Love Of My Life-os by ufaq

sumu was waiting in the line for the submission of electricity bill
sumu: oh god kitna rush h Mumbai m intiiiii sare log aa kahan se gae hain come on I m getting late
sumu submits the bill after many difficulties when she was submitting the bill a boy was continuously seeing her

sum: what????
boy: WO WO m
sum: nae nae bol do an heal nae pehni r flat itni zor se nae parti
boy: nae WO m to bass WO
sumu: bs ka bacha mere shoes ka size r tmhare mun ka size bilqul same h
boy: nae nae nae m ja raha hn
sumu: get lost pta nae kahan kahan se ajate hain
sumu: yar car ko b abhi kharab hona tha r kaka ki tabiyat b mjhe bill pay krna para oh god ab m late ho gae hn shr wait kr raha ho ga mera r phr hospital b jana h oh God
she gets taxi which stops in front of a big building named nirmala assosiates
she goes in
receptionist; gud morning mam
sumu: morning shr cabin m h????
receptionist: no mam meeting
sumu: OK when he come say him I m waiting in cabin
reception : OK mam
she goes and sits in the cabin of shr
she starts thinking about shr and his past
one year ago
sumu was busy in the preparations of her sister wedding
bhya WO wala wahan rakh do kia kr rae ho bhaya fast krye na
om (suman father); suman tmhare jiju ko pick krne koi gaya
sumu: mjhe nae PETA m to yahan busy hn
om:I think koi nae gaya tm chali jao na us ke friends b swath hain
sumu: PR papa kam
om; main dekh leta hn
sumu; OK then bye papa
om; bye car slow drive krna
sumu:oki doki
sumu: jiju k friends b aarae hain yar……..
she reaches airport she was waiting for her jiju and his friends
when someone pats her shoulder she turn
sumu: jiju how r u????

rithik; I m gud how r u????
sum: all gud where r ur friends????
rithik; so u know my friends r coming
sumu: yes
rithik: there they r
he points towards a group of four guys which were talking and laughing
sumu seesone of them and falls for him it was her love at first sight the way he was laughing she felt mesmerized
aumu;ye SB aapke friends chain??
rithk: han SB
sumu: ohk
suman was still busy in seeing that boys antics his way of dressing his way of talking his way of laughing which was very much mesmerizing for her she was slowly slowly felling for him
that boys group come to her and rithik
same boy: oye rithik who is she???? ur?????
ruthik: sali sister in law
boy: ohk hey girl
he forwards his hand suman was just seeing him
he waves his hand in front of her which causes her to come in real world
boy: hey u what happened???
sumu: no nothing
boy: something something??????
sumu: nothing

boy: something something(teasing)
sum: nothing nothing
boy laughs causing sumu mesmerized again
rithik: sumu these r my friend vivan ayan manik and this one UA shr
yes the boy was shr
sumu: nice names
rithik; thanks
sum: jiju getting late let’s move
rithik; ya let’s go
shr: no let’s take a friends selfie
rithik shr ayan vivan and manik were taking selfie sumu was standing aside
shr: hey u y r u standing aside
aumu: u guys enjoy
shr: oh God come on let’s take a selfie
all of them take selfie
shr: by the way what’s ur name???
sum: suman sighania
shr: oh nice chalen??
sumu: kahan
shr :tmhare ghr ……..
aumu: ya let’s go
they drive off to the suman home
shr enters his cabin and sees suman in deep thinking and seeing smile on her face
shr smiles
shr: gud noon my wifey
sumu: gud noon hubby
she gets out of her imagination
shr: kia soch rae the???
sum; kuch nae
shr: something something
suman smiles ;nothing
shr also smiles
shr: kahan gae the???
sum: bill pay krne
shr: tm Ku gae the yar
sumu: kaka ki tabiyat kharab thi
shr: and where is your car

