Love And Life Is Music (Special Episode)


After my first episodic analysis series *Upz and Downz*…
-Soundariya Velsamy

My second own creation “Love and Life Is Music” article reached the top.. ✌

Arjith & Shreya ”s Love ..
Arjith has house,job,food etc…
But don’t had love ❤ & relationships??

Arjith hears sweet voice singing ? and saw Shreya near outside his beach house he feels vibration it was just WhatsApp notification vibration* but suddenly it was a dream ✌ ..Shreya Ghosal song playing at radio ✌

Get together party ?
Arjith ,Unni & Arnav ?
Arnav”s wedding plan ?
Arnav introduce his fiancy to Arjith and Unni..
Arjith shocked! ?
Because she was Shreya *
They were Invited Arjith and Unni to their marriage and gone out of party..

After party..
Arjith and Unni at home ? alone..
Arjith feels sad..
Opens an invitation..
Arnav ~weds~ Shikha

Arjith feels happy…

But Shikha twin sister Shreya *died before two years ago…knows information from Arnav by calling him..

Suddenly,someone singing outside the beach house..
Unni comes out from restroom..Arjith asked,Did you hear someone singing??

Unni,,ya* it’s hears like our college mate Shreya ‘s sweeeeettttt voice 🙂 ?

Arjith,,but truth is* she died before two years ago

Unni gets unconscious ?

But Arjith go outside the house..there was Shreya stands for him..He runs near to her and hug her
Arjith ❤ Ghost??

Arjith-Rocking days of College life ?

Happiness overloaded with Shreya’s entry ?
Attraction of Shreya’s voice ? .
she was Rich*
But Arjith just a Life without money..but happy with friends..

He needs Just a music ? singing Life and peace life with one second is enough to him ?

Arjith say*I like Ü * to Shreya at Farewell..
Long break with their day he had letter from Shreya with her marriage he gets angry and fire on Letter and invitation..

Shreya reveals about the truth that she too loves him from his innocents..she says I too reveals the truth on letter but you not replied so I suicides..

Truth like *Heart ♥ attack ? *to him..

Unni gets conscious..
He searched for Arjith..
Outside the home there was Arjith and Shreya walking on stand beside a sea..Shreya bend her neck to Arjith shoulder and singing ? song sweetly ❤

Suddenly someone falls outside the house..unni run and see it was Arjith* he had sudden heart attack when know the truth..
-Soundariya Velsamy

*May Arjith ❤ Shreya Soul Rest at Love ? *
“Love and Life is music *~Special
#SoundariyaVelsamy 🙂
Love ❤ >Comedy ? >Thrill ? >Music ? >Ghost ? >Little Romance ?
……………….The End……………………………
Now * my third creation *Aww? Crazy ? On Mathematics *~Jo ? Dolly~too reached a success #SoundhaHappy ?

Be Support and Thanks for Support……..Soundariya Velsamy ?

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