I Love You More Than My Life-Naagin (Episode 2)


Shivanya:I have to come in front of Ritik to make him a good person.

Ritik and everyone goes from there.

Ravi:Ritik you will go to temple and take blessings of God.

Ritik:But bhai

Ravi:No but and now go.


He goes to Shiv temple and prays to God but is about to go when he sees a girl and it’s Shivanya. She comes in front of him and slips but Ritik catches her and they have a eye lock.

Ritik:Are you okay?

Shivanya:Yeah and thanks for saving me.

Shivanya is about to go when she realises that her pendent is stuck on Ritik’s shirt.He tries to remove but fails.Shivanya removes it and goes from there.Ritik is still lost in Shivanya and thinks

Ritik:Who was that girl.When I saw her a different feeling came in my heart.

He goes to car and drives to his home.

He reaches home and Ravi sason

Ravi:So came from temple.

Ritik:Yeah and by the way where is Bhabi?

Ravi:Her mother has got sick so she has to her mother’s house.


He is about to go when Ravi catches his hand and asks

Ravi:What happened Ritik why are you looking changed.

Ritik tells the whole incident and Ravi says

Ravi:Ritik this is love and nothing.

Ritik:Really then I will make her fall in love with me.

Precap:Ritik and Shivanya to become friends.

Credit to: Siddhi

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