My love life: Meghnal and Nairan episode -6

Hii every one…I am back after looong time…hope u didn’t forget me…thanks fr all the likes and my exams r over I will be regular frm here onn…

Recap:A beautiful evening at MM

Both k’s went to chauhan house and asusual nirmala is waiting for them…
Kunal:mom how many times I said not to wait fr us…
Nirmala:and even I said I will not stop worriying about u 2 untill u get some one who can hold ur ears and controll u
Dadaji:sach bola apne bahu…I saw a perfect match fr our kunal and ladki same aap ki taraf hei…
Kunal:(shocked)dadu listin to me I….
Karan:haa dadu very well said….I am also with ur desicion…

Kunal:again shocked…wishpers in karan ears…bhai kis baat ka badhla le rahe hoo…
Both dadu and karan wink at each other naughtily..
Dadu:kyu puttar do u love any 1
Nk:what r u saing dad my kunal even don’t know spelling of it… And join hands with karan nd dadu
Sandhya:aap sabh mere ladle ki taang kyu keech rahi hai…

Nirmala:haa kunal sach main kisi se pyaar karthi ho kya??
Sandhya:nahi naa kunal….boloo naa.. And winks at karan
Kunal:maasi maa aap bhi… And starts to pout

Evey one burst into laughter
Nirmala and nk both come and bless kunal and maasi congratulates him
Dadu:karan ne hame sabh kuch pehle hi bataya bete mei bohot kush hoon
Kunal:karan….maa ki chamcha rukh mei abhi bathathi hoon and starts running after karan
Karan:maa dekho bhai ko…(Hides behind nirmala)
Nirmala:kunal….chodo meri karan ko

Nk:aur kithney din tak maa ki pallu hoogi…bewi ayegi naa iski bhi…
Karan:starts blushing and goes to room saying good n8
Nk:thank god har baar ki taraf usney mana nahi ki…mei bahuth kush hoon
Thinks in mind…. Mein jaldh hi MR.Sing se bath karungi
Every one leves to their rooms

Nirmala:kunal I had seen this smile on karans face after loon time…
Kunal:yeah maa…its all bcoz of naina… Karan is loving her
Nirmala:I am soo happy kunal….after that incident I thought karan…and starts to cry…
Kunal:maa please don’t after there will be only happiness
Nirmala smiles and they leve to sleep
Sandhya overhears their talk….

Next day Malhotras visit chauhan house…
Nirmala welcomes them
Meghna wears red colour lehenga with gold design…
Kunal is mesmerised by her beauty…
Karan:bhai close ur mouth insects may goo…
Kunal gives a hand punch with his shoulder in karan stomach…
Karan:waise bhabhi were is naina???

Meghna:wait fr sme time karan she went to meet some one…
Karan starts to blush…
While dadu and nk come to talk to them
Vishal:namasthey uncle mera naam vishal hein and goes to take blessings frm both of them
Followed by meghna
Dadu:I am very happy to see such sanskari ladki…now a days no one is like this…u
Nk:I heard u r a doctor…
Vishal:yes uncle I am a cardiac surgen..

Works in ABC hospital
Nk:ohh great and meghna I herd that shipping project deal is cracked by malhotra industry…congratulations
Meghna:thank u uncle:
Nk:uncle nahi papa kaho…

Meghna:ji papa ji
Vishal:I want to talk some thing important…
Dadu: haa bolo beta
Vishal:I want to ask karans hand for my small sis naina
Karan starts blushing
Nirmala goes to bring swwets
Naina:just then enters

bhai plzz sorry to say…but I can’t marry him…
Karan and kunal:shocked
Naina:folds hands apologiging ang goes from their…
Vishal:uski taraf se I am sorry…I think…
Nk:no prblm beta and about kunal and meghna this alliance is fixed
Vishal and meghna take leave

Nk:don’t worry karan I will bring a very good allience than this….
Karan:gives a painfull smile and goes to room followed by kunal
Nirmala stands there crying…
Dadu leaves to room sadly…

Sandhya comes home just then
Sandhya:NK bhai kya huaa
Nk:sandhya ji u ask sings daughter’s hand for karan…both marriage will be at a time…how dare she to refuse my son…I don’t like her…
Sandya starts smirking

Precap: past of our couples

Hey friends…plz let me know u r ok with this story or not and don’t worry my dear nairan fans I will unite them at last…just let me know if u have any requirements…so that I can add them

Lods of love: chandana_hari

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  1. Nice episode… Well written.. yay i am waiting for nairan moments.. post asap.?

    1. Thanks akanksha…

  2. Jiya09

    It was amazing!! Loved the way all teased Kunal!! And not to forget how Karan blushed.. Nk wanna fix Karan’s alliance to somewhere else! 🙁 And Naina also declined to marry him.. Sad for Karan. But I know u will unite them. And I’m perfectly ok with the story. I loved this one. Waiting to know their past. Post ASAP. Loads of love.❤❤

  3. When will you update next part? Its amazing but please make it long

  4. Hi chandana☺☺ I loved the episode and I loved kunal scenes I request u to keep more meghnal scenes as I love❤❤ them and I also like nairan post asap lots of love❤❤

  5. Same as divya shree i also like more meghnal scenes and ya it was a nice ff
    Keep posting soon

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    Wow! Awesome.. Next time please post a long episode and last request please post it in english…

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    It was nice…

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