was shocked
Annika went away….
Shivaay-I will take revenge Miss.Annika..I will ruin your so called self respect…
He took a photo of her and sent it to khanna…
Shivaay-I want her as my wedding planner…

Annika came back to the world…she then went to meet Shivaay…
While walking towards his room she smirked….she said
Annika-you are gonna get ruined Mr.Shivaay Singh Oberoi..
She remembered her conversation with Daksh..
Annika-I can do anything for you Daksh….
Daksh-I want you to go to the Oberoi Mansion as a wedding planner..just dont let them know that you are an automobile engineer…they will find it to be strange..
Annika-what will I do by going over there?
Daksh-you have to destroy his family and his documents..I dont where all his documents are but you have to find it out..make sure he is completely ruined….
Annika-You know Daksh that I cant hurt anyone like that..what did he do…
Daksh-Oh so now you find him innocent huh??
Annika-not like that..
Daksh-you have to do it Annika…Its for our better future…
Annika-ok I’ll do it…
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So will this revenge turn into love,.or is there anything else legt for Shivika…stay tuned…
Ok guys this is it for this episode..thankyou all for commenting and do keep supprting me in this manner… you all..
With love

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