I Love You More Than My Life-Naagin (Episode 1)


Hi friends I am rivanya’s big fan that’s why I write many ff on Rivanya. Hope you will love it.

Ritik Raheja:He is arrogant,rude,handsome and s*xy 25 years old boy.He is also a womenizer.But he loves his family.

Shivanya:She is a naagin.When she saw Ritik first time then she fell in love with him.But doesn’t like his behaviour and fact that he is a womenizer.But she never meet him just saw him and fall in love because they are couples since many birth.

Kabir Wahi:He is Ritik’s CEO.Always wants good of him.

Ravi Raheja:Ritik’s big brother.He is opposite to Ritik.His age is 31 years.

Prerna Raheja:She is Ravi’so wife.Loves his son in law like a son.Her age is 28.

Ritik is flirting with a girl.Ravi sees this and comes and says

Ravi:What are you doing?

Ritik:Bhaiya she was asking me road so I told.Tell know you.

Girl:Yeah yeah he is right.

Ravi:Oh really.You shameless boy

Ravi slaps him

Ravi:Again you are telling lie to me.

Ritik tells in signal to go afterwards he will come.Girl goes from their.

Ritik:Bhai I am sorry I will not to do like this again.

Ravi:You always tell like this.Okay today I will forgive but next time don’t do like this.

Ritik:Thank you bhai for forgiving me. (Kisses Ravi’s cheek)

Ravi pushes him and goes from there.

Ritik is going at the side where Ravi was gone.

Ritik bumps into a girl

Ritik:Hey can’t you see I am walking.

Girls:I am sorry.

Ritik:What sorry!Learn how to walk.Understood.

He goes from there.Shivanya sees this all and thinks

Shivanya:Why is he like this?I have to come in front of Ritik so I can make him a good person.

Precap:Shivanya comes in front of Ritik and Ritik gets lost in her beautiful eyes.

Credit to: Siddhi

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  1. very niceeeee.but i am amazed to see rittik in such a charecter!!!!

  2. please update next soon….

  3. Woooow lovely update siddhi i luvedd it???? pl update soon!!!

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