Love and Life is Music (Episode 1)


Love and Life ia Music…

Suspense *Soundariya Velsamy*
>Love>Life >Music…
Arjith <3 ____ ??

Arjith moved new city for his transfer
reason…during the travelling time,he think of its college day experience…that time he was big fan of many singers & too he is Singer…

Then he reached his place,where he came for the job. Occasion ****

There is a street with complete silence and no one is there ….

Because it is12:00 o"clock

The sound of waves is happening near the big house.Because it is a beach house.

Arjith is the only person who is staying at the big house.At night,he hear some sweet girl voice everday 😮 .

He moved near the window and looking at the sea.Suddenly he unconsciously went on to the seaside to search for that girl.
Then,he sat down on the sand near the waves.
Unfortunately there is a rain that night.
Then he returned to his house.

Arjith is actually working in a corporate company and he loves to hear music..
Sometimes he do his work at night in the office too Arjun is a mentally good personality with cat eyes 😉 & Good looking too..

For the past two weeks only he is transferred to this big house for his occasion..
But he stayed at village for the past years but when he feels too good when he love hear music …
Some time chats with friends in WhatsApp…

*****At 1.00'clock..
When chatting with friends,
He heard some voice over there.It is very clear that is the sweet lady voice 🙂
He experienced heard that voice very oftenly…That voice is favour to him…Now he walks out of his house there he Saw a girl with big white dress …

…when a girl turns her face she was """ Sherya **When he feels vibration 😮 he slowly opens his eyes :EE it totally was a dream & turns his head mp3 player it Was playing his famous Sherya Ghosal song 😮 😮 😮 ….
Love is music & Life is music ? 🙂

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