sumu: in mechanic garage
shr: ohk khane m kia laae ho
sumu: biryani
shr: oh wao open it khana lagao m hand wash kr k ata hn
sumu: OK
they both eat lunch
shr: meeting h mere tm hospital ja rae ho???
sumu: nae pehle ja rae the ab mud nae h
shr: OK so take my car
sum: then what u will do
shr: u think about urself OK and let me think about you
semi: annn so sweet of u
shr: thanxx swety
shr kisses her forehead and leaves for the meeting and sumu also leaves to home
she enters her room which was full of her and shr pics
she smiles seeing them on one of picture she again goes into thinking I was a family photograph of sumu sisi engagement

suman brings her sister down suman and her sister were looking amazing she was wearing pink lehnga with black contrast
shr was wearing black sherwani aumu sees him and her eyes gets stuck on him she was feeling her love
she makes her sister sit properly
she was going to her mom when she collides with shr
shr: yar dekh kr chala kro
sumu: sorry
shr: its OK
shr: kahan ja rae haiin ap???
sumu;,mom k pass
shr: wese u r looking gud
sumu; thanxx
shr: ur welcome
sumu: u too r looking amazing
shr: I know tell me Sth new
both laugh
shr: to jao
aumu: Kahn
shr: apni mom k pass

sumu: oh han bye
shr: take care bye
sumu: u too
she was about to go when shr holds her
shr: ruk jao
sumu: Ku????
shr: tmne mjhe compliment nae kiya (he makes puppy face)
sumu: opps sorry anyway u r lookinnngggg too gud amazing
shr: thank u thank u
sumu; my pleasure ab Jaon???
shr; han nae
sumu: han nae?????
shr: mera mtlb mera compliment to lete jao
sum; ohooo

shr; or r looking gorgeous
sumu: oh thanxx
shr; g. ooo. rrrrr. gggggg. ee oooooo. uuuuuu. ssssss
suman smiles : tttttt hhhhhhh. aaaaaaa. nnnnnnn. kkkkkk. sssss
shr: ab jao
suman smiles and leaves
pee pee pee pee
suman comes out of her imagination when shr gives the horan of his vpcar sumu comes out of her room and wants towards the door she opens the door
sumu: hey hubby
shr hugs her: hey wifey kese ho
sumu: subha jese
shr smiles yar pani peela do
Ashe goes and gives water to shr
shr: coffee with two spoon sugar
sum: ap fresh ho Jaen m abhi aati hn coffee bna k
shr: hm OK m fresh ho k ata Han sweetheart
shr leaves suman goes to kitchen
she while again making coffee goes in thinking
Mehndi Evening

after the function of mehndi of sumu sister everyone went to their room and sleep
sumu was not getting sleep the weather was also too good so she goes out from her room towards the kitchen for making coffee
when she enters kitchen someone was already present there. making coffee
boy: oye ye kia ye kese bane ge kit I dalon
suman clears her throat the boy turns
sumu: shr ap???
shr: han WO m coffee bna raha hn
sum; awen bna rae ho ati b h
shr smiles and says; nope
sum: so may I
shr: ya please a cup of coffee with two spoon sugar
aumu: OK
she makes coffee for both of them and leaves towards terrace
shr randomly: tmhein kabhi pyar hoa h????
suman: yes
shr turns: seriously

suman: hmm
shr : kis she????
sumu: personal h
shr: btaoo na plzzzz
sumu; nooooo
shr; plzzzz yar
suman: noo yar kisi ko nae btaya
shr: childhood h?
sumu; nae
shr: college friend senior or junior???
suman; nooooo
shr; phr ???
suman; PhD phur
shr; a cha btao pyr hota h to kia hta h
sumu hr cheez achi lagti h maza ata h us bands ko dekhne k dil krta h many many many more
shr: oho its like a adventure
sumu: may b
shr: did u say to that boy
sumu: no I didn’t and will never b
shr: not fair
sumu smiles : I m getting sleep gud night
shr: take care gud night
someone’s hugs her from back she comes out of her imagination
shr: itna time laga dia shr missing u
sumu smiles: han WO kuch soch rae the
shr: kia
sumu: apni love life ko
shr smiles : I love u

sumu: I love u too
shr plates a kiss on her forehead
sumu: let’s go
both eat dinner and sleep in the embrace of each other
shr and suman started to b with each other like fingers they enjoyed the parties marriage functions together
suman wakes up shr was sleeping she kisses him on his cheeks and picks up her diary
it was the day when shr have to leave suman was very sad she cried whole night she decided to tell shr but can’t
suman was writing all her emotions in the diary when shr calls her
shr: sumu kahan ho???
sumu: in my room
shr: come to the terrace
sumu; what happened
shr: no questions plzzz come
she goes to terrace everything was soooo beautifully arragpnged that she gets mesmerized
sumu: shr kahan ho ap???
shr comes out with a rose
sumu: shr y did u call me and what is all this

shr kneels down
shr: suman I know u don’t love me because u said once that u love someone I just wish that someone was me but I fell in love with u don’t accept me but listen to me plzzzz
suman. I really really love u yar I wanna marry u b with u always like a shadow but its ok
suman places her finger on his lips and kneels down and say
aumu: shr that someone was u that someone is u and will always b u I love u too and will surely marry u
shr was on the cloud nine he hugs her tightly
both were cpvery happy shr leaves that day but promised to come back soon he come back after a month with the alliance which is accepted by his father and after one week both married and lived happily
good morning
suman again comes out of her imagination
shr: good morning
suman: morning
shr goes and kisses her both cheeks
shr: thank u solo much for completing my life
sumu: don’t say like that my love life starts with u and ends on u
you r the LOVE OF MY LIFE
both hug eachother

the end
Have a happy reading
Take care
With love

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  1. Jigaysa

    Uffaq it was just awesome
    Loved sumo and shr jodi
    Loved ur story

  2. pretty preeti

    Loved it dear every word every word was just amazing
    U right very nice
    Love ur way
    I m really very happy to have a super intelligent sissy like u
    Very nice is
    Miss is queen
    Ufi ji
    A lot of love

  3. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Aoa buddy !!! How u doin’ ?? All well ? This OS was fab .. just luv it … nd after reading this OS ,,I felt like a professional writer wrote it .. seriously !!! m not jocking … It was really very well dear ..
    Apart from the praising .. tell me in which clg u r going to get admission .. after all 95% Han !!! .. plzzzz do tell me han ..
    Stay blessed !!!

  4. Marie

    Hy API..!!
    OMG MiNdBlOwINg awesome n aaa mmmm aaa zzz ii nnn ggggggg story….!!! 😀 😀
    I just l L.O.V.E.D it….!!
    U r a wonderful writer……
    Kamal dhamaal OS tha…
    Aaise hi bht se pyaara pyaare OS likhti raho…!! 🙂 🙂
    Take care…
    Love u a lot…!
    Wid lots of love…!
    Maria….. 😉

  5. Sumo

    os queen u r.. such a nice concept.. loved it..???

  6. So..lovely..I liked the way of showing flash backs..

  7. sweet ………i loved it………………..

  8. Nandini aka Nandu

    Aww… di it was so so chte and sweet. Just loved it to the core. Really sweet. Lots of love.

  9. Osm uffu
    Tum kitnu achhe se ab kuch explain krti ho
    I was actually imagining the story
    N story was so cuteee
    Loved it ?

  10. It was awesome ufaq really too ??????

  11. Neeti

    Loved it mera wala bhi parna.abhi post karne jaungi

  12. Affaa

    I know I’m late….sorry sorry….I’m always late nah…I’m really very sorry…did you thought you’re forgot u….don’t think like that because you’re the best part my life who can I forget u….I was planning to write one o’s so was bzy in that sorry…okay okay
    Now coming to os…
    My appreciation will be less for you…’s just outstanding chul bulli…I loved the storyline…The starting part it was mind blowing…keep it up…
    Love you…take care
    With lots of love Apiii

